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  3. If it's a hotwire added to woven wire, you still have the woven wire as a physical barrier. If it's just high tensile, you really do not have a meaningful physical barrier once the electric is out. So IMO it depends on how you feel about the consequences of having stock leave, or predators enter, during blips in your fence service
  4. Given the choice I would always go with woven wire. High tensile is cheap until somebody gets tangled up in it, and then it gets expensive! Also sheep can still escape from high tensile fencing
  5. The cons of woven wire fencing include that it's more costly than barbed wire. It's also more difficult to install correctly, especially on unlevel ground. High Tensile Smooth Wire. High tensile smooth wire is most often composed of four to ten strands and can be used as an alternative to barbed wire fencing. It's preferred by farmers and.
  6. Low carbon wire is made from steel rod with a carbon content of approximately 0.10%. This type of wire is easy to work with and fairly forgiving. However, it is prone to elongation (stretching and sagging), which produces as lower breaking than high tensile wire. High tensile wire is made with higher carbon content at approximately 0.28%

High tensile (grade 125 or 180) woven wire from MAX-FLEX™ doesn't rust quickly like common woven wire brands and is stronger than nine gage soft wire. When installed correctly, MAX-FLEX high tensile woven wire (A10H) will stay tight year after year so fewer posts are needed and labor and material costs are less The metal conductor is woven into the mesh to provide efficient, even conductivity along the tape. Electric Fence High Tensile Wire: this high tensile wire is ideal for creating permanent fences, it is highly conductive, strong, and 2.5mm thick. Supplied in 650m lengths, with the advantage of coming on a wooden spool.. 1. Corner posts are undersized, or not deep enough. Related: The cost of fixing vs. building new fence. This ranks as the top mistake in fencing, be it barbed, high-tensile wire or woven wire. The main issues are undersized posts and corner posts not set deeply enough, particularly in sandy or soft soils. Gerrish, who has clients in 43 states. The first High-Tensile Fence built on Kencove Farms was a three-wire electrified fence for cows and heifers. The pressure treated posts were installed fifty feet apart - keeping material costs very reasonable. The 12.5 gauge H-T wire has much greater strength, life and springy feel than any other farm fencing I have used Barbed wire fence. Materials for the barbed wire fence (see Table 2) are similar to the woven wire fence except that five strands of 12-gauge barbed wire are substituted for the woven wire and single strand of barbed wire. High-tensile non-electric wire fence

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According to the manufacturer: This electrifiable hi-tensile woven wire is more effective than other conventional fences when not electrified and extraordinarily effective when electrified. It has 7 horizontal strands, 36 inch height, and 24 inches between vertical spaces vs. goats vs. deer • The Fence Technical Guide of USDA's NRCS is the standard that is often referenced in Michigan. Is a 12 page document. • This guide for example says beef cattle fence can include: non electric high tensile 5 strand min; electrified high tensile 4 strand min; woven wire Woven Fence Options; Quick Add. Home / Articles / High Tensile Fence. Planning and Installing High-Tensile. The six-wire fence is a popular high-tensile fence. It can be electrified to make it more secure, but it will generally keep stock from escaping even if the electric is off for an extended period of time. The 60 inch high anti-deer fences. Tornado Wire's Torus no-climb horse fencing is manufactured from high tensile steel wire that provides the ideal balance of safety and security at a great price. Tornado Wire's High Tensile Woven Wire Field Fence has been the choice for the best agricultural contractors for more than 40 years. Decades of research, experience, and first-hand.

