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A chocolate Dachshund has a coat that looks just like chocolate! This rich brown color can occur on smooth, long, or wire-haired fur. Your Doxie may have a solid chocolate coat or a mix of colors. Chocolate and tan, chocolate and cream, and chocolate dapple patterns are all popular Miniature Long Haired Dachshund pups from our litters are normally made up from Silver Dapple, Chocolate Dapple, Chocolate & Tan and Black & Tan colour varieties. Double Dapple variants shown for interest. Jailhouse Dog a film we made with our production company that uses many of our dogs in the story is now available on Amazon Prime

wdpups@msn.com. These are our longhaired chocolates and chocolate carries. We are working the best to our ability to produce the best possible chocolates and chocolate carriers we can that are correct to the AKC standard. English Creamed sired fron Champion English and American lines . Hunter's Pedigree Dachshund Puppies. Rockin M Kennel specializes in AKC Miniature Smooth Coat Dachshunds in Black & Tan and Chocolate & Tan Solid, Piebald, Dapple, and Dapple Piebald. Occasionally, we may have Long Hair, Blue & Tan, and Isabella & Tan Mini Dachshunds. We are located in South Texas near San Antonio and Corpus Christi In the U.S. long-haired dachshunds were mainly household pets until 1931, when AKC accepted the first registration for the variety. In 1940, a long-haired dachshund won the Best in Show title. Appearance. Long-haired dachshunds come in many colors and patterns including; dapple, brindle, chocolate, cream, chocolate and black, and red Miniature Dachshund Parents. I raise miniature dachshunds of all colors and all hair coats. I have Cocoa, a Longhaired Chocolate and Tan, Louis, a Smooth Red Dappled Piebald, Bruno, a Smooth Black and Tan, Rufus, a Smooth Isabella and Tan, Max, a Longhaired Isabella and Tan, Rudy, a Smooth Black and Tan Piebald, and Blue Boy, a Smooth Blue and Tan Piebald miniature dachshund puppies for sale in colorado~ black and tan puppies~ chocolate dapple dachshunds ~chocolate ~piebald dachshund puppies~ long hair dachshunds~ smooth coat dachshund puppies~ Rockin L Dachshunds puppies~ wienie dogs dachshunds for sale near Kansas, Oklahoma ,Texas your best friend, loyal, smart, loves kids, likes to go on walks, easy to groom, very playful, great napping.

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A dachshund can be long-haired or smooth-haired or wire-haired. Available in two different sizes, three base colors, three modifiers, and four patterns, there are approximately 216 different dachshund combinations. chocolate dapple, chocolate, and tan dapple, silver dapple, red dapple, wild boar dapple, black and tan brindle dapple, and. Chocolate. Beautiful, healthy and well bred smooth coat miniature dachshund puppies available for placement. Variety of colors and patterns. Price $1500. Puppies. View Details. $1,500. Dachshund Chocolate Dapple Male - Price: . Dachshund Chocolate Dapple Male Price Chocolate and Tan Dachshund (AKC) Meet Gus, a Chocolate and Tan Dachshund happily sitting on a tree stump - Image source. Chocolate and tan look just like black and tan, but instead of black, the main coat color is dark brown. Wild Boar Dachshund Meet Owen and Finn, two Wild Boar Dachshund with wire hair - Image sourc

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Dachshunds are available in different colors and coat types. Our color and coat are both controlled by our genes. Our base coloration is single-colored, tan pointed, or wild boar (only found in wirehaired dogs). It is common to spot us in red, cream, black and tan, chocolate and tan, blue and tan, chocolate and cream, and wild boar-colored hair The majority of the Dachshund breeders do agree that the long-haired Dachshund originated in German, the same as the short-haired and wire-haired dachshund. However, some Dachshund enthusiasts claim they were actually first bred in either the United States or England and then imported into Germany and incorporated into the breed as a coat variant Additional Comments. Two adorable black and tan long- haired dachshund male puppies ready for new forever homes Long ears and short legs Quiet and sweet cash each Mother is a chocolate long-hair and daddy is a black and tan silver dapple LH Both are family pets You for more info and pics contact via contact on more details reach me on ( ) - Photos and contact info on Advertigo website

