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  2. Couldn't find header file: l3backend-dvips.pro How do I fix this? I have a feeling that the problem is related to pst-eucl but I'm not sure, since I haven't tested it with other PSTricks packages
  3. Couldn't find header file: pst-tools.pro The file pst-tools.pro is commonly included in pstricks in other distros, but apparently has been omitted from the packages in the CentOS repositories. Did anybody manage to run dvips successfully? It seems to me a pretty serious issue, given the crucial role of dvips in LaTeX workflow. thanks giusepp
  4. [MiKTeX] Miktex 2.4 and dvips: Couldn't find header file tex.pro From: Lars Holst <lars.holst@gm...> - 2004-06-25 21:49:26 Hi list, I just upgraded from Miktex 2.2 to 2.4, and have successfully run latex and texify from cygwin, so the essential stuff seems to be working
  5. dvi: ! Couldn't find header file _a_____.pfb とかいうエラーが出て、いきなりプログラムが落ちる なぜ?さっきまで動いてたのに うーん、よくわからない..... 特殊なEPSを使用した場合に、こんなエラーが出るらしい

2.1 config.ps installation. Dvips has its own configuration files: a file config.ps for sitewide defaults, and a file config.printer for each printer (output device). Since these are site-specific, make install does not create them; you must create them yourself. (These Dvips configuration files are independent of the Kpathsea configuration file texmf.cnf (see Config files in Kpathsea) -G Causes dvips to shift non-printing characters to higher-numbered positions. This may be useful sometimes. -h name Prepend file name as an additional header file. (However, if the name is simply `-' suppress all header files from the output.) This header file gets added to the PostScript userdict

FreeBSD NetBSD. Couldn't find header file psfrag.pro. Vollständig eingrenzen konnte ich den Fehler nicht. Watch Queue Queue. Default settings is normal name, maximal use of pfb's, just like pdf{la}tex, in other words, pdftex file.tex and altpdftex file.tex both produce an output file file.pdf. Register GPG key sudo apt-key adv --keyserver. 2020-11-12T13:16:50 New run of nixpkgs-update 2020-11-12T13:16:50 Configured Nixpkgs-Update Options: ----- GitHub User: r-ryantm Send pull request on success: YES.

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  1. 2020-11-22T16:31:38 New run of nixpkgs-update 2020-11-22T16:31:38 Configured Nixpkgs-Update Options: ----- GitHub User: r-ryantm Send pull request on success: YES.
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  4. The routine to actually find a file of type format is kpse_find_format, defined in `tex-file.h'. These are macros that expand to a call to `kpse_find_file' . You can call, say, kpse_find_tfm after doing only the first of the initialization steps above--Kpathsea will read the generic config file `texmf.cmf' , look for environment variables, and.

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