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  1. With over half a million Instagram followers, Brian Skerry is one of the most popular wildlife photographers on social media. A wildlife photojournalist for National Geographic magazine, he is an expert in marine wildlife and underwater environments
  2. Martin Bailey is a gifted nature and wildlife photographer based in Japan. His work can be found in leading magazines and exhibits worldwide. With his passion in sharing his knowledge and helping other photographers, Martin is also known as a Podcaster and tour leader. View Martin's photos on Instagram and his website
  3. Richard Peters is a British photographer who was actually awarded European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He is a Nikon ambassador and if you are looking for tips on how to use your Nikon then his Instagram account is the one to follow
  4. Brian Skerry is a National Geographic photographer, specialized in marine wildlife. Brian was named a Nikon Ambassador and has been won a numerous photography awards. Not surprisingly, his Instagram contains some the most beautiful underwater shots. 4. @ronan_donova
  5. Instagram is a part and parcel of the work of photographers of this era. And with its increasing popularity, Instagram has become a great medium to seek inspiration and learn from photographers. So, get ready to get inspiration, here is my current choice of 10 best wildlife photographers to follow in India. 1.Sudhir Shivara
  6. With 130 million users and counting, the world has never seen such a tsunami of photography aficionados. Is it possible to draw out ten amazing nature photographers who are snapping the beautiful world around us with more care and creativity than the rest of the other 130 or so million? Take the trip of a lifetime with these 10 amazing nature photographers you can find on Instagram
  7. e is on offer for £150 plus postage on the #rememberingrhinos Kickstarter right now. Every penny goes to our fundraiser which.
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The following list of landscape photographers highlights some of the best in landscape photography. Whether for inspirational views, or to get ideas for your next endeavor, let the photographers on our list give you regular doses of the best in landscape photography. Follow them on Instagram now and be sure to follow Printique as well Let's take a look at some famous wildlife photographers at work today: 1. Nick Nichols. View this post on Instagram. Breeder Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Thailand 1997 Transparency film Making Room For Wild Tigers , National Geographic. A post shared by Michael Nick Nichols (@michaelnicknichols) on Jan 20, 2020 at 6:35am PST Check out her Instagram here. II. Jayanth Sharma. Like Rathika, Jayant Sharma took up photography in 2004. Before he became a full-time wildlife photographer, he was an IT professional. He is best known for combining elements of nature with those of fine art and portraying them through innovative perspectives If you're tired of having your Instagram feed filled with selfies and food shots, here are 40 landscape photographers to follow: Kilian Schönberger - German landscape photographer with a talent to find and photograph foggy scenes. Instagram. kilianschoenberger Verified. 384K followers. View Profile. kilianschoenberger Verified 15 Amazing Nature, Travel, and Wildlife Instagram Accounts to Follow. One of the best things about social media is how it connects us to the world around us—even the parts that are far from where we are. Through the accounts of others, we gain access to distant locations and different perspectives—and there truly are so many awe-inspiring.

Dan is a well-known designer, photographer, writer and speaker. Often travelling, he's made shooting photos and uploading them to Instagram part of his daily working routine. His photography centres around showing landscapes, buildings and mundane situations from a different perspective. 10. Darryll Jone @music (Instagram's official music photography account) - themed hashtags, check account for current - 848k followers. Nature Check out our 2017 list of instagram photography feature accounts. Use the world as your canvas and get out there and shoot! Then when you're done come back and tag these accounts and use their hashtags to get. There are so many photographers now trying to make their way on Instagram, that getting noticed and growing your account is a challenge. This is where hashtags come in. I've put together some of the best hashtags for nature photography on Instagram; you can use these to get your photos in front of those who don't already follow you

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Where photographers have lured owls with live mice, the birds begin associating people with food. This is dangerous and will ultimately lead to the bird's death. Never do it. Patience is your best tool as a wildlife photographer. Don't take shortcuts, be willing to wait for the right moment, and you'll succeed In honor of Disney's newest nature doc, Born in China, we've been searching high and low for the best wildlife Instagrams out there. Here are our favorites

Des Ong is a professional wildlife photographer and goes by @captivatingnature on Instagram. Although he is currently based in the U.K., Ong said he grew up in the Malaysian tropics and that is. To all those constant social media users who have an eye for wildlife photography, here are a few Instagram and Twitter accounts that you must follow. 1. Rathika Ramaswamy With close to 45.6K. 8. markjinksphoto. A freelance photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Mark Jinks captures stunning images of the prairies, Rocky Mountains, northern lights, wildlife, and so much more. His photos are absolutely breathtaking and do an amazing job at showcasing the beauty of Alberta. Instagram. markjinksphoto

