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  1. iPhone playlists not showing up in iTunes is a frequently occurred issue that can be settled via following tips. 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Open iTunes, make sure it is syncing Music, then apply all settings and click Sync
  2. Turn on your Mac or PC and connect it to the Internet. Open the Music app or iTunes for Windows. Keep the Music app or iTunes for Windows open so your library can finish uploading. If you see an ineligible icon next to a song, delete the song, then add it back to your library
  3. It helps you restore all lost iTunes playlists with play counts and ratings. Unlike iTunes, it supports syncing playlists as well as other iOS files like photos, messages, contacts, notes, etc. from iPhone to iTunes/computer/iDevices, and vice versa. More than anything, it will not erase any existing data while syncing
  4. Step 1. Run iTunes on your computer. Step 2. Find and click the File option > Library > Import playlists
  5. Step 1: Launch iTunes. Step 2: In the Menu Bar, navigate to iTunes > Preferences. Step 3: Be sure you select the General tab. Step 4: If you notice that the Show Apple Music Features box is not selected, select it by checking the box beside it. In addition, you may want to tick the iCloud Music Library box to enable that feature as well
  6. Connect your iPhone with computer and fire up the iTunes. From the left menu, select you iPhone and Click on Music. Uncheck the Sync Music and Click on Sync button. Once the Sync is completed, all songs will be removed
  7. Launch iTunes on your new computer. Click the File menu, select Library and click Import Playlist. Navigate to the playlist XML file you exported and click Open to add the playlist to the left iTunes menu. Note: Songs not available on the new computer will be removed from the playlist

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If you're restoring an iTunes library from a different computer, make sure your new computer has the latest version of iTunes. In the iTunes app on your PC, choose File > Exit. Locate your external drive (in File Explorer), then drag the iTunes folder you backed up earlier from your external drive to your internal drive Download and install the backup and transfer software to the new computer. Sync your device to iTunes on the old computer to copy the most recent version of the library. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the new computer, but don't sync it. Use the software to copy the contents of your iOS device to your new computer I can drag a newly created individual playlist and drop it onto the device --> iphone (under the store link) and it will instantly sync. Yet when I make new playlists in the regular area of Itunes then go over into the Iphone's music tab the playlists won't show up to sync all at once. All my older playlists are syncing fine btw Sometimes if your Apple Music playlists are not showing after iOS 13/12 update, it might because your iTunes account has synced across the devices or your Show Apple Music option is off automatcially. To get them back, you can try to update iCloud Music Library by iTunes or simply open the Show Apple Music feature. Part 2 Connect your device to the computer and launch iTunes. Ensure the Sync Music check-box is selected under device icon. Choose the music icon located at the upper-left portion of the iTunes window, then choose the Playlists tab at the top center portion of the screen. In the left pane, select the playlist (s) you wish to sync

When Apple Music is not showing in iTunes, here's how to fix: Step 1. Open iTunes on Windows or Mac. Step 2. Click Account and check the Apple ID that you've used to log into iTunes. Step 3. If the Apple ID is not the one that you use for Apple Music subscription, then log out and sign in with the correct Apple ID Step 3: Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC either via a cable or wirelessly and click on it from the menu on the left pane. Step 4: From the tabs at the top of the iTunes Window, check the Sync.

OK, here's the deal: With the latest update to both iOS on my iPhone and to iTunes, I can no longer sync new songs I add to my playlists to my iPhone. My old songs are still there, but, when I try to add a new song to a playlist, it doesn't appear on my device. However, when I look at my device on iTunes, it shows up as on my device. The new songs just don't show up in the Music app on my. The first step is to launch iTunes and then connect your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to your computer. Once the iTunes has loaded and is running, click on the Devices icon at the top left corner, and expand the selections under your device. Expanding the selections will display all your iPhones playlists on the left side of the bar A quick fix for those who are facing the same issue:You create a playlist and drag songs into that playlist, on iphone or itouch the songs won't show.=====.. 1 Answer1. Active Oldest Votes. 1. You shouldn't click on My Device. Just plug in your iPhone, make sure you are syncing Music, then apply all settings, then click Sync. After sync, go back to your Music, at the bottom you will see all your playlists. I just made a playlist called Test for this answer, see below: Update: New iTunes have iCloud. Hi guys, this is somewhat off my usual videos but thought it might useful anyway. As you know my PC crashed so part it restoration inc importing my playlists..

