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An overview of Zwift segment Epic KOM / Epic QOM in reverse direction in Watopia including map, elevation profile and routes including the segment An overview of Zwift segment KOM / QOM in reverse direction in Richmond including map, elevation profile and routes including the segment #5: Reverse KOM. 1.6 miles // 2.5km, 1.8% average gradient. The main climb on the Watopia Hilly Reverse route is the timed reverse KOM section. This is where most of the action will happen, lap after lap. Tom shares his wisdom for performing well on this crucial portion: After the bridge, you will see a gas station on your right Epic KOM Reverse (Zwift Insider verified) 6.2 km at 5.9 % (max 11 %) - 394 m of ascent - VVOM: 7.97 1. Align start Opacity Simplify. Please wait... ×. Profile Image

I found riding Zwift's Epic KOM to be challenging. It didn't break me, but it was certainly no walk in the park. Having done my research I knew going into the ride that Zwift's Epic KOM Reverse is the second toughest climb in Watopia. This climb is 6.19km long, which is over 3km shorter than the Epic KOM 2.50 km virtual ride with 53 m of climbing, average grade of 1.8 %. Check it out

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Mount Zwift KOM Challenge. Time challenges provide the opportunity to test yourself over a specified course at a convenient time during the selected event dates. By registering for the challenge you can use a connected device to record your time on Mount Zwift, a 7.3Km climb with a average gradient of 7%. Upon completion of the challenge your best effort displayed on the leader board below. How do I turn left, right or reverse on the Zwift courses? Submitted by setuid on Sat, 11/21/2015 - 17:42 The ability to 'turn' on the Zwift application is a relatively new feature (January 2016) and was introduced when the new Ocean Boulevard beach expansion was added to the Watopia course

In Watopia, there are 6 timed climbs found in 4 locations. From shortest to longest, they are: the main KOM/QOM hill on the Hilly Route (forward and reverse), the volcano climb, the Epic KOM/QOM mountain (forward and reverse), and Alpe du Zwift. London is home to 4 timed climbs. Box Hill, which is the main KOM/QOM climb, and the longer. Free app for Android and iPhone. Download. Strav Epic KOM Reverse. Virtual Ride Segment Temotu Province, Solomon Islands. Distance 6.19km. Avg Grade 5.9%. Lowest Elev 8m. Highest Elev 374m. Elev Difference 365m. Climb Category 2. 491,620 Attempts By 183,805 People

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  1. The route: Alpe du Zwift seems to be the most popular route for Everesting, but I opted for the Epic KOM Reverse route. I found the Epic climb easier to handle mentally, because it allowed me to break the ride into smaller, more manageable chunks
  2. A further rolling section follows before the test of the route, the Zwift KOM / QOM reverse climb. A 2.4km section that averages just 2 per cent, it'll be an early indicator as to which riders are.
  3. Reverse Zwift KOM, Reverse Sprint, Zwift KOM, Sprint Flat Route Ride the flattest roads on Watopia. 6.3mi 200ft Sprint Four Horsemen This is gonna hurt. 55.5mi 6928ft Zwift KOM, Volcano KOM, Epic KOM, Alpe Du Zwift, Sprint Hilly Route Watopia's Hilly Route includes the KOM and sprint sections. 5.7mi 354ft Zwift KOM, Sprint, Hilly Loop Jungle.
  4. The Epic KOM is a climb segment on the Watopia course. The climb was added as an extension to Watopia in March 2016. At 9.5km in length it remains the longest verified climb segment on Zwift. The climb has a total elevation gain of 414m, with an average gradient of 3.9% and a max of 9%. The summit sits at an elevation of 372m. The climb resembles an alpine climb in both its length and its.

Prepare to spend the day climbing in the beautiful countryside, over each Surrey pass once in each direction. Ride London and Surrey, skirting the outskirts of both on a Grand Tour. First a loop of The City, then cross the Thames and pedal down to Surrey to climb both Box and Leith Hills. Event only Let's take a deeper dive into the power numbers from Zwift worlds, and see how experience and timing, when matched with power, can overcome superior numbers. the Watopia Reverse KOM.. The EPIC KOM Reverse takes riders up the newer reverse route to the Epic KOM. Zwift's Epic KOM Reverse is the second toughest climb in Watopia. This climb is 6.2km long, which is over 3km shorter than the Epic KOM with an average gradient of 6%. Making the Epic KOM Tougher- Add the Radio Tower Climb Say for example you want to ride 20-50km in Watopia and you want to include the Epic KOM reverse climb. Select these filters on the left hand side menu and Zwifthub instantly displays the three.