The City of Angels has always been pegged as a dream destination for world travelers. It was named the sixth-most instagrammed city in 2016 — an indicator of its 21st century popularity — and as a testament to its status as one of the world's great cultural destinations, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) just named Los Angeles as the host city of an upcoming Olympic Games 03. Give it a personal touch. Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels. Your Instagram feed can also be a journal of your photography or an opportunity to show what goes on behind the scenes. Give followers an insight—or teaser—into your shoots or capture important life moments and interesting day-to-day scenes

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Here at Audubon, we love ourselves a good bird photo. So, as we wait for the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards winners to be announced, we've been scouring Instagram for the very best #birdstagrams to tide us over. Read on to find our favorites, and hit that Follow button to add some fine feathered photography to your day Wildlife Photography Blog Best List. Keep up with Wildlife photographers,Wildlife Photography magazines, Wildlife Photography journals, Birders, Wildlife and nature Photography, Bird Photography by following Wildlife Photography Sites. Twitter followers 995 ⋅ Instagram Followers 5 ⋅ Social Engagement 2 ⋅ Domain Authority 15 ⋅ View. Tried and true, NatGeo's instagram has introduced me to so many wonderful photographers and wildlife organizations. Their posts make me want to be a better human by focusing more on the impact that nature conservation has on the environment, and the effect that nature photography has on our responsibility to the environment

Chris Buckard. Chris Buckard is another nature photographer who has amassed a big following on Instagram — 2.8 million followers. The top photography influencer doesn't just take run-of-the-mill photos. Some of his pictures are from the pretty places on earth, like Greenland under the northern lights Landscape photography on Instagram is one of the most beautiful niches of photography. The photographers often talk about the struggle to get on that specific location in their caption. And beneath that caption, they place the best selection of landscape photography hashtags. If you want to be like them, using the right hashtags is important Travel photography on Instagram can feel pretty predictable. The path to easy likes and virality is paved with clifftops in Greece, colorful Caribbean walls, and food-in-the-air shots that are. 51 Instagram Photographers to Follow in the U.S. With more than 100 million U.S. users on Instagram, finding the best accounts to follow can lead you down the rabbit hole. For the second year.

25 Instagram photo hubs and hashtags to follow to help promote your photography on social media. Tag your best wedding photos with #wedphotoinspiration to be featured on @wedphotoinspiration 's romance-filled hub. Images capture the joy, fun, adventure, emotion, and beauty of weddings—and, of course, the love.. The Best Photography Instagram Account To Inspire You Instagram photographer #1 Adam Senatori (@adamsenatori) Adam is a pilot who loves to take photographs of the places he has been to. His feed is what every traveler's dreams are made of. Make sure to check his amazing aerial photos comprising some serious wanderlust goals

Instagram. Part travel/surf/landscape photographer, explorer, author, educator, speaker and more, Chris Burkhard has leveraged his many talents to grow a massive online presence, and deservedly so. Burkhard's work inspires while it also challenges us to reflect on our relationship with nature However, you can use the photo word instead of photography. You can also use the tools name such as tripod, lens or camera in your photography Instagram username. 4. Don't pick a name that limits your business growth. For example, you do all types of photography and you name your photography business as wedding photographer

Nature Photography Website Best List. Find information about nature photography, nature photographers, landscape photography, wildlife photography, travel photography, plant photography, tips and tutorials for nature photographers and many more by following top nature photography sites. Instagram Followers 1.5K ⋅ Social Engagement 6 ⋅. The following 15 fashion photographers are all great examples of successful artists who have reached a wide audience on social media. Check out their well-crafted portfolios on Instagram if you want to find inspiration for your own fashion shoots! Photo by Flaunter.com Here Are 15 Of The Best Fashion Photographers To Follow On Instagram Other famous photographers characterize Elizabeth's work as fairytale-esque, magical, serene, and oozing wanderlust. She strives to take the best landscape photos possible to inspire other people to establish a more meaningful connection with nature and their inner selves. 14. Michael Frye Setting up your network to be a successful photographer. Follow the photographer pages that organize the best photos from other photographers. If you shoot portraits follow portrait pages, by searching through hashtags or nature for example, look for nature photography pages that aggregate the best photos. Get your friends and family in your. Quite often other photographers tell me I don't have time for another social network and I don't need Instagram. Yet they spend hours posting on Facebook, 500px and Flickr where almost.