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If doubleTwist Sync on your Windows PC doesn't auto-detect your iTunes library or playlists, one of two things may be happening: The iTunes setting for sharing your music library info with other apps (iTunes Library XML) may be set to OFF by default. Your iTunes library is located in a non-standard location (such as a different hard drive) Making a crate from an iTunes playlist. 1. Open your Serato software and make sure the Show iTunes library and option in the Library + Display tab of the Setup screen is checked. 2. Go back to the main screen and click on Library to expand and view your iTunes playlists. 3. Create crates by clicking on the crate icon at the bottom of the crate. iTunes 12 - Option 1. Connect your device to the computer. Select the icon for your device, located at the upper-left portion of the screen.; Select the Music option on the left pane. Ensure the Sync Music check-box is selected. In the Playlists section, check the playlists you wish to sync with your iOS device. Select Sync and your playlist should sync Update iTunes and iOS Devices. At the very beginning, make sure that iTunes is running on Mac/PC, otherwise the syncing process will not succeed. Besides, iOS devices like iPhone/iPad should be updated as well. Follow the steps below to update software respectively. 1. Update iTunes on Mac/PC. Step 1. Launch iTunes on Mac/PC. Step 2

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Part 2. How to Fix Purchased Music Not Showing Up on iPhone. For those who can't find any purchased iTunes songs on your iPhone, just try the solutions mentioned as below. Solution 1. Check Whether You Have Toggled On Show Apple Music. First of all, you can check whether you have toggled on Show Apple Music Follow the steps below to fix the problem of Apple Music not showing up in iTunes on Mac. 1. Open iTunes on your Mac by clicking on the iTunes icon in the Dock of your Mac. 2. Next, click on iTunes tab in the top Menu Bar of your Mac and then click on Preferences option in the drop-down menu (See image below) 3

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Connect your device to the computer and launch iTunes. Ensure the Sync Music check-box is selected under device icon. Choose the music icon located at the upper-left portion of the iTunes window, then choose the Playlists tab at the top center portion of the screen. In the left pane, select the playlist(s) you wish to sync Transferring an iTunes library to a new computer On your old computer. Step 1: Open a new Finder window and go to the Music folder, which should be under yourusername > Music. Step 2: You should see a folder named iTunes.Make a right click on this folder and copy it. Step 3: In a new Finder window, open your external hard drive or USB stick. Step 4: Paste the iTunes folder in the external. Another common reason why your Apple music might not be showing after an iOS 14/13.7 update is that your iTunes account has synced across your devices. If you use iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer and your sync your music files across automatically, your songs and playlists may not show because this hasn't happened Step 3: Right click on the playlists and click on Export to iTunes. Then you can find the playlists on your iTunes library. 1.2 Steps to Restore the Latest iTunes Playlists. Step 1: Open TunesMate and connect your device. Click on Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice. Make sure Playlists are checked and click on Start button. The lost or. Part 2.How to Import iTunes Playlist on Mac. Importing playlists for Mac is similar to what we`ve done while importing for Windows. You will need to run iTunes for Mac, go to the iTunes Menu, which is the alternative of the File icon in Windows. If the iTunes menu does not appear. Click on the ctrl+B option on your keyboard

Voice memos synced from iPhone to your computer appear in the Music list and in the Voice Memos playlist in iTunes. Voice memos synced from your computer appear in the Voice Memos app on iPhone, but not in the Music app. If Voice Memos Still Doesn't Sync with iTunes Try these steps to resolve your issue. Please test after each step: Go to. We have many playlists we made on the iPad and we wish to transfer to iTunes, but when we connect it to the computer (which runs Windows 8) and iTunes recognizes the device, in the device menu (which is revealed by clicking the arrow) we only see the playlists made in iTunes on the iPad, and none of the ones on it that we made on the iPad itself Hitting the itunes refresh button within rekordbox didnt work. What did work, was in rekordbox, if you go to your itunes tab on the left and go into your playlists and highlight every song within those playlists, right click, and hit get info from itunes. That way, all my alterations I did to my songs in itunes, reflected into rekordbox My video shows how to transfer iTunes library from one computer to another, to Windows 10. Quickly see how to transfer music to iTunes. My iTunes music tutor..