Working with High Tensile Fence Wire (Lesson 3. Fencing Systems continued) High tensile fences are stronger and usually less expensive to build than traditional barbed and woven wire fences. Once you know a few simple wire-handling techniques you'll find they are also easier to build. Spinning Jenny Spinning Jenn Hi-tensile fences can be either electric or non-electric. Use this guide to help you determine if hi-tensile fencing is the route you want to take. Benefits of High-Tensile Fencing. Better looking. Hi-tensile fences have a smooth, clean appearance that blends well in any setting. Lasts longer. With galvanized components and Class 3 zinc coating. 2x4 woven wire, Bezinal + Black UV coating, 40 year guarantee. 19 horizontals, 72 high, 2 between verticals, 100' roll. Learn More. Out of stock. Twenty-five years ago I purchased the first part of our high-tensile fencing from Wellscroft Fence Systems. They gave excellent advice on how to install and maintain it Cattle Fence is one type of high tensile Field Fence woven with hot dipped galvanized wire in hinged knot styles. Woven wire cattle fence makes the best choice as borders in the fields and grassland for breeding deer, cattle, horse, sheep and other animals

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HuaLan High Tensile Fences Co. located in North China, has developed into a manufacturer of high tensile woven wire fences processed in fixed knots, hinge joint, square deal knots, chain link and other woven wire styles. Every weaving style of fences bring unique structure and features to its finished fence fabrics. Hualan woven wire fences. Knotted Mesh independent fixed knot features: Made from reinforced heavy galvanized carbon wire with extremely high tensile strength. Minimum size of 5 cm. between the horizontal wires of the mesh. Spacing 15 cm or 30 cm. between the vertical wires of the mesh. The diameters of the horizontal wires are 2.5 mm, tensile strength: 1200-1400 N/mm 2 Field Fence. Red Brand offers durable, reliable woven wire field fencing to keep your large livestock safe and secure. As the agriculture industry's leading fence provider, we offer several types of field fences that hold up to the usual pressure from large herds 1. High-tensile fencing was developed in New Zealand several years ago and is now coming into use in Florida. This fencing system uses smooth 12-1/2 gauge wire with a yield strength of 200,000 pounds per square inch, or a strength of 1,600 pounds for each wire. Conventional fencing wire normally has a yield strength of less than 60,000 pounds.

Max-Lock High-Tensile Game Fence. 96″ Game Fence from OK Brand Wire offers high tensile performance to the game rancher with tall needs. Both horizontal line and vertical stay wires are of 12½ gauge high carbon steel. Lighter & Stronger Fixed Knot Game Fence weighs one-third less and offers the same linear strength as standard low carbon wire fencing and is easier to handle and install Woven wire fencing is a great livestock or perimeter fence. It's even great for dogs and horses if the correct pattern is used. It's strong, long lasting and needs no maintenance. It's the go-to choice when installing infrastructure for cattle, sheep or goats. Often times it is used for perimeter fencing

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Shop red brand high tensile field fence 330-ft x 4-ft silver steel woven wire farm woven wire rolled fencing in the rolled fencing section of Lowes.co Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order The best fence is a woven wire fence but that is spendy. Barb wire tends to be a little cheaper but may require more repairs but is paid for. High tensile electric is cheapest upfront costs by half and goes up much faster but you have to rely on electricity for security and in long run will accumulate costs

High-Tensile Woven Wire Fences Ends and corners are the most important part of the fence construction. The posts should be at least 5-6 in diameter, and installed 36-40 below grade. When auguring is the installation technique, it is very important to tamp the bottom of the hole tight. This shoul Woven wire fence also works great for keeping deer out as the wire can be bought to eight-feet high. Post Size & Post Spacing Five- to six-inch round treated posts, just like those used with the high tensile fence, is optimal when installing woven wire fencing

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Bill, I've got both. One side has 6 strands of high tensile fence, with 5 strands hot. That side had an old fence row and I had it cleaned off. All of my other fences are woven wire, and part of them have a hot wire on the inside to keep the goats from sticking their head through This type of fence is more portable in the long run, as well. Cattle Fencing Cattle fencing needs to be at least 54 in. tall in order to properly contain the cattle. While barbed wire and woven wire were common choices in the past, high-tensile wire fencing systems with treated wood posts are becoming more popular Red Brand Extended Life - Class 3 galvanized wire Red Brand High Tensile - Class 3 galvanized wire Sierra Agricultural Fence - Commercial galvanized wire EL HT S Style No. & Family Filler Gauge Top & Bottom Gauge Pullout Spacing Fence Height Roll Length Roll Weight Resource Number 1047-6-9 RB 9 9 6 47 330' 420 70003 1047-12-9 RB 9 9 12.