But thanks to underwater photographers we have the opportunity to have a glance of this world. Singing with whales and dancing with sharks, photographers are passionate about the ocean. Here we introduce 12 best underwater photographers and let you explore the stunning blue. SEE ALSO - 11 Incredible Wildlife Photographers to Follow on Instagram Instagram is one of the most effective low-cost ways to promote and market your work—and photography hashtags are a key part of every social-savvy photographer's strategy. Knowing how to use photography hashtags can help you grow your following and build connections to fellow photographers, collaborators, and potential buyers, and even send more business to your online photography portfolio Today, we're going to look at 20 of the most amazing famous nature photographers. Their work is here to inspire you and show you what is possible. 20. Marco Grassi. Marco is a self-thaught and award-winning photographer from Italy. He is focusing on landscape photography. He is great at using light to create breathtaking scenes Landscape Photography Hashtags and Nature Photography Hashtags. Landscape and nature are amazing subjects when it comes to photography, and they should be showcased using the best hashtags. Building a large Instagram following of your travel and landscape photography can really help you boost your photography career. There are a great many. 7m Followers, 1,283 Following, 2,738 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen

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If you're reading this and are interested in digital photography, chances are you're a user of Instagram, the current goliath of social media in photography. Instagram has become home to over 300 million users in the four years it's been around, and it seems ready to only get bigger. 300 million is a big, big [ Related: Best Instagram Photography Hashtags To Use As A Photographer. 7. Use Filters. Especially if you're using a smartphone. Ditch the Instagram filters and use app-specific filters to your photos before posting them. There are several filter apps out there but one of the more popular ones is VSCO Instagram is a great place to keep up with friends, but getting feedback as a photographer on there is difficult. Here are the five best Instagram alternatives

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Tips for Choosing Creative Photography Names for Instagram: To find cool available photography usernames for Instagram, follow some of the following tips: Make your studio name short. Short names perform better than long boring names. Your studio name should be memorable. To do so, make it unique. Don't copy from other successful pages Well, with the demand of wildlife photographers and the extinction of all the rare animals lately, it will be a great idea to start a wildlife photography business. This is such a niche that will never go out of the market, and people's demand of great wildlife photographs will keep on growing day by day Best Popular Hashtag to use with #wildlife_photography are #wildlifepictures #wildlife_perfection #wildlife_inspired #wildlifeperfection #wildlifeofinstagram #wildlifephotographer #wildlifeonearth #wildlife_captures #wildlifephotos #wildlife_shots. You should try these good hashtags in your Instagram or Tiktok post to get popular and boost your.

Instagram is the world's most popular dedicated photo-sharing site, with an average of 55 million photos uploaded each day. But finding great photography among the burrito pics and teen selfies. As a ball park number, each wildlife micro stock photo will earn you around 40 to 60 paise per download and on an average a good image can earn you easily INR 40,000 to INR 60,000 through out it's life cycle. Wildlife prints and macro stock wildlife photos will sell from a starting fee of around INR 15k and in that the market place fee would.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter changed the way we share our photographs. But as photographers become more frustrated with algorithms and ads, it might be time to. Once you're done exploring, utilizing the appropriate architecture photography Instagram hashtags can reach out to the very niche fan base that loves this area of the profession. The best thing about architecture photography is the sheer number of subjects out there. The newest skyscraper in your city might be a master design Nature Photography Quotes. Your beautiful picture of nature deserves the best quote on nature photography while you are posting it on Instagram. It is even mre imprtant if you are profrssinal photographer. Adding some inspiring quotes which shows love for the nature can really boost your our posts. Here are the nature photography quotes Hashtags for #wildlife in 2021 to be popular and trending in Instagram, TikTok. Best Popular Hashtag to use with #wildlife are #wildlifephotos #wildlifefriend #wildplanet #wildphoto #wildlifeaddicts #wildlife_shots #wildlifephoto #wildlife_perfection #wildlifeofinstagram #wildlifephotography

ASIAN WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHERS CLUB (AWPC) is a fresh initiative based in Hong Kong. We intend on building a strong & well-connected platform for the Asian wildlife & ocean-life photographers in which they recieve exposure, value, recognition, and opportunities. AWPC will release stories of Asian wildlife photographers and their journeys Since its establishment in 1963, BBC Wildlife Magazine, or simply The Wildlife Magazine has been the torchbearer of wildlife publication. Full of rich contents such as articles from renowned naturalists to stunning wildlife photography by the best photographers of the world, The BBC Wildlife Magazine is definitely one of the best wildlife. Following are some of the best comments for nature photographs :— 1. Stunning capture! 2. Beautiful/Dreamy photo/Beauty! 3. Amazing shot/Awesome shot! 4. Outstanding! 5. Spectacular capture