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Tip 2. Update iTunes to the latest version. The new version of iTunes may contain fixes for bugs causing iTunes device adding problems. The detailed steps of updating iTunes are as below: On Mac: click iTunes from the menu bar > Check for Update. On PC: click Help from the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window. Tip 3 Glad to know that I am not the only one with this issue. I too download songs from elsewhere (although some via iTunes Store) and sync them to iTunes Music Library. With my previous iPhone 5 (64GB), I did not face any such issue, as all the new songs added to the Library when sync'd with the iPhone got updated to the 'Recently Added' Playlist NOTE: If your iTunes library continues to not show up in Serato DJ after creating a new iTunes Music Library.XML go to the iTunes folder and check that it is called 'iTunes Music Library.XML' and not 'iTunes Library.XML' You have now created a new iTunes XML file for Serato DJ to read. Just to be sure your tracks will show in Serato software, you will need to force a rescan of all the ID3 tags. Step 1: Manually delete any shortcuts to iTunes on the desktop or task bar. Step 2: Open the Start menu, search for Apps & Features, and press Enter. From the list of app, select iTunes and click.

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What you should have done is hold the ⌥-key while starting iTunes and it will prompt you to choose a new library which is the iTunes Library.itl inside the iTunes folder you wanted to copy. If you still have a copy of the old folder, do the above. Otherwise, I think you just created a new library with 0 songs When you set up iTunes from a computer, you create your library file on the network drive, aka network-attached storage (NAS), rather than on your local hard drive. Setting it up this way. 2 Steps to Make Ringtones for iPhone without iTunes. Step 1: Launch TunesMate and then connect your iPhone to your computer. Step 2: Click on the Music icon and then Ringtones.At the Music Window, click on the Ringtone Maker button.Then, click on Device Music or Computer Music to choose the song.. Step 3: TunesMate will play the song from start to finish and you may decide the tones by. Click Continue. Step 3: On your iPad, tap Trust when the Trust This Computer pop-up shows appears on your iPad screen. Step 4: Open iTunes. The iPad icon should now appear. Click on it. Step 5: Here we go! Welcome to the classic Settings screen with the Summary tab clearly present. Now you can back up your device, sync.

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  1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Sometimes the iTunes issue is just because your iTunes does not update to the latest version. Open iTunes on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Click on the iDevice icon when it appears. Choose the Music tab, then check the Sync Music box
  2. 2. If the greyed iTunes songs won't sync to iPhone, try to rename the song and sync again. 3. Update iTunes to the latest version. 4. Check iTunes settings that may prevent the songs to play. 5. Delete the duplicate songs from iTunes using View > Show Duplicates. 6. Unplug iPhone and reconnect it to the computer. Then sync the music again. 7
  3. Express - that you want on the watch and then click transfer. You should see a logic box showing the.

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  1. Why Tones/Ringtones Not Showing in iTunes. In the newly released iTunes 12.7, Apple removes the ability to manage ringtones and apps. Just like it says iTunes has been updated to focus on music, movies, TV Shows, podcasts, and audiobooks
  2. The uploaded cd will just sit there in iTunes with the dotted cloud for sometimes days before finally showing up on my phone, if at all. Sometimes it doesn't. I've tried everything, connecting my phone and syncing, selecting sync iCloud library, I even tried adding the songs to a playlist, but it showed up on my phone as an entirely.
  3. 4 Ways to Fix iTunes Apps Not Showing Up. Posted: (5 days ago) Mar 26, 2019 · If iTunes no app taps, you can try to log in or log off the Apple account of your iPhone or iPad: Step 1. If you want to log off the Apple account, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out your device
  4. Option Two. Step one: Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. iTunes will identify your handset and show its icon on the top left. Step two: Click the music icon in the upper-left position and you will get many playlist on the left pane. Step three: Choose and drag the playlist (s) you want to copy to iPhone, up.
  5. Problem that I have is my playlist which I created on my iOS device doesn't even show up in iTunes (Windows 10), so there's no way to select the playlist to export it. I tried it on a friends computer (using his iPhone to create the playlist) and same thing — playlist created on iOS won't even show up in iTunes (Windows 10)
  6. In this case, try to rebuild your iTunes Library XML file as described here to solve the update issues. Select iTunes Library.xml and confirm by clicking Open. Go to the TRAKTOR main screen and open the iTunes node in the Browser Tree. If you can't see your recently added tracks right away, right- / control-click the iTunes node and choose.
  7. Click the Not in iTunes header on the left of TouchCopy, and the software will give you a list of the tracks on your iPhone, iPod or iPad which are not yet showing in your iTunes library. When you see the Not in iTunes list in TouchCopy, simply click the Copy to iTunes button to copy the missing songs into your iTunes library