Darling Dachshunds. These are our available puppies. It's too soon to tell they will be short or long haired, but chances are good. We will know more about 3-4 weeks old. Colors are also a question on some of them (example: shaded red as opposed to chocolateall comes down to the color of the nose ). Some of younger pups could be. Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Long-haired Dachshund now! Check Out Long-haired Dachshund on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today We are a small breeder in Mocksville, North Carolina. We breed AKC Long Haired Miniature Dachshunds in English Cream, Black and Tan, Black and Cream, Chocolate and Tan, Chocolate and Cream, Red, and Dapple. All of our dogs are part of our family. They are all on heartguard, flea and tick prevention; healthy parents produce healthy babies Raising Mini Dachshund Puppies since 2001. See our adorable Blue, Cream, Chocolate, Piebald, Red, Wildboar, Black & Tan, Long Hair, Isabella, and Dapple! SEE Dachshund Puppies Adult Dogs Available Future Litters Email U

Chocolate and Tan Dachshund. Photo from @elliethedachshy (IG) The dog in the photo above is a blue and tan dapple Dachshund. As you will notice, there are dark-colored spots in its washed out blue coat. Long-Haired Miniature Dachshund: The Ultimate Purebred Icon TYPES OF MINIATURE DACHSHUNDS. RED. BLACK and TAN. BLACK. CHOCOLATE and TAN. CREAM . DAPPLE PIEBALD . SHORT HAIR . LONG HAIR . Our Dachshund puppies are sold with only limited AKC registration.. Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but No Litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration.. Beware of a possible Scam website using a similar name debbiesdachshundpuppies.co The long-haired Dachshund will have long hair on its tail, ears, legs, and body. When choosing a long-haired Dachshund, you will find that they come in the colors: English Cream; Black; Isabella; Red; Black and Tan; Chocolate and Tan; They also will have the Solid, Dapple, and the Piebald patterns if you are looking for a long-haired and.

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Black and tan dapple smooth male. Sold to Tony. Black and tan smooth female. Sold to Larry. Black and tan long haired female. Sold to Nicole. ***** Parents Twinkle and Gordon. Born May 8, 2021. Ready to go July 5. Blue and tan piebald male, long haired. Sold to Tony. Black and tan dapple male, smooth. Sold to Sarah. Chocolate and tan piebald. Chocolate and Tan: b series recessive to B. A Chocolate and Tan Dachshund is one that has a dark brown (the color of a Hershey chocolate bar) to a light brown body color with tan markings on the face and paws, etc. Chocolate and Tan is recessive to red, red sable or wild boar, and black and tan He's a character.. These colors include chocolate, blue, yellow, red, silver, and fawn. Of course, there are others as well. The first thing that you want to do when you are looking at buying a Long Haired Chocolate Dapple Miniature Dachshund puppies is to get information on each of the colors. Then you want to start reading through the rest of the list of colors The Dapple Dachshund, is also known as the Sausage Dog, is available in two sizes (standard or miniature), three coat types (smooth coated, long-haired, or wire-haired), and a variety of coat colors, including black and brown, black and cream, chocolate, chocolate and tan, and more

We specialize in breeding both AKC and CKC Miniature Dachshund puppies in all colors and variations, including long hair, short hair, blue and tan, black, chocolate, dapple, English cream, red, and Isabella! Every one of our puppies is treated with love and tenderness from the moment they are born. Our puppies come from a long line of. Someone who wants a female Isabella and Tan dapple who was the runt of her litter might be waiting a long, long time for us to have that exact combination. Someone who wants a healthy long hair puppy and doesn't care if it's male or female or what color it is has a good chance of getting one in the next litter or two Dachshund puppies 166.65 miles. Breed: Dachshund. 547. Location: Rutherfordton, North Carolina. Akc and Ckc puppies pieballs black/tan red and red dapple. Males and females ,ready to go, home raised and current on shots. Very sweet and loving

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I have three beautiful chocolate and tan dapple miniature long haired dachshund puppies, two males and one female. Both parents weigh approximately 9 lbs and have the absolute best personalities. Accepting $200 non-refundable deposits to reserve a puppy. Parent pedigrees and pictures available upon request Von Wolff Kennel Miniature Dachshunds. Michigan City, IN, 46360. Services: Puppies,Adult Dogs,Stud Service. Breeding and showing AKC Longhair and Smooth Dachshunds in the NW Indiana area.Call today for information. 219-801-4807.Member of National Miniature Dachshund Club 2. Long Haired Dapple Dachshund. To groom a long-haired dachshund you will need a pin brush, slicker brush, and a metal comb. Start by using the pin brush and do an overall body brushing. Brush in the direction that the fur grows. Then use the slicker brush to remove more of the hair. The slicker brush will reach a deeper level of fur

