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540 votes, 32 comments. 251k members in the hoi4 community. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts A Very British Civil War. We are currently working on our next update, 'Across the Irish Sea', which will flesh out the island of Ireland. Next do a very Irish civil war. Trust me there is a lot more to go off of. Unionists,Loyalists, republicans , socialists, Connacht monarchists and even communists O Lord God, let me not be disgraced in my old days. 'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers It is September 1st, 2016, the first day of a very British Civil War. Each player controls a faction in Great Britain. Every turn, you PM me your orders for that particular turn, which always last 2 weeks in the game world. Each faction gets three orders, one domestic, and two combat - The OTL phony war is spent subduing Yugoslavia and Norway until 1940 - Then the invasion of the USSR, rather than France and the Low Countries, begins - In 1941 France enters the war to help the USSR (maybe a socialist-communist Popular Front government takes power) and demands whomever won the British civil war uphold their allianc

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A Very British Civil War has all this and more. Credits . All credit for the setting must go to Rob Jones, Steven Mortimore and Simon Douglas for devising the idea and to Solway Crafts and Miniatures for publishing the source materials

A Very British Civil War Browse: All items 1/56th 1:56 1:72 20mm 28mm 3mm Acrylic ACW American Civil War Debris of War Eastern Front Europe Fantasy historical laser cut MDF Miscellaneous models Modern Mordheim Napoleonic New World Resin Sci-Fi Science Fiction Stalingrad VBCW World War 1 World War 2 Wprld War This is an excellent way to simulate the 'fog of war' and encourages commanders to focus on realistic decisions rather than learning rules, but needs lots of Control players and there can be delays in getting accurate feedback. A n open map, as used at the A Very British Civil War game allows commanders to see the whole map. It reduces the. A Very British War Game. According to Sir Alec Issigonis, the designer of both the Morris Minor and the Mini A camel is a horse designed by committee., so it follows how a wargame created along similar lines would be little more than a glorified form of Snap! but with alabaster playing cards twelve foot high printed with invisible ink [Editorial Note:In naming various faction s I have drawn on various recent Welsh Paramilitary Factions. We done not condone the actions of the Groups, neither do I mean to insult them, but feel as part of recent Welsh history they are the best basis on which to draw upon for these Very British Civil War 1938 units.

The British Civil Wars at Sea demonstrates that in the space of just 15 years, the Navy was transformed from a force that was unable to prevent Dutch and Spanish fleets defying British neutrality into a Navy able to inflict a war-winning defeat on the Dutch, the greatest naval power of the 17th century. The book highlights two critical moments. This debate will discuss why individuals fought for parliament or supported the king. G.M. Trevelyan described the English Civil War as 'a war of two parties', fought between Royalist and the established Church of England on the one side, and Parliamentarian promoters of religious and parliamentary liberties on the other

The English Civil War, also known as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms note. No, not the war retold by Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The three kingdoms in question are England, Scotland and Ireland ( Wales always gets shafted ). Cromwell and Puritans, Roundheads and Cavaliers. Families divided against themselves Additionally, British ships often boarded American vessels and impressed sailors into service that they believed to be deserters. America felt that this was a violation of its sovereignty and declared war—leading to the War of 1812. Ending in 1814 in what amounted to a draw, each side claimed some notable victories Get 70% off NordVPN! Only $3.49/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at https://nordvpn.com/binkov and use code binkovThanks to NordVPN for sponsoring t.. So we see the Norman invasion of 1066 through the very harsh and dramatic effects it had on Yorkshire, with the Harrying of the North. We also Yorkshire's part in the Anarchy, the almost-20 year civil war between Stephen and Matilda, and in such events as the Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War of the seventeenth century The best studies of the military (and wider) history of the English civil wars include: J Adair, By the Sword Divided (1997); M Ashley, The English Civil War (1990), a well-illustrated, traditionally-based account; M Bennett, The English Civil War (1995), a brief overview in the 'Seminar Studies' series; M Bennett's much more detailed The Civil.