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This does solve the problem, but if you then try to reconnect with iTUnes match, to sync your orther computers, the problem reappears. It means that to record counts the PC has to be out of ITunes Match, so losing all the songs stored on other PCs or laptops in your network. Posted 3 years ago by Connect an external hard drive to your main computer and back up your iTunes library onto the external drive. Quit iTunes. Hold down Option (Mac) or Shift (Windows) and launch iTunes. Select Choose Library.Navigate to the iTunes backup on the external drive. When you find the folder (Mac) or a file called iTunes library.itl (Windows), click Choose (Mac) or OK (Windows)

Solution 1: Connect your device to the computer and launch iTunes. Select your device icon at the top of iTunes windows. Select the Music option on the left pane.; Ensure the Sync Music check-box is selected on the right pane.; In the Playlists section, check the playlists you wish to sync with your iOS device.; Select Sync or Apply and your playlist should sync I'm not really sure why the iTunes playlists disappear during some transfers and updates, but it seems to happen randomly. The last time I ran into this I was moving iTunes music from a PC to a new Mac which worked wonderfully until I discovered none of the playlists were there. Just moving the file and then reimporting it did the trick though 1) Launch iTunes. 2) In the Menu Bar, go to iTunes > Preferences . 3) Make sure you select the General tab. 4.a) If the Show Apple Music Features box is not selected, check the box to select it. Additionally, you probably want to check the iCloud Music Library box to enable that feature as well. Click OK to save your preferences Last night I created a brand new playlist made up of songs from the iTunes store. Again, it would not show up on my iDevices. And I know the songs are being added to my iPhone, because when I look.

Make sure iTunes is a visible folder in VirtualDJ. Option 1: In the case where you may have accidentally hidden the iTunes root folder, right-click the Local Music folder and select Show: iTunes. Option 2: Go to the lower right hand corner and click the dot (Browser Options) above the Font Resizer. Select Reset Root Folders Question. Some changes recently occurred with my Mac's iTunes music library when I updated. Usually my playlists show a list of all the songs, along with info like the artist, my rating, last time. Some incorrect operations on our computer may cause this library file into crash. At this point, you may need to rebuild iTunes Library for playing music. 2. iTunes version is outdated. For some synced music files on iTunes, iTunes may not play music. So you need to update your iTunes to solve this problem. 3

Back up your iTunes Media folder on your computer. This folder can be found in Music on your home folder on Mac. Copy iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Library.xml. Delete the iTunes Library or iTunes Library.itl file. Launch iTunes and then choose File > Library > Import Playlist. Navigate to the iTunes Library.xml, click Choose Step 1: Launch Apple Music Converter. First of all, install and launch Apple Music Converter on computer. Click the ' + Add ' button to select certain Apple Music songs. Step 2: Add Apple Music to Convert. A pop-up window will prompt out with iTunes Library and playlist, just simply select the songs you preferred. Then tap ' OK ' Put songs, videos, photos and playlists from new computer to iPod hassle freely; In other words, iTunes will not fire up when you will connect the iPod with your PC. Here's the complete guide on how you can sync the iPod Songs and Videos to the new iTunes library. How to sync iPod songs and videos to new iTunes library

Open iTunes on your new computer and select import. You may need to free up space on your iPod if you have a lot of music stored on your computer. You can also transfer iTunes with a recordable CD or DVD. Click burn option in iTune preferences, and choose data CD format. Make a new playlist with the songs you want to transfer, and click on Burn. 1) Launch your iTunes on the computer and connect your iPhone or other iOS devices to the computer with its USB cable. 2) Find your iPhone on the Devices menu in iTunes, then you can find all playlist that you have created on iPhone are all displayed in the column accordingly. 3) Mark the playlist you wish to copy to iTunes, and right-click. Not sure if this will work for you, but in my case, my music was showing on my iPhone, but not on my computer in my iTunes, and when connecting my iPhone to my computer the songs listed in the computer's iTunes under my iPhone were low too.....I finally checked my iCloud account, and re-signed in to be sure, and THAT fix it iTunes will now examine the XML file, finding all your tracks and playlists, and add them to your library. This will create a new iTunes Library.itl file. If you have a lot of content in your iTunes library, this will take a while. The last time I did it with a library of about 70,000 tracks, it took well over an hour, so be patient In some cases, users have experienced issues with Home Sharing (e.g. Home Sharing not showing up in iTunes). iTunes Home Sharing Specs and Requirements. iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch using iOS 4.3 and above; Mac and Windows PC with iTunes 9 and above; Apple TV 2nd generation using tvOS 4.2.1 or later OR an AppleTV 3rd generation or late