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  1. For instance, a black and tan dapple will have area's of silver hair, this is due to the dapple gene diluting the black color ~stripping it of it's pigment as a way of describing it. This dappling effect can be in any of the color, the tan points, over all the body, in the eyes creating blue eyes or blue spots in the eye
  2. This beautiful little Short Haired Isabella and Tan Dapple Male is AKC and CKC Registered, Health Guaranteed, with Full Breeding Rights is $1400. He is so sweet and already looks so cuddly. His Mom is Dolly, a Short Haired Isabella and Tan, weighing 9 lbs., and his Dad, Charlie Brown, is a Short Haired Chocolate Read more
  3. Dachshunds typically have coats that fall into one of three categories: smooth-haired, wire-haired, and long-haired. PRICE: $1400.00 - $2500.00 plus tax (8.25%) plus 4% for any credit card or pay pal use. No puppies is held without a deposit of 40% of total price (price, tax, microchip fee) *unless otherwise noted in the description
  4. iature dachshund puppy, Chocolate and tan Dapple (!), 11 weeks old, unique beauty (check out his markings!), very outgoing and sweet temperament. He's got a clean health check, veterinary health certificate and registration paperwork. He can be yours today! Please text me or call me rather than e-mail, for faster.
  5. Sable is a fairly rare color that only occurs in long haired Dachshunds. These rare long haired Dachshunds have black-tipped hairs and usually come in red sable. However, sables can be black and tan or any other color combination. The hairs on a Sable Dachshund are multi-colored instead of being a mix of different solid-colored hairs. Did you know
  6. i-Dachshund $1600 - $1,600. Phone is on Photo. Meet Cocoa! A CKC Chocolate and Tan long haired female

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  1. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our dachshunds. Black & Tan Dapple Male. Available! Ready to go! Current on Vaccinations! Long Hair! Very Happy...Playful Boy! 5 months old! Ready to go! Current on Vaccinations! Short Hair! Very Sweet! Sold! Maddie & Leonardo. Whelped: 3-18-21
  2. Buy Red, Chocolate, Black, Cream & Dapple, Short or Long-haired Mini Dachshund Puppies on Australia's Largest Online Breeder & Dog Listing Directory. pups4sale testimonial: I had one litter of pups a week ago and another four days ago - 9 pups and so far 7 have gone to people on my waiting list from Pups4Sale enquiries, and still have several.
  3. Often, Long Haired Dachshunds with heavy black overlay are mistakenly call Sable. The black overlay is solid black hairs mixed in the with the tan, rather than the black and tan color appearing on single strands of hair. Piebald Dapple A Black and Tan Dachshund puppy with both a Piebald and Dapple pattern over the self-color. Photo credit: mjimage
  4. Smooth dachshunds with short hair are the most common, but long-haired and wire-haired dachshunds are also popular. Long-haired dachshunds have soft, wavy fur that grows longer, particularly around the ears, legs, and tail. Wire-haired dachshunds also have longer fur, though it's coarser and tends to grow around the muzzle and eyebrows
  5. If you own a dachshund or love these short legged dog breed, you will surely adore their cuteness. Its indeed a treat to watch them. There arevarious types of dachshundscomes in various sizes, coats and colors. Though they look awesome in whatever coat and color they have,long haired dachshundslook awesome.The long haired dachshunds have a silky coat and short feathering on legs and ears
  6. Dapple Dachshund Names. Dapple Dachshunds is a type of Sausage Dogs that have specific patterns to their coats. Their coats have spots all around, and these dogs can have smooth, long, or wire coats. Like all other Dachshunds, however, they're adorable creatures that are also intelligent, stubborn, and courageous
  7. Dachshund Puppies available now. This advert is located in and around. Norwich, Select. 2 x 8 week old Miniature Dachshund puppies, one black and tan girl, one chocolate smooth girl, ready to leave. Both microchipped and wormed,and Kennel Club registration applied for

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Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Long-haired Dachshund now! Looking For Long-haired Dachshund? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping Chocolate Dachshunds. Chocolate Dachshund History in the UK. The First World War, wrought sad havoc among Dachshunds of all colours. Its impact on the dapple was especially tragic. At the end of the conflict only one dapple remained, a dog named Pied Piper, owned by Mrs. Saunders