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A Very British Civil War - Photograph from a demonstration game at Reveille II 2014. VBCW or Very British Civil War is an alternative history created by messers Jones, Mortimore and Douglas and published by Solway Crafts and Miniatures. In this scenario Edward VIII refuses to abdicate triggering a constitutional crisis which divides the. To Americans the War of Independence was obviously a huge conflict that lead to the founding of a nation. To British - we have so much other military history (mainly Roman invasion, Norman conquest, 100 year war, War of the Roses, Spanish Armada, English Civil War, Battle of Trafalgar/Waterloo, WW1, WW2 to name a few) that it barely gets a mention 1938 A Very British Civil War group has 760 members. 1938 A Very British Civil War group has 760 members. 1938 A Very British Civil War group has 760 member However, Ann Harrison, born in the parish of St Olave Hart Street, was better known as Lady Ann Fanshawe, a royalist during the civil war. Lucy Apsley was from a royalist family (her father, Sir Allen was Lieutenant of the Tower, a very prestigious position), but married John Hutchinson, a puritan and parliamentarian, at St Andrew Holborn in 1638 From a Very British Civil War perspective the trip served two purposes: The Free City of Liverpool would have had a similar if much smaller operation to rpotect the shipping in of it's supplies. The ground war of efendign the beseiged city could well have had a similar type headquarters, He's a slide show of the trip

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The Storm in the East range covers the Russian Civil War, and contains plenty of scope for Soviet-supplied socialist militias. The Ends of the Earth range is also a useful source of VBCW figures, including armed and unarmed merchant seamen, U-boat crews and gendarmes to add that continental touch to your auxiliaries First up will be a Very British Civil War themed interwar bash in Manchester in February, along with a Napoleonic Jena game and a 1950 Korean War game being developed by Simon and myself (more detail on this later) as well as a non military/ operational game being discussed too. For more detail see their website here

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  1. Our opposition has been very cleverly hijacked by the same forces that want to control and ADJUST us. It is as if the opposition to king Charles's rule, during the British civil war was fundamentally royalist. We live in absurd, chaotic, transitional times, during the death of an empire and an ideology
  2. The Duke of Hamilton, the Earl of Holland, and Lord Capel, who had all been granted parole after the first English Civil War and went to fight for Charles in the second, were all beheaded after their capture. Colonel Thomas Pride then led the New Model Army into Parliament to remove anyone who didn't support the Grandees, or the landed gentry.
  3. Vehicles. All of the vehicles on this page fit with our 28mm figures perfectly. However there is a disconnect between model railway based scales and wargames scales. Empress Miniatures own range of modern vehicles are 1/50 scale. This scale was unique to the Empress range (formally Imprint) but has now been adopted by many other companies

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The basic structure of the 1920 Firearms Act remains in place to this day, proof of the bureaucratic inertia of the British civil service. If you tell the average British person that until 1920 they had the absolute right to keep and bear arms, they will find it hard to believe, yet it is a fact The British Civil Wars (more narrowly known as the English Civil War) provided similar opportunities, and the memorable Captain Carlo Fantom, a Croatian mercenary who fought for both Charles I (1600-1649) and his opponents, was reported to have boasted that I care not for your cause, I come to fight for your half-crown[s], and your. Watch Friendly Persuasion on Amazon. 6. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) Inarguably one of the best films on this list, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly also is quite arguably a Civil War film. Very British Civil Forum staged this 28mm Very British Civil War Simon Miller and Andrew Brentnall staged Marston Moor in 10mm using For King and Parliament. The Old Guard: Battle of Vimiero using Commands & Colors in 28mm The whole affair was very British. Sandy-haired Malcolm W. McGrath at 36 was a dependable member of the British civil service, climbing from second in command of the Admiralty's South African arms depot in World War II to his high job as senior armaments officer at the Admiralty's main base at Bath

Appeasement has become a popular topic recently, with Tim Bouverie's excellent Appeasing Hitler standing out. But Adrian Phillips gives us a new and fascinating angle on the whole sorry saga of miscalculation and moral surrender that led up to the Second World War.. Neville Chamberlain is, of course, the central character, and Phillips has very little positive to say about him The main difference is who the battles are fought between. A war and a revolution are both battles, both wars. A revolution is a battle fought in hopes of a new system, by overthrowing a government and a civil war is fought between people of the same country. The Civil War and the American Revolution were both wars, battles fought in seek of. In the first volume of The Official History, the late Rodney Lowe noted that the institution faced three major challenges after 1945. 1 1 R. Lowe, The Official History of the British Civil Service, Volume I: Reforming the Civil Service, the Fulton Years 1968-81, London, Routledge, 2010