Step by step guide to transfer playlists from iPod to iTunes Library via iTunes: Step 1. Connect your iPod to the computer and Launch the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Click on the little arrow button in the top menu and select the Show Menu Bar. Now, Click on the icon of your device which is shown under the Menu bar. Step 2 My setup: iTunes 10.1.2 Virtual DJ 7.0.3 Problem: iTunes library is in Users/Shared/iTunes/ iTunes and playlists do not appear in Virtual DJ since the path to my library is different than the default path. Virtual DJ can find all my music if I right click and choose add to search db Software required: You'll need a plist editor Next, move the iTunes Libraryfile to the Trash. Now, open up iTunes. From iTunes' Menu bar, select File > Library > Import Playlist. Doing so will open a file selection window. Use the window to navigate to the iTunes Music Library .xml file currently marooned on your desktop. BOOM! iTunes will automatically recreate your lost playlist

Considering that there are more than one computer or Mac in one single household, Apple released iTunes Home Sharing in iTunes 9 and higher version to wirelessly share or stream your iTunes library, including movies, music, apps, TV shows, and so on among up to 5 empowered computers or Macs that are sharing the same Apple ID and Wi-Fi network If the indicator next to Apple Music, iTunes Match, and iTunes in the Cloud is green and you're still having trouble, try the next step listed below. If it's showing up as yellow or red, Apple may be doing a system update; check the status page again later. Turn iCloud Music Library on and off on all iOS device iTunes as an app won't exist on the new Mac operating system, but you'll still be able to buy music from the iTunes Store. It'll just exist on the sidebar in the new Music app Right click My Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager. Right Click Apple Mobile Device USB Drive -> Update Driver Software. Restart computer and connect iPhone to computer, open iTunes to check if iPhone can be recognized or not. 5. Fix iPhone Not Showing Up in iTunes with Free Tenorshare TunesCare

9. In bottom left select Show: all objects not included in my library 10. Display the album you would like to move 11. In the upper right corner elect the three dots in the blue circle and then select import. I run a Swedish version of iTunes so I am not sure about the exact words on the US version of iTunes, but you will figure it out Click the device icon at the top of left of the iTunes window. Select Music in the left side navigation bar and uncheck Sync Music option. Then, click Apply or sync. 4.Once the sync is complete, recheck the Sync Music box and click Sync or Apply again. 5.When it is finished, unplug your iPhone and see if the music is transferred Run the program on the old PC and click on the Transfer button. Next, click on PC (Windows). Now click on New computer. BE CAREFUL: It is important to choose New Computer as shown on the screenshot below: otherwise, you library will be transferred, not copied. Select to the location where you want the iTunes library. How to Access iTunes Music Library in iTunes on a Computer. Open iTunes app. Look near the top of the iTunes window and click on the 'Library' button (sometimes this is labeled as My Music) This will switch iTunes to the iTunes Library view rather than the iTunes Store. This may sound obvious to some Mac and Windows PC users, but. Troubleshooting for iTunes Not Syncing Music iPhone after iOS Update. Follow the correct way to Sync music to iTunes on Mac or PC. We can sync iPhone with iTunes over Wi-Fi. But it takes time, so use USB lightning cable. iPhone Won't Sync With iTunes: Music Won't move to iPhone. Open iTunes on Mac or PC

If you are looking to sync your iPod to a new computer using manual way iTunes then it is not possible to if your computer is not running but Wondershare Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS) can help you to sync your iPod with the new computer if your old computer is crashed. It can rebuild your iTunes library in minutes without any need for iTunes Rename the iTunes folder on your computer to something like iTunes-old. Hold down the Shift key and reopen iTunes from its shortcut. A message pops up asking you to choose the iTunes library Guide to Syncing using doubleTwist Sync (version 4 for Windows 7 / 8 / 10) This is a full step-by-step guide to syncing in doubleTwist Sync, walking through each step of the process. Importing Playlists From iTunes. Attaching/Pairing Device to PC. Selecting Items For Syncing. Sync Planning. Importing Of Files From Device. Transfer Of Music Files