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There is no one size fits all when it comes to fencing. There are different applications where different fencing is required/desired. We have a combination of high tensile single strand hot wire, 5 strand barbed, 3 strand barbed, field fencing and use a lot of single strand hot poly for temp fences. 1. 2 Gerrish says the lightest-duty fence, such as a 1- or 2-wire, high-tensile pasture subdivision fence, only requires a 4- to 5-inch-diameter post. A 5-strand barbed wire fence, or 5- or 6-strand high-tensile wire fence, requires a 6- to 7-inch-diameter post. For net wire fences, Gerrish recommends an 8-inch-diameter post Kencove Farm Fence product specialists guide you to the best supplies for your situation. Top Quality, Reasonable Prices, Fast Delivery - we want to make your fence project a fulfilling success. Kencove ships supplies and tools for electric fence, portable fence, plastic tensile rail fence, and non-electric High Tensile wire to hold and protect cattle, horses, sheep, goats, deer, elk, poultry.

Farm Fencing: Wood Board vs. Woven Wire vs. High Tensile Published on April 3, 2020 April 3, 2020 • 3 Likes • 0 Comment I prefer a woven wire fence about 3 feet high, and a strand or 2 of barbed wire above that, and a top line of barbed electrified wire on top. I guess between your 2 options, I'd go for the high tensile BUT it is a better fence - cheaper - in long runs on a big area. High tensile has very expensive corners, and very cheap straight runs

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A woven wire fence will contain cattle as a physical barrier, but is more costly than a high tensile fence. Other options for a physical barrier for cattle would include a wood panel fence or heavy wire panels. These type of fences increase the labor and require far more maintenance than high tensile fence Home » Field Fence » Cross Lock® High Tensile Farm Fence 330'L x 42H with 12.5 Ga. Wire Red Brand Cross Lock® High Tensile Farm Fence 330'L x 42H with 12.5 Ga. Wire Protect your investment with our most reliable confinement for cattle, hogs and other large animal by the high tensile electric fence job sheet. Electric and barbed wire fence top deterrents may not be combined. Wood Rail: A wood top rail may be installed no more than 6 above the woven wire to strengthen the fence in lieu of top wires, or a single electric wire with stand-off insulators may be included. The fencin Fencing systems made from high-tensile fencing wire are affordable and long-lasting, over 40 years. Another benefit of high-tensile wire fencing is its low maintenance. High-tensile wire is most often 12 or 12.5 gauge galvanized steel and will state that it is for high-tensile systems on its packaging

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Stiff-Stay Horse Fence (Non-Climb) from 197.00. Stiff-Stay Sheep & Goat. 371.00. High Tensile Hinge Joint Fence. from 134.00. Tuff-Strand High Tensile Electric Fence. from 91.00. Stay-Tuff Barbed Wire - High Tensile Wire Our 14 Gauge High Tensile Barbed Wire is 33% stronger than 12.5ga low carbon barbed wire at about the same cost. In addition to building a multi-strand barbed wire fence, barbed wire is an effective addition to a fixed knot fence as a top line or an offset to deter animals StaTite50 The 50-Year Fence is the first and only agricultural wire fence of its kind available on the market today. No other fixed knot fence wire product offers a Zinc-Aluminum hybrid coating backed by a 50 year warranty. The high tensile wire and fixed knot design combine to make a virtually indestructible product, saving you money on labor. Shop red brand high tensile field fence 330-ft x 4-ft silver steel woven wire farm woven wire rolled fencing in the rolled fencing section of Lowes.co