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  1. No sizeable English army was sent to Ireland until 1647, however, because civil war now broke out in England. The trigger was Parliament's effort to take control of the Army by introducing impressment, which in turn brought confrontation between Commons and king over exclusion of bishops from the Lords, where they could block Acts passed in.
  2. The British government records during the Civil War were available to historians just after World War I. You never really read anything recently on what happened during that period. Why ruin a good yarn ! Either the historian knows the answer or his method of finding records, just happened to be forgotten as regards British Civil War period.
  3. Balkanize Me: After the success of Operation Sea Lion and the loss of its colonies and Northern Ireland, what was left of the United Kingdom was partitioned between the Kingdom of England, a German client state, and an independent Wales and Scotland.; Civil War: England will inevitably descend into a civil war between the collaborationist government and the Resistance
  4. The British-American relationship has a huge amount of depth, centuries of trade and economic ties, all of which have become more advantageous to both countries after the Second World War.

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  1. The large, graceful Sunderland was among World War II's best flying boats. Because it bristled with armament, the Germans regarded it as the Flying Porcupine. The advent of successful Short Empire C-class flying boats in 1933 persuaded the British Air Ministry to consider its adoption for military purposes. That year it issued Specification R. 2/3
  2. British nuclear test Operation Hurricane - secret reports to Winston Churchill and the vital civil defense data it yielded during the Cold War. Originally Top Secret reports on the first British nuclear test (a simulated subversive Russian nuclear attack on the Port of London using an atomic bomb detonated inside a ship in the Monte Bello islands)
  3. The civil wars on land were often messy and confusing, but historians can at least construct a narrative around the major campaigns, battles and sieges. The navy sided decisively with parliament in 1642, and the absence of major engagements at sea during the civil wars has often led historians to conclude that the naval dimension of the wars.
  4. Ask a local in a British pub about swans and you might well be told that the Queen owns all the swans in the country and that only she is allowed to eat them. This popular misconception, often.
  5. September 21, 1621: King James VI of Scotland and I of England gives Sir Alexander of Stirling the Royal Charter for colonisation of Nova Scotia At a time when Europe was expanding west and a new worlds were being forged, one man envisaged that Scotland would become a world power; Sir William Alexander o

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During the American Civil War, an assortment of small arms found their way onto the battlefield.Though the muzzle-loading percussion cap rifle was the most numerous weapon, being standard issue for the Union and Confederate armies, many other firearms, ranging from the single-shot breech-loading Sharps and Burnside rifles to the Spencer and the Henry rifles, two of the world's first repeating. The CIA, which is a consortium run out of Switzerland, agrees, according to senior CIA sources. These agencies have come to the conclusion that if urgent action is not taken billions of people will die by the autumn, the MI6 and CIA sources said. As a part of this campaign of removal, MI6 has decided to publicly name the person who. Full weekly report from Ben. Very promising information. And perhaps some will want to pay attention to the good news at the end. A decision has been made at the highest echelons of power that the world is just not working, and a wholesale revamp is needed, according to a senior European royal

Bureaucrats seeking job security can be incredibly dangerous *UPDATED*. Posted on November 6, 2016. December 11, 2020. by Bookworm. There are few things more dangerous than a collection of bureaucrats willing to stop at nothing to keep the bureaucracy alive for their own benefit. We've seen that here in America The 2am Theater presents two horror cult classics in a simulated midnight double feature at an inner-city second-run theater. First up are the customary horrific previews. Then Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and a defrosted monster are on a train ride from Hell in the Horror Express. Franco was a hero who saved Spain from the fate of Bolshevik Russia. There's a very good Grenada TV 6-part documentary, The Spanish Civil War, which interviews many of the participants, on YouTube Prema Sastri was a pioneering Indian author in English. From a liberal family of Tamil writers, Prema was inspired by her great-grand uncle, Pandit Natesa Sastri (1859-1906), who translated great works of Tamil literature into English in the 19th century. She was a great admirer of her great-grand uncle Angarai T Sadasivam Iyer (1902-1997), who. King Charles I ended up being executed after he was deposed in the British Civil War. The Battle of Edgehill, the battle in which the Civil War began in earnest occurred on October 23, 1642, the very day of the next Solar Eclipse in this series