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  1. Hi, I am brand new to Zwift and not the fittest, by any stretch of the imagination. I would like a Watopia climb which is reasonably constant (I tried to Innsbruck reverse KOM and the stop-start nature of the climb hurt a lot), I don't do much climbing IRL as I live in a pretty flat place and so am trying to build up my climbing slowly. Any route's people could recommend for a beginner.
  2. When it first hit the Zwift universe, this route was the longest on the game and remains a fan favourite to this day. Starting from the Volcano land bridge, the route includes the Epic KOM (reverse), Watopia Hilly KOM (forward) and a finish at the top of the Volcano Climb
  3. Watopia Epic KOM Reverse. Watopia KOM Forward. Watopia KOM Reverse. Watopia Sprint Forward. Watopia Sprint Reverse. Reverse 23rd Street. Reverse KOM. Reverse Sprint. Reverse Sprint 2. Reverse UCI. Richmond 23rd Street. The Zwift Engineering team is focused on improving security for ZwiftPower users. We are taking an iterative approach to.
  4. Stuart and Calvin have selected one of the UCI eSports Champtionship routes with a full + partial lap of Figure 8 Reverse ending at the top of the Zwift KOM at exactly 31.1 miles. But don't let their sparkly white POC sunglasses fool you, their easy smiles and calm demeanor masks a deep rooted love for inflicting pain
  5. Knickerbocker Reverse Length: 14.0 miles / 22.5 km Elevation Gain: 1194 feet / 364 m Average Grade: 1.62% Bonus XP (Experience Points): 450 As the name implies, this is the Knickerbocker route, but pointed in the other direction. Overall, this route is pretty flat, aside from hitting the New York KOM just past halfway into the route. Lady Libert
  6. Zwift Worlds and Cycling Routes Currently, there are 9 worlds on Zwift, each with its own routes. While Watopia's always available, we also feature two rota..

Today and tomorrow, get 20% off all smart trainers (and everything e... lse) at Clever Training's VIP sale! See post for details, including a quick list of trainers in stock and savings details Thuistrainingsspel dat wielrenners wereldwijd verbindt. Zwift: wielren-app voor binnen. Berijd virtuele wegen, train gestructureerd of neem deel aan sociale groepsritten Zwift - Watopia; Titans Grove Reverse KOM; Informations. 0,910 k

Zwift - Watopia; Hilly KOM Reverse; Informations. 2,495 k I haven't seen this listed elsewhere, so sorry if I've missed it. Since the Titans Grove expansion I've been trying to figure out the reverse KOM. The in-game sidebar lists it at 0.55 miles @ 6.6% gradient. But when riding up I never see a gradient higher than 5% in the mini-map. So how can the overall climb be 6.6% if there aren't any sections that even hit 6%? Is the sidebar. Categories Cycling Indoors, Ride Report, Tour de Zwift 2020, Zwift Race Tags race, reverse hilly kom, tour de zwift, tour de zwift 2020, tour de zwift race, tourdezwift, watopia, zwift race Leave a comment. Out and Fat Again. Friday, December 27, 2019 by Chris. Christmas Day done and dusted. Back on the bike The Forward KOM segment obviously follows the Reverse KOM path. The two courses are nearly symmetrical, and meet up again at the bottom of the mountain. You can do the loop either way, but Zwift will default to having you go clockwise — the Forward route

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The first-ever UCI Cycling Esports World Championships on Zwift were held on Wednesday, December 9. with the race ending just after a reverse trip up the KOM hill Epic KOM and Epic Reverse (Watopia) - main climbs open to all, both roughly 30 mins of climbing and if that's not enough take a turn up to the radio tower for a killer steep bonus climb. Innsbruck - Guest world that isn't open that often but really great climb so worth riding if you get a chance Reverse Route - Zwift Cyclists THAILAND. July 18, 2015 July 18, 2015. Reverse Route. วันนี้ (17/07/2558) ได้ลองปั่น Reverse ครบรอบ ครั้งแรก - -. สรุป . Sprint Segment สั้นกว่าปกติครึ่งหนึ่ง พอเจอ KOM.