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The kinds of fences commonly used on farms include board, barbed wire, woven wire, cable, mesh, high-tensile, electric or a combination of any of these. The type of fence that you will need depends on the livestock, crops, and other vegetation that border the fence Furthermore, high tensile combined with the fixed knot produces the strongest woven-wire fence available on the market. Pairing these together make it highly resistant to livestock and wildlife damage, such as wild hogs. Superior construction prevents wild hogs from breaching the fence fabric like they do in low-tensile, field-fence wire Woven Goat Wire and Field Fence. Woven wire is a great option for permanent fencing solutions, but be sure to get the goat-specific version with 4-by-4 holes, rather than the typical 6-by-6, 6-by-9, and 6-by-12 weaves used for larger livestock While welded fences can be suitable for gardens and small animals, they simply aren't tough enough for large animal corrals and containment. For that, you need a woven, or knotted, fence. All of Red Brand's large animal fencing is made using heavy-gauge wire and knots for strength and durability

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The intersections of these wires are spot-welded to create a sheet. However, woven fences are created through a process that is quite different and much more complicated. Using machinery, wire is loosely twisted into a gentle spiral, with each overlapping at the ends. With a quick twist, the link is made permanent and the distinctive zig-zag. Field fencing is not a one-size-fits-all product. That's why Red Brand manufactures over 45 different field fence options. Among the considerations for choosing the proper fence for your property are knot style, wire gauge, spacing, height and roll length T & B farms said: callmefence said: Dr Wire said: Bekaert all the way. Bekaert has been producing high tensile Fixed Knot products since the early 1990's in Van Buren AR USA. You can get the 949-6, 1348-12 and 1348-6 mentioned in the previous posts. Bekaert offers coatings with 20 and 30 year coating guarantees Field Fence. San Antonio Steel Company offers a variety of woven wire field fences with a hinge joint wrap. Both low carbon and high tensile field fences are offered in a wide variety of heights and styles featuring graduated spacing that starts with narrow openings at the bottom which prevents the entry of small animals. The hinge joint knot.

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Brace Wire, made Of 121/2 gauge high tensile wire, is wrapped twice around the posts, pulled tight and then spliced with three DARE sleeves. Ä pressure-treated wood twitch stick is inserted to draw the brace Wire tight. DO over-tighten. 5 or 6 turns should be adequate. Nail or fasten the stick to the horizontal brace. Single Corner Brace 900. Woven wire, barbed wire and high-tensile fences are commonly used. When bulls are penned separately, consider using heavy posts, with thick-gauge wire or cable and other strong electric fencing. woven wire, barbed wire, high-tensile, board, electric or a combination of any of these. Woven Wire Fences Woven wire fences consist of a number of horizontal lines of smooth wire held apart by vertical wires called stays. The distance or spac-ing between horizontal line wires may vary from as close as 1 1/2 inches at the bottom for smal Deer and wildlife fence is woven from high tensile wires; either 12-1/2 top and bottom with 14 gauge filler ZA (Zinc/Aluminum) coated or 12-1/2 gauge Class 3 galvanized. You are assured of a long lasting fence. Minimum tensile strength of the 12-1/2 gauge fences is 140,000 psi. Strong fixed knot construction - one-piece vertical wires are.

Usually, livestock producers use board, cable, barbed wire, mesh, woven wire, electric, high-tensile, or a combination of two or more of these fence types on their farms. You can use most fence types for cattle, so you need to assess factors such as life cycle, cost, and ease of construction. Barbed wire and woven wire are commonly used Installs for the same as a 5 strand barbed wire fence. Stronger than a 9 gauge hinged joint or barbed wire fence. Lasts 3 times longer than traditional hinged joint. Will remain tighter and won't lose its shape. Better able to absorb impact and maintains its tension even during severe temperature and climate changes