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  1. In a very real sense, therefore, Gandhi's approach to Socrates in South Africa was made possible by the circulation of books in the British Empire, and by the admiration for Plato that flourished.
  2. A Cold War within the Cold War - Romanian exceptionalism. Guest writer Paul Wood comments on the book 'With Friends Like These', by Larry Watts, highlighting Romania's communist past and its.
  3. The Union was purchasing enormous amounts of weapons and materiel from British merchants, and to suggest that the British should have embargoed the Confederacy (i.e. actively prevented the sale of war materiel by making it illegal for private British citizens to do business with Confederate merchants) is to suggest the British should have.
  4. The Franco-Mexican War/Second French Intervention in Mexico concludes with a French/Mexican Imperial victory (in OTL the conflict lasted from 1861 until 1867 with the French and Mexican Empires having the most international support; the Republicans only having the US as a supporter and it was in the middle of a Civil War
  5. A Royal Conflict: Buckingham Palace vs. Hollywood. It is an ironic twist of history that two American women should have been the cause of political crises in Britain and led to concern that they might affect the powers and even the very existence of the monarchy. In the 1930s, the Prince of Wales, to become Edward VIII, fell in love with Wallis.
  6. Republic is a form of government where power is, in contrast to a monarchy, held by a group of people. Republics have republican tradition instead of legitimacy. In some republics the ruler rules for life, but in others there is an election cycle. All republics receive: +15% Burghers influence. +15% Vaishyas influence
  7. Digital Photography Review (photography is one of my other hobbies, along with golf), has two articles containing some wonderful color photos of Britain in 1939. Very useful stuff, if you're involved in inter-war, early war or that Very British Civil War games. One. Tw

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The pound recovered to above $1.20 Monday after President-elect Donald Trump's comment in an interview with The Times of London that a U.S.-U.K.-trade deal could be done very quickly once. The Dutch East Indies, or just the East Indies, is a Dutch colony in Asia.It consists of numerous islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Neighbouring countries include Australasian Confederation, the Portuguese colony of East Timor and the German colonial possessions in the Pacific Ocean (Kaiser-Wilhelmsland, Indochina, Malaysia and the Caroline Islands) A Very British Civil War (Map Game) 3. View source. History. Talk (0) This map game is a Proposed Map Game . In our timeline, King Edward VIII, widely rumoured to harbour right-wing sympathies, abdicates in 1936 in order to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson. In the VBCW timeline, he doesn't This is not the Spanish Civil War, this is A Very British Civil War, where cups of tea and scones are very important. Gentlemanly conduct is paramount, winning is not. Communist and Fascist forces are deployed, but this does not in anyway mean the players support or condone these political ideologies or their historical representatives A Very British Civil War - February 2016. A fantasy megagame for 40-60 players, set in an alternate timeline where Edward VIII didn't abdicate and yet still married Wallis Simpson. Following the resignation of his government, Oswald Mosely is now prime minister and after a breakdown of discussions and economic unrest the country has fragmented

British citizens are warning that riots and civil war may happen if Brexit isn't delivered by the March 31st deadline as originally promised. According to increasing numbers of Brits living in Brexit-strongholds across the UK, people are becoming restless and ready to take to the streets if the government renege on their Brexit promise The United States could have ended up split into at least two nations. Although we've argued before that the South had no chance of winning the Civil War, an alliance with the British would have stacked the deck very differently. The British navy was powerful enough to help the South break through the North's blockade These lead bullets were found during excavations on Aberystwyth Castle during the 1980s. They were probably made at the end of the British Civil War, during the winter of 1645-1646, when the. December 16, 2009. 6. Musketeer Miniatures, have several new miniatures available in time for xmas and beyond, first up are the Brigand Characters for Inter War gaming (1920-1938), though these guys could always be used as partisans in a WW2 game. They've been primarily sculpted for the game, A Very British Civil War, but that shouldn't. Winston Churchill was a prolific pedophile who enjoyed 'buggering young boys,' according to explosive diary entries. Sir John Rupert Jock Colville, former British civil servant to Churchill, exposed the former wartime Prime Minister in a series of shocking diary extracts. Truth News reports: Churchill had huge gambling, drinking and whoring bills, and Jock Colville claimed h

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The Revolutionary War was every bit as much of a civil war as, well the Civil War. If anything, there was a better chance for brother to be pitted against brother, because unlike the actual Civil War, your side in the conflict didn't depend on what part of the country you lived in. With the Loyalist and Patriot factions, a single street was. In fact, numerous Civil War strategy games are based on these very strategies and some types of battle reenactments, such as tactical battles or tactical events, use these strategies to try to defeat their opponents in recreations of the battles. The following is an overview of the strategies used in the Civil War: Union Strategy Later volumes were set in the Great War, in which the CSA allies with Britain and France, and the U.S. - still bitter over the two Civil Wars - joins forces with Germany. Using advanced. The English Civil War or Wars of the Three Kingdoms comprised a conflict (or series of conflicts) fought from 1642 to 1651 in England, Scotland, and Ireland, over the governance of these kingdoms. The conflict took place in the context of European struggles between Protestantism and Catholicism, as well as post-Reformation conflicts over the nature of Protestantism, the transition from. It was painful for the British people to behold the U.S. as the only nation to emerge from the war with a handsome cash profit. None of the above is intended to represent a wail of nationalistic.