Hashtags that will get your art seen right now will typically be the popular ones most artists use, i.e. hashtags that are already being used in over 500,000 Instagram posts. Hashtags that will get your art seen by people over a long period of time will typically be emerging hashtags or less popular ones that are connected to less than 25,000. Wildlife Photography While wildlife can be theoretically seen just about anywhere in the park, the most common wildlife viewing opportunities occur during a bus ride along the park road. A few very general thoughts and tips for those looking for wildlife during their visit: The longer a bus trip you choose to take, the better your odds will be. Time your outing when wildlife is active: dawn or dusk. These times also have some of the best lighting for photos! Stay quiet and still. Noise and quick movements can threaten wildlife. Look to the edges of the landscape (e.g. where forest trees meet a grassy area). Use binoculars, a spotting scope, or a telephoto lens for a safe, close-up view Bates, an Austin-based adventure and lifestyle photographer, says he uses Instagram to share the natural beauty of Texas—especially the parts most people don't know exist. Connecting with nature and the wild spaces of Texas affects me in a profound way, and my images are a celebration of that, he says

Best Hashtags For Bird Photography On Instagram - Use These Hashtags To Get Your Photos Seen #best_birds_of_instagram #bestbirds #bestbirdshots #bird_brilliance #bird_lovers #bird_watchers_daily #wildlife_perfection #wildlifephotography #your_best_birds. Posted on October 5, 2018 October 16, 2018 Author Admin Categories Guides In the last couple of years, we have seen an uptick in the urban and city photography movement as seen in the Instagram platform. One would instantly recall Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York series as one of the definitive examples of portraying our city landscape through its people. Today, more photographers are dishing out diverse methods of photographing urban areas and big city scenes.

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  1. A National Geographic photographer, Ami Vitale uses Instagram to showcase images that speak of the connections that exist between people, communities and nature. I use photography to focus on.
  2. Of course, other wildlife photographers seek me out on Instagram, and ask me for help with the things they are interested in. Hence, the platform gives plenty of opportunities to pay it forward
  3. With more than 5.2 million images at press time that are hash-tagged #macro on Instagram, finding great macro photos on the popular social media photo-sharing app is not difficult. However, putting together a list of top macro photographers from Instagram is a challenge with so much macro talent out in the world
  4. Instagram. Billy D (is not my lover) creates some of the most ethereal street photography I've seen, with a clear attraction to adverse weather conditions. Billy Dinh is based in Brooklyn, New.
  5. g creatives are changing the way we look at the world. By Virginia Lowman · February 9, 2016 October 27, 202

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  1. ed to Save Big Cats The best of National Geographic delivered to your inbox National Geographic Facebook National Geographic Twitter National.
  2. Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more. ~Vincent Van Gogh 2017 National Wildlife Photo Contest - People and Nature Category Winner from John Scarr When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. ~Ansel Adam
  3. Nature Hub is similar to Photo of the Day. But this tag caters exclusively to nature lovers and is therefore a better option for nature photographers. Don't be fooled by the smaller following (68,400 followers compared to 268,000 followers). Since fewer Instagram users use #naturehub, it's easier for your content to stand out from the crowd

David Doubilet (1946 - Present)- Legendary diving photographer, best known for his work on behalf of the National Geographic. Subhankar Banerjee (1967 - Present)- His body of work from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge brought international attention to the political battle over the use of ANWR public lands Alberto Ghizzi Panizza is an Italian photographer who started to be interested in photography in 1997 after his visit to the ruins of ancient Egypt and learning photography [these are best photography courses].His passion for traveling, adventure, nature, insects and animals has helped him to capture creative photographs, like those famous equine photographers See the best wildlife photos of 2020. A rare, hopeful image of a Siberian tiger in Russia's Far East won Russian photographer Sergey Gorshkov the honor of Wildlife Photographer of the Year Whether you are taking a selfie or taking a family picture on mountains and you want to post those nature pictures on Instagram but you don't have green nature quotes and captions to attract visitors to your post. From below you can choose the best caption for nature photography for your Instagram post

Social networks present excellent opportunities for photographers to gain more exposure for their work, build name recognition, drive traffic to a portfolio website or blog, network with other photographers, and connect with fans and followers. Of course, each social network has its own strengths and weaknesses, and not every platform is ideally suited for photographers. If you're trying to. Photography competitions, such as the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards and the Underwater Photographer of the Year, compile the best photos of animals from around the world. These images give us new insight into the natural world, from friendly sharks and laughing mice, to clumsy owls and even a dancing octopus With 65,083 followers, it's been highly successful in stirring up conversations on street art. Another, @bns_sky or Best Nature Shot allows feature, follow and tag options for uploaders. Check out this guide on how to use Instagram for photographers. 2. VSC

Animal photos, portrait photography, landscape photos, aerial photos, and more make our Best of 2020. This year has been a challenging blur, but photographers have managed to find the beauty in the world and make it memorable Instagram feed: @koci. Richard Koci Hernandez's dramatic black-and-white photographs combine a street photographer's sense of curiosity and intimacy with a keen appreciation for light and shadow. For outdoor wildlife photography, would it make sense to use a Circular Polarizing filter? If not, