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Scodwell USA produces impeccably crafted trumpets and flugelhorns with balance, finesse and a rich, open sound. The philosophy that has guided us for more than 25 years is simple: One instrument at a time, no corners cut, and only the finest materials Trumpets and Flugelhorns. Some call it alchemy. maybe it's more like magic. Maybe it's both. However you describe the process of building a custom horn, know that it transforms pieces of brass parts into something more - more vibrancy, more richness, and more responsiveness to every performance environment. Behind each one of our.

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  1. SCODWELL Las Vegas B-Flat Trumpet- Lacquered Finish- 460 Bore- Z Braces- Awesome Player! Model Las Vagas Model. Description The Scodwell USA standard model is commonly referred to as theLas Vegas model by nature of the tremendous projection and brilliant sound quality
  2. Tony Scodwell Custom Trumpets. Hand crafted trumpets and flugelhorns created by the legendary Tony Scodwell. Tony is a friend and mentor who has had an amazing trumpet career. He is a fantastic player and trumpet designer. We feel fortunate to know Tony and can't overstate the quality of his craftsmanship
  3. Scodwell USA Flugelhorn: Placed: Jun. 25 '21: 11:35 am Views: 5 : Share this item: Item photos - click to enlarge: In pristine condition (with one small blemish below the lock screw on the leadpipe) this now rare flugelhorn was the design made for many years with Kanstul components and has the bell from the mandrel copied from the early Selmer.
  4. ( Brand: LEGENDS ), ( Instrument: Flugelhorns ), ( MPN: SCODWELL ) Review LEGENDS SCODWELL Precision Gold Rim Flugel Horn Mouthpiece. I only resell items that find already available in the marketplace. If an item is listed as new-other it means showing almost no wear but missing some of its original packaging materials or the may be open and.
  5. Scodwell flugelhorn. As very few of my flugels ever trade hands, I thought it might be of interest to let TH posters know of a like new [serial #40425] horn that Steve Dillard at horntrader.com has currently. It is one of my later horns with Besson/Kanstul valves and from the photographs appears as new
  6. Scodwell Flugelhorn For Sale . danimal. 5. Registered User. danimal. 5. Post Jan 17, 2009 #1 2009-01-17T19:45. I have a handmade Flugel made by the masterful Tony Scodwell that unfortunately I must sell. This particular horn is raw brass. As such, the characteristics of the tone are warm and dark with a soft intimate quality
  7. Tony Scodwell obtained custom-built mouthpieces from Renold Schilke that featured trumpet rims, deep cups, and flugelhorn shanks. Similar versions of this mouthpiece are still utilized today. SP: What was the basic make up of the section

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  1. Rocky Lombardo and The Scod talk about the Scodwell USA Flugelhorn
  2. This is a nice professional Flugelhorn with lower tuning branch from the Signature 2000 Custom Series brass line designed by Tony Scodwell and Ray Amado for Donald E. Getzen (DEG). Tony now runs SCODWELLUSA and is know for low production high quality horns. The Signature 2000 line was an early success he had in building for horns
  3. Legends Scodwell Flugel: endorsed and played by the legendary Tony Scodwell! Tony Scodwell has had an extensive and impressive career playing in Las Vegas with such greats as the Stan Kenton Orchestra, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Jimmy Dorsey Band, Harry James, Frank Sinatra..and the list goes on and on. Justice can't be done to his talent in this short space
  4. The Boston Scodwell is an incredible trumpet which rarely changes hands. Like the renowned Vincent Bach, Tony Scodwell forges his trumpets with the aid of his degree in engineering and decades of experience playing for the biggest names in the business to build a better horn. Tony understands the links between engineering and sound in the.
  5. Valve Flugelhorn Paris Flugelhorn Getzen Flugelhorn Couesnon Flugelhorn Courtois Flugelhorn Professional Flugelhorn Brass Flugelhorn Flugelhorn Flugel Yamaha Yfh Flugelhorn Excellent The easy blowing. But carrying sound is achieved with a Scodwell yellow brass leadpipe. Tony Scodwell worked with us on the design of this leadpipe. In his 40.

The Legends Saidak FL flugel mouthpiece was designed in-house at Legends Brass. It has a small inside rim diameter (.565″) combined with a standard flugel V-cup. The heavyweight blank creates a huge fluffy sound. Select options. .625″ BC Master Flugel Mouthpiece. $ 125.00 - $ 175.00. The BC Master flugel mouthpiece has an inside rim. Schagerl Model JM1 Bb Trumpet. No less a figure than James Morrison was the force behind the developing of this trumpet model. Lacquer or gold finish: this is a trumpet which is perfect even for professional needs. The combination of its gold-brass bell, the reversed leadpipe- Design and a double-walled leadpipe made of Gold Brass allow. This Scodwell trumpet was originally custom made for LV veteran lead trumpet player Tom DeLibero. Tony's horns sell for $2,600 new, and gold plating is well over $2,000 these days, so this a great deal!-----The gold plating is intact except for one area on the second valve. Many years ago this horn had been stolen

Which Flugel Horn Is The Best? While trying to complete my coverage of the flugel horn, I decided to see what typical trumpet/flugel horn players say about the many instruments available on the market today. I have included only the material found on one site in a span of two weeks-. The Yamaha Flugels are great all around flugels Tony Scodwell and friends perform with his big band, featuring his hand crafted trumpets and some of Las Vegas' finest trumpet players. Video production fro.. The semi-round rim is similar to a Bach 5C trumpet rim. The original has been enhanced with the Legends Brass throat, throat cylinder length and backbore. The Scodwell Flugel is available with Small Bach, Yamaha, or French taper

Tony Scodwell has been awarded the Victor E. Ferral Endowed Artist-In-Residence at Beloit College [WI.] April 21-28, 2013. Mr. Scodwell is a professional trumpet player living in Las Vegas, NV. making the Scodwell USA line of trumpets and flugelhorns in addition to performing with many orchestras and jazz festivals around the world 'Big Band Classics' by Tony Scodwell is one volume in the wide range of Hal Leonard's play-along sheet music and CD packs. The thin manual features short notes on the seven pieces included, which cover various facets of the swing/jazz genre, both fast, lively pieces and a slow one for flugelhorn Get Incredible Projection From The Scodwell Las Vegas Bb Trumpet - Raw BrassThe Scodwell standard trumpet model is commonly referred to as the Las Vegas model by nature of the tremendous projection and brilliant sound quality. Selective placement of the braces along with an annealing process to the bell maximizes the sound production that gives the player more results for the effort. Custom order your own Schagerl Morrison Meister Flugelhorn! This is one of the finest instruments we have ever played from Schagerl and we have played a bunch of amazing ones! The James Morrison Meister Flugelhorn. This new Bb-fluegelhorn-model was developed with input of the legendary multi-musician James Morrison Flugelhorns can be confusing. This list has been put together to the best of our knowledge. If in doubt, ask us before you order! We'll do our best to find out for sure. A few Taper answers. Barrington Flugels: Large Morse Taper. Scodwell Flugels: Small Morse Taper ^ Choose a Product Category Customer Service

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What You Should Know Before Buying A Flugelhorn. To many people, the flugelhorn is a unique and interesting instrument. It looks bigger than a trumpet and in some ways it is bigger. It is heavier and has a larger bell. But when stretched out to its full length, a Bb flugelhorn is exactly the same length as a Bb trumpet and cornet Item Number: HL.672560. ISBN 9781423441311. 9x12 inches. Trumpet Play-Along. Bring a big band right into your home! Trumpeters will get a kick out of playing the solos on seven classics with full big band accompaniment on CD featuring Tony Scodwell, a Las Vegas staple who's played with Doc Severinson, the Stan Kenton Orchestra, the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and countless others A used Jinbao bass flugelhorn with rotary valves in C featuring a .505 bore and an 8 bell. A very unique instrument and in great shape! Used w/case. $649.00 Picture: In Stock Eb Bass Trumpet Eb Used A used bass trumpet in Eb with a trumpet mouthpiece receiver featuring a .460 bore and 4 7/8 bell..

Everything in music! Since 1958 we've been selling guitars, drums, brass, woodwind, DJ gear, lighting and stage, pro audio, recording gear, orchestral strings, and much more. We offer service for almost every instrument, educational rentals, and school & government sales. Please call us at (301) 946-8808 for more info Schilke Music Products is regarded as a world leader in trumpet design with a premium placed on build quality, playability and intonation. Hand made and hand fit by the most skilled craftsman in the world, Schilke continues to set a standard today as the first choice on the concert stage Ewan Divitt Trumpets - Home. Divitt Trumpets are lovingly built in Toronto, Canada by Ewan Divitt. Each trumpet is built to order using Getzen valves and Taylor bells. Each model is designed to give the player the best balance of feedback and projection to handle any playing environment. During the design process, the trumpets were tested on.

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Used Bach Stradivarius 180S-25 Bb Trumpet SN 518419 $ 1,200.00 Add to cart Used Bach Stradivarius LT180S-43* Bb Trumpet SN 61924 $ 1,695.00 Read more Used Benge 3X Bb Trumpet SN 14451 $ 1,400.00 Read more Used Conn 22B Bb Trumpet SN 36887 2015. This trumpet IS like new. Excellent shape with no dings or scratches. Original case and mouthpiece. Check out the retail prices and compare. This is definitely one of the best playing student horns made today. 289113. $. 900.00 Used Mt. Vernon Bach Stradivarius Bb Trumpet SN 24599 $ 3,300.00 Add to cart Used Olds Mendez Bb Trumpet SN 292745 $ 895.00 Add to cart Used Schilke B5 Bb Trumpet SN 43808 $ 1,495.00 Add to cart Used Schilke S43HDLS-F Faddis Bb Trumpet SN 6697 LOTUS Trumpets & Mouthpieces represent Adam Rapa's lifelong obsession with breaking musical and technical boundaries. With his deep understanding of the trumpet from all perspectives, Rapa leads an international Dream Team in creating the highest quality instruments possible. Our research & development is massive Scodwell (.658) F Szabo Delibero (.658) Gisbertz Harner Johnson Michels Nicholson O'Donnell Ingram Callet 1 3C Curry 1H (17.37) 1 1.25 1.5 2(16.9) 3 5 7 Edwards 1H 1 1/2, 3 1 1/4 2 1C99 1C98 1JC, 5 50P 7 60P GR Mouthpieces 67 66 3 Series 65 GR Haefner 1HC, X24, X27 1HX 3HC.

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Continue reading. The trumpet is one of the oldest known instruments, dating back to the day people first figured certain seashells and animal horns (adapted into instruments called shofars) made a great sound when one blew into them. Metal trumpets were made as early as 1500 BC, as both bronze and silver trumpets were unearthed in King. Scodwell USA - Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center. Scodwell USA produces impeccably crafted trumpets and flugelhorns with balance, finesse and a rich, open sound; The philosophy that has guided us for more than 25 years is simple: One instrument at a time, no corners cut, and only the finest materials. Chucklevins.com DA: 15 PA: 25 MOZ. Scodwell USA. By admin. 0 0 137. Calicchio. By admin. 0 0 196. Eastman Winds. By admin. 0 0 118. Yamaha USA. By allen. 0 0 145. King from Conn-Selmer flugelhorns, mouthpieces and various trumpet accessories. Our Features Discussion Forums. Links Directory. Instrument Gallery. Calendar. New Features Coming! Our Sponsors BachLoyalist.

Buy Flugelhorns and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many item Scodwell Bb, Scodwell C (Brushed Satin), Bach Eb Mount Vernon, Bach Flugelhorn Bob Reeves C2J - lounge trompet sound, Bob Reeves 42 CF (Chuck Findley)lead, Bob Reeves 42 S (small) more lead, Bob Reeves 42 ES (ex.small) even more lead Don Goldie: Selmer Paris 24 B gold plated trumpet (now owned by John Georgini) Related: flugelhorn used yamaha trumpet getzen flugelhorn bach flugelhorn yamaha trombone couesnon flugelhorn yamaha 731 flugelhorn valve trombone adams flugelhorn schilke trumpet bach stradivarius trumpe

Please do not take diameter measurements too seriously. Most of the time the difference in columns can be 0.02 of an inch (0.5 mm). Not much really. The measurements are done for comparison purposes of relative sizes. Attributes such as cup depth, rim shape, bite, and backbore also make a big difference in how a mouthpiece plays and feels S.E. Shires Co. was founded in 1995 for the sole purpose of building custom brass instruments of unparalleled professional quality. Now recognized as a leader in brass instrument design, innovation and manufacture, we maintain our commitment to every player who chooses Shires-to build an instrument that not only looks and sounds exactly the way you want it to, but is mechanically perfect. The Flugelhorn FH600 also features a two-piece yellow brass bell. There are 3 Monel valves for altering the pitch. Third slide trigger is designed to make the tuning adjustments easier. It comes complete with a mouthpiece and a covered case. Bb Flugelhorn FH600 is amazingly crafted and is excellent both in functioning and outlook Jupiter JTR1110S Performance Series Bb Trumpet with Standard Leadpipe. Your Price. $1,425.00. or $30/month‡. with 48 month financing*. Limited Time. Special Financing Offers (Open in new window) msrp:2069.0,lowPrice:1425.0

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