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Fence wire. Zareba's high-tensile wire is 12.5-gauge aluminized steel wire featuring a breaking load of 1500 pounds and a tensile strength of 200,000 psi. We offer spools of high-tensile wire in varying lengths from 1,000 feet up to 2 miles. Insulators. Pin lock or tube insulators are the recommended choice for line posts in high-tensile fencing High tensile electric and permanent fence crimp sleeves for splicing or terminating fence. Fits 12.5 gauge wire. $ 37.50. QTY: Add to Cart. High-Tensile Accessories. Gripple - Medium (10 to 14 gauge) Item # 336800 - In Stock. Great for splicing woven wire, smooth high tensile steel wire and barbed wire Field fence, also known as farm fence or cattle fence, is another option, especially if you have a lot of ground to cover. It is less expensive than chain link and its lighter weight makes it easier to install. Field fence is made of galvanized iron wire, high tensile steel wire, low-carbon steel wire or mild steel carbon wire

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Red Brand offers different styles of high tensile fencing, including 12 1/2 ga, 14 ga, field fence and 15 1/2 ga barbed wire. For reference, the 12 1/2 gauge high tensile is equivalent to a low carbon 9 ga., making it lighter weight, equally strong, but less malleable. All high-tensile fence is Class 3 galvanized. How to Read a Fence Style Numbe GU500 ~ Thick Wall Insulated Under Ground Wire 500 Foot. Regular price. $100.00. Hi Tensile Wire - 12.5 Gauge - 4000' - 200,000 PSI Minimum ~CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER. Regular price. $112.00. Hi-tensile Woven Wire (PowerLock Knot) (7-35-18 Configuration) 330'. Regular price. $140.00 Woven wire field fence is a kind of protective fence net for farm fence. Wire knotted woven field fence is a high tensile galvanized steel mesh fencing with graduated opening styles. The lower part of the wire fence has smaller holes while the upper part has growing bigger holes. This special structure is ideal for livestock raising perimeter. Class 3 galvanized, high-tensile wire and fixed-knot fences require very little maintenance, so landowners spend less time worrying about the integrity and durability of the fencing material. A fixed-knot design combined with high-tensile wire makes this the strongest woven-wire fence available; it is highly resistant to animal damage The 50-Year Fence is very resistant to animal damage, meaning you save time and money on maintenance over the years. There are a number of fixed knot products on the market today. However, The 50-Year Fence is the only wire to combine the fixed knot with the advanced Zinc-Aluminum coating technology. Our product is scientifically proven to give.

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Boundary strainer from Strainrite Fencing Systems for tensioning woven wire. The grips automatically walk up and down a taut chain. Professionals often use two, with a pair of woven wire fence clamps to tension the mesh The cheapest fence you can install is a wire fencing at $2 per foot on average, while a 6-foot high wood privacy fence costs $13 to $25 per linear foot, and vinyl fencing for $15 to $30 per foot. Check out our fence cost estimator below for more types of fences priced per foot and per acre. Get free estimates from fencing contractors near you High tensile is a lot thicker than the average electric fence wire and needs to be installed with an in-line strainer within each line. The system also require special insulators (pin lock) and is a complete fencing system rather than a partial fencing/deterrent/back up system as most other electric wire fencing High-tensile, woven wire fences are more expensive, but do not sag or stretch as readily as standard woven wire. They are more resistant to rust and are considerably lighter in weight. Barbed wire. Barbed wire fences can be effective for meat goats if the wires are evenly spaced and tightly stretched. Eight strands of 15 ½ gauge wire are. Tornado Titan 2096-6 12.5g Deer Fence. $535.00. Tornado's Titan 2096-6 12.5g is a one-piece deer net; the 96 height of the fence creates a highly secure barrier; it is ideal for use in areas where deep snow or uneven ground may allow deer to jump over a lower fence, or where additional security is required. Add to cart 2″x4″ Mesh Wire Knot. 2″ x 4″ Horse Fence provides a safer environment for your horse. And it's easy and economical to install with wood or steel posts. Max-Tight is deigned to prevent snags that cause blemishes to a horse's coat. The wire knot construction provides a wire mesh that's completely smooth on both sides as well as the.