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Three Sisters (anche reverse, solo per gli eventi) Insomma, come vedete le opportunità di scalarlo non mancano! Ovviamente potete andare all'Epic KOM anche navigando manualmente all'interno di Zwift, scegliendo la strada da percorrere ad ogni bivio che il gioco vi propone Lead group until near top of Reverse Epic( I was always chasing) solo until flat with 2 up until watopia kom , dropped other rider and did enough up Volcano to hold 5th. It reads like there was a level of common sense towards the end but it is safe to say I was pretty tired with 90 mins at 4.1 WKG including 20 mins at 4.7Wkg Best Bike Split. Discover the best way to tackle every route in Zwift and level up! We modeled the routes, so you can get valuable insights into your virtual rides! We have been big fans of Zwift since its initial beta and have often used Watopia as a testbed for modeling ideal conditions. With the release of in game Route Badge Achievements we. In the meantime, the Bluetooth Smart implementation works across all Zwift's platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac). You'll notice a small number displayed next to the steering wheel icon in the lower left corner. That's showing you the current angle (in degrees) of the Sterzo Smart, both left and right

Zwift User Manual - The Unofficial Guide to Zwift! Last update to Zwift User Manual 03/12/2018. This Zwift User Manual is NOT affiliated with, or endorsed by Zwift. I was just lucky enough to have access to the golden ticket to the early beta test, the Fan Manual was set up at that time Zwift Racing League returns in the Autumn 2021! In every race there will be plenty of points for teams to work together to win. These are as follows: First-Across-the-Line (FAL) Intermediate Points will be added to a riders score at various designated intermediate sprints and climbs

Zwift's Watopia world has a number of routes you can choose from. You choose your route by clicking the Routes button at the Drop In screen, or you can manually pick your route by choosing a direction when an intersection comes up. Some routes include a lead-in distance that doesn't count towards the route achievement At the beginning of season 2 of the Zwift Premier League, the men's field bombed down to the bottom of the first KOM and then took on a 1.1km climb to the top of 23rd St Zwift Watopia Route Maps and Descriptions. Zwift's Watopia world has a number of routes you can choose from. You choose your route by clicking the Routes button at the Drop In screen, or you can manually pick your route by choosing a direction when an intersection comes up. Some routes include a lead-in distance that doesn't count towards the route achievement Lutscher. Length: 8.5 miles / 13.7 km. Elevation Gain: 1315 feet / 401 m. Average Grade: 2.93%. Bonus XP (Experience Points): 270. This route might catch you off guard. There is a big lead-in for this route - you start in downtown Innsbruck, climb to Igls, and then the route actually starts once you go through the banner at the top of the KOM.

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  2. Zwift Professional Riders and Racers. There's also a slightly different flag/jersey present when there are Pro or publically recognized riders on the course. You'll often see this for Ted King, Jens Voight or any riders on Pro teams. Ted King, now retired, is one of the honorary Zwift Embassadors. He's often found leading rides on Zwift for.
  3. The challenge is simple: during the Tour de France ride 1000 miles and have fun! That is it! 1000 miles (1609 km) in 23 days. Are you up for the..
  4. Zwift Bans Another Pro, This Time With History of Data Tampering. Today Zwift has non-announced its latest sanction, against Philipp Diegner of Canyon Esports, for falsifying data as part of their Zwift Racing League pro race series. This would make for the fifth individual in the last 6 months, but most notably - the first male to be.
  5. The elite races of the inaugural 2020 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships will take place Dec 9, 2020 in Zwift's Watopia Figure 8 Reverse Course, with a finish on their KOM Forward climb. Both men & women will compete virtually on the same 50km course, with 483m of total climbing. The winners ride away with a brand-new set of rainbow.
  6. Epic KOM segment details for new Zwift Watopia mountain route. Epic KOM Forward Distance: 5.9 miles (9.5km) Elevation Gain: 1361′ (414m) Avg Grade: 3.9% Max Grade: 10.7% Strava Segment Epic KOM Reverse Distance: 3.8 miles (6.1km) Elevation Gain: 1303