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The blog's author probably knows the following tid-bit of information, but I'll post it in case others find it interesting: One part of the shelter-in-place advice that the government gave to British citizens in the early 1980s (when I was a young boy, growing up in a small countryside town in Britain) was to construct a very shallowly-buried shelter not dissimilar to the WW2 Andersen. The Civil War was a conflict between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America as well as their Native-American allies.. Other countries across the world chose to remain neutral in the war, although many of them granted the Confederacy belligerent status, according to the Office of the Historian on the United States Department of State website

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Destructive and Formidable by David Blackmore is a quantitative look at British infantry doctrine using period sources from the British Civil Wars of the seventeenth century up to just before the Napoleonic wars. If anything you can see the constancy, which drove the success in battle of British forces, even when outnumbered Paul Wood read History at Queens' College, Cambridge and studied to be a lawyer without having the stomach to become one. He worked in the British civil service and in the City of London A couple of sessions back, Irina and Ariel did a close reading of the cover of Purkiss's The English Civil War-specifically the painting on its cover (The Execution of Charles I).Irina later wrote about it-see I'm Not an Art Historian, where you can also see a large, hi-res version.Given the piquancy of the representations of Royalists in the history, we conjectured that the. The English Civil War (or wars) of the 1640s pitted Roundheads against Cavaliers: today it's Remainers against Brexiteers. The parallels are quite uncanny. To improve the performance of our website, show the most relevant news products and targeted advertising, we collect technical impersonal information about you, including through the tools.

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A Study of the Nuremberg Main Trial. In this essay the aptness of the indictments, the matter of jurisdiction and the legality in terms of the fair trial principle will be explored. The Allies wanted to bring Hitler and his men to justice for instigating WWII and the crimes they committed during it, including the mass murder of Jewish civilians. British ambassador to US resigns after slamming Trump. LONDON — The British ambassador to the United States resigned Wednesday following leaked memos that showed he had called President Donald. Keep Calm, Carry On. ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- You've probably heard this phrase. It was coined by a British civil servant in late 1939 in the Ministry of Information and developed as a. The Nore Army Fort was badly damaged by both a storm and being struck by a ship and was dismantled in 1959-60. In the 1960s and 70s, the remaining abandoned forts were famously taken over as. Britain and the Jews of Europe 1939-1945. by Bernard Wasserstein. Oxford University Press and the Institute of Jewish Affairs. 389 pp. $17.95. The theme of this book—albeit unspoken—is guilt. But not the immeasurable guilt of the principals. The master killers of modern Germany are virtually absent from the story Bernard Wasserstein has to.

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This has led to me pondering wargaming a conflict (too soon?), a modern take on a Very British Civil War (VBCW) and its Australian counterpart A Right Bloody Mess (ARBM). Considering the country faced a bloody civil war only 150 years ago it's not too hard to imagine A decision has been made at the highest echelons of power that the world is just not working, and a wholesale revamp is needed, according to a senior European royal. In particular, the ongoing pandemic is entirely a drug-pushing effort and means all of the world's civilian governments are suspected of engaging in genocide, accordin Early civil war battles were inconclusive, yet the British on both sides strove to improve effectiveness. They got closer before opening fire, massed to fire salvos and closed with the enemy to finish them off. Europe spent the same period in the Thirty Years War yet never came to the same conclusion However, it was also allowed to be used by the British authorities for food (food) delivery to Jerusalem shortly after the war ended. Civil passenger transport began operating between Haifa and Jerusalem in June 1919, and in February 1920 there was an option to travel from Jerusalem to Egypt via a transfer at Lod Of all the things going on in the world today, the steady encroachment on civil liberties by the European Union is one of the most puzzling to decipher. It would be a little easier to understand if it were happening pre-Internet. But in fact it is happening in plain view of the world, especially the Western world - especially America - because the Internet is cataloguing every bit of the.