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  1. Stunning Chocolate n Tan Boy with great temperament with a Famous Champion Grandmother. Choc Dapple and Creams growing nicelly. Coco our Miniature Long Haired Dachshund Stud wins his qualification for Crafts 2015 on his first attempt as an adult dog at the East of England Championship show
  2. Black/Tan Dapple - Black/Tan dapple dachshunds have a dapple pattern that looks silvery in color, and was once called silver dapple. The color for these dogs is now marked on AKC papers as Black/Tan dapple. Chocolate/Tan Dapple - The dapple pattern on a chocolate and tan dapple dog is lighter that the dark chocolate backgroun
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  4. Just take a look at our little Benny with those long hound dog ears! He is a lover boy and a 24/7 lap dog. Benny is a chocolate & tan piebald dapple with beautiful hazel eyes. Benny produces beautiful babies whether dapples or piebalds
  5. Beautiful Dachshund puppies, *2 Females* 1 Long-haired sable red/chocolate, 1 Smooth-hair Dapple, Black/Tan/White (1... Pets and Animals Houston 300 $ View picture
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  1.  We are placing this almost 2 year old chocolate & tan dapple long hair up for adoption. Cody is a about 12 lbs. and is an awesome young gent. Cody is a about 12 lbs. and is an awesome young gent. He is friendly, easy going, kind of in the middle as far as personality goes and likes to be with the other dogs as much as people
  2. Now with her new parents in Charlotte. Khaleesi pup # 1, Chocolate and tan smooth coat female. $1,200 AKC pet registration DOB 6-9-20 Ready 8-9-20 Sold and residing in Richmond. Khaleesi pup #2, red long coat male. $1,200 AKC Pet registration. DOB 6-9-20 Now living with his new best friends and owner in Cary, NC
  3. g. Located in Pensacola, Florida the great sunshine state. Come visit our site and see all of our cute and cudly little family memebers and take one home with you today. 850-293-4447>
  4. Duchess is our sweet Russian female. She was our very first dachshund who holds a special spot near to our hearts. She is a Chocolate & Tan Dapple, and weighs 11 pounds. She is a beautiful, girl who makes beautiful babies as well. She is very protective over her family as we are of her. We hope you enjoy looking at her as much as we do
  5. iature dachshund puppy, 11... HI. I have a long hair
  6. i Dachshunds, 9 wks, We have two litters of
  7. Eyes Black and tan Weatherly's Shadie Lady Chocolate and Tan WP14048 Chocolate Dapple Miniature Long-haired Dachshund pup snapping. Chocolate Dapple Miniature Dachshund Puppies for Sale can be your answer to bringing a little joy to the life of your friend. There are plenty of breeders who provide a great future for your dog

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She embodies that typical dachshund personality of being the boss. Reese loves to have her tummy rubbed all the time. Reese is Luke and Mylee's daughter. Reese is a CKC registered long-haired chocolate and tan. Reese carries for chocolate, dapple, piebald, black and tan, blue, isabella, and red Two-colored Dachshunds include black, chocolate, wild boar, gray (blue) and fawn (Isabella), each with tan markings over the eyes, on the sides of the jaw and underlip, on the inner edge of the ear, front, breast, inside and behind the front legs, on the paws and around the anus, and from there to about one-third to one-half of the length of. I specialize in Piebald, extreme piebald and Dapple Dachshunds, I will probably have some good old fashioned Reds or Black and Tans on occasion too. I have short hairs, long hairs and in the future will probably have some wire hairs. I love them all. My dogs are mostly in the 7 lb to 10 lb range, I do have a couple of Tweenies 11 lbs to 13 lbs Annie our chocolate/tan dapple smooth Miniature Dachshund has bred Ajax our black/tan w/ brindle markings smooth male. Puppies born March 2, 2021 ready April 27, 2021 @ 8 weeks of age. Opal our Isabella/tan Piebald smooth female bred Mr. Bean our red smooth male to produce this litter of Miniature Dachshunds born June 25, 2021 ready August 20. The longest fur grows on their tail and fans out like a flag. Miniature Long-haired Dachshunds come in an assorted range of colors and patterns from one colored, red or cream or two colored including chocolate, black, tan, red, fawn and grey, dappled or brindle pattern. So, while Miniature Long-haired Dachshunds are small, they are not just lap.