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Zwift has made suffering indoors in solitary confinement a thing of the past thanks to the advent of the smart turbo trainer. Zwift is the brainchild of Eric Min (CEO/founder) who, together with. Richmond was the ninth of all the courses. I hoped to take it a bit slower then finish hard on the climbs. I didn't have too much power on the climbs but took the orange jersey, my eighth of the day. How long did the courses take? 3 hours 19 minutes 56.37 seconds (with photos taken of every timed finish. 今夜20:00〜はZWCこと、Zwift Warriors CyclingオーガナイズによるTuesday Race! コースはEpic KOMをはらむBig Loop Reverse。 タフなコースで繰り広げられるバトルに今すぐ参戦 A questo punto avrete percorso circa 22km con un dislivello di 821m; se continuerete a pedalare senza uscire da Zwift vi troverete a fare su e giù dal Reverse KOM, senza mai rientrare in città. Ogni ulteriore giro del Reverse KOM, o CCW Hilly Lap, è lungo 13,7km con un dislivello di 401m

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  1. Voor een beginner kan Zwift een beetje verwarrend zijn. Zes verschillende werelden, met daarin ook weer verschillende routes en een heleboel namen. Die kunnen je het idee geven dat je verdwaald bent. Watopia was de eerste wereld en is altijd beschikbaar. Daarnaast wisselt Zwift zelf af welke 2e fietsomgeving je kunt gebruiken, ze noemen dat [
  2. zwift KOM、zwift KOM reverseはしっかり頑張ることにする
  3. zwift, ロードバイク/mtb, お金の節約術, オーディオ, インコ....何の脈絡もないモニオの趣味の世界にようこそ! レースの結果はともかく、kom上るのは脚力強化の良いトレーニングですね zwift 6/24/202
  4. Watopia Hilly Route Reverse; Mighty Metropolitan; Whole Lotta Lava; Libby Hill After Party; Astoria Line 8; Greatest London Flat; Watopia Figure 8; Greater London Flat; Out And Back Again; Petit Boucle; Greater London 8; The Magnificent 8; Douce France; Harrogate Circuit Reverse; NYC KOM After Party; Zwift; Zwiftpower; Treino e Bem Estar.

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(y'a un évènement dédié dans zwift d'ailleurs sur Ven-Top aujourd'hui) monsieuror ange. Optimisation Team Member: Posté le 07-07-2021 à 10:19:34 Epic Kom Reverse + Tower (celui de Mountain 8) monsieuror ange. Optimisation Team Member: Posté le 08-07-2021 à 15:10:1 ロードバイク、ZWIFT、お金の節約術、オーディオ、インコ。。何の脈絡もないモニオの趣味の世界にようこそ! [Zwift - Three Sisters] Epic KOM~ラジオタワー~Volcano KOMの三姉妹ルート ZWIFT 8/12/2020 [Zwift- Volcano Climb] 火山地帯のアップダウンを走る短いルート ZWIFT.

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So, yeah, I'm reviewing the race. I can't help but do that because I'm happy with my results. But I really want to give some thoughts on the new categorization system Zwift is testing out. Basically, it places you in race categories of 1-6 instead of the traditional A-D they've been using. They're using the [ Berijd virtuele wegen, train gestructureerd of neem deel aan sociale groepsritten. Hometrainingsspel dat wielrenners wereldwijd verbindt. Zwift: wielren-app voor binnen さて、スタートしてすぐにKOMが来る。 結果は? NYC KOM Reverse. タイム 3:52(ベスト→3:30) スピード 17.8km/h. パワー266W. 心拍数 146bpm. 頑張ってみたけど、まだまだ序盤で心拍が上がらなかったので、ベスト更新はならず。 そのまま空中の道を走る

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ホーム > サンダル·ミュール-靴·シューズ-レディースファッション- > 【【2020年製 新品】】 ローマンスタッズ 通販 【Valentino】 VW2S0BM6KETGF9 カーフスキンミュール2色 大人気 (VALENTINO/サンダル·ミュール) サンダル·ミュール ブランド VW2S0BM6KET0NO 自転車関係などの雑記帳です ホーム > スポーツウェア·アクセサリー-スポーツ·アウトドア- > CQG-2070-53 パークゴルフクラブ 弧月(こげつ) ukaukacyclingの代表をしていますが、2019年1月の落車にて大怪我をしてしまい実走は引退。その後はzwiftチーム「nico-oz」を立ち上げみんなでわいわいやっています

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Zwift route: Watopia » Zwift Medio Fondo | What's on Zwift?Zwift route: Richmond » Richmond UCI Reverse | What's onINNSBRUCK - Achterbahn ~ Virtualna liga - zwift