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They average between 9 to 14 pounds and come in a variety of hair coats and colors! We typically have long-haired and short-haired. The colors we most often have are shaded red, black and tan, brindle, dapple, chocolate and tan, and sometimes piebald. Mateo (Male) $1800. Longhaired Shaded Red Piebald. TINY!! So soft and such a sweet personality Dachshunds can be red, cream, black and tan, black and cream, chocolate and tan, chocolate and cream, blue (dilution of black) or Isabella (dilution of chocolate). They can have dapple, brindle, sable or piebald patterns. If you're wondering whether there's anything you need to know about all the different colours, read on to find out about. Dachshunds come in over 250 colors and patterns just like horses. All of my Standards are smooth red or black and tan only. We ONLY raise AKC-registered puppies and adult dachshunds. If you take a look at our puppy page you will see that we have adorable. little dachshund puppies that are looking for their forever homes

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Mini dachshund puppies for sale: Short, long and wire hair. She was born november 2020. Our adorable mini dachshund puppies come in cream, black and tan, red, chocolate, dapple and piebald. I have all her shot records. We are a small operation located in louise, texas Dachshund,Doxen.Wheaten Weirhair Dachshund,Doxen,Red Doxie,Doxen,Doxen puppies Ca,Fawn/tan Isabella piebald dapple,Blue/tan Doxie,Blue/tan dappled piebald,Chocolate/tan piebald Dachshund,Cream Doxie, The Internet brings shopping right to your fingertips, but it can be a little overwhelming when searching for th

Smooth Haired; Long Haired; Wire Haired; You get the following colors: Red, Cream, Black and tan, Chocolate and tan and Black and Cream The Dachshunds have the following patterns: Chocolate Dapple, Silver Dapple and Brindle. Double Dapples are not recognise by KUSA. You don't breed Dapple on Dapple because you may have puppies that are born. Dachshund Puppy Chocolate based red dapple Smooth CKC - $1,500. CKC registered Male SMOOTH HAIR Dachshund puppy. Will be ready to go home July 20th 2021. Mom is a Smooth Chocolate and Tan Dapple... member: smith18512. from: Cape Coral, Florida. member for: 15 years. listing updated: 23 days ago Pokie is a chocolate and tan dapple AKC Minature Dachshund smooth hair. This is Summer Breeze's Sprinkles On Top MS. Sprinkles is a smooth chocolate and tan dapple AKC miniature dachshund Unique Chocolate And Tan Dachshund designs on hard and soft cases and covers for iPhone 12, SE, 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, & more. Snap, tough, & flex cases created by independent artists Here is our long haired boy he is absolutely beautiful his little personality is starting to shine through. He is chocolate and tan but also carries the blue gene which means he could produce Isabella puppies with the right female. Mum is a blue and tan and dad is a chocolate and tan dapple both healthy and pra clear

Miniature Dachshund Puppies for sale, Miniature Dachshunds, Dachshund Puppies For Sale in Texas, Miniature Dachshund Puppies, Dachshund Breeder, Dachshund Puppies For Sale, Dachshund Kennel, Miniature Dachshunds for sale in Texas, Mini Dachshunds, AKC Dachshund Puppies, Pets, Dogs, Dachshund Puppies For Sale in Texas, Blue/tan, Isabella/tan, Chocolate/tan, Black/tan, Red, Solid colors, Piebald. The Blue Dachshund looks just like any standard or miniature dachshund, except it has a unique coat color. Dachshunds come in quite a few colors, with the most common colors being Black and Tan, Red and Chocolate and Tan. Blue is a dilute colour in dogs, and it is a dilution of traditional black and tan colour

Chihuahua X Dachshund Puppies Only 2left. Llanybydder, Carmarthenshire. £1,500. Tan boy chocolate dapple girl price - £1500 each £300 non-refundable deposit to secure each pup. Mum (cwtch) is our family pet.. Pedigree Chihuahua. Dad is a... preloved.co.uk. Report We have as follows: 1 x Isabella Dappled Girl £3,500 1 x Blue and Tan Girl £4,000 2 x Chocolate and Tan Girls £3,000 each 1 x Chocolate and Tan Boy £2,750 Mum is a Dapple Miniature Smooth. Sale | Dogs | Miniature Dachshund | Barnsley. £2,750. Safe deposit Updated Miniature Dachshund Puppy Available 9th July. Cardiff, South Glamorgan. £1,750. Male miniature dachshund puppies 1 x black and tan short haired available from litter of four 1 x chocolate and tan short haired now reserved

Chocolate Dapple Long Haired Mini Dachshund GirlWeatherly's Miniature AKC Chocolate Longhairs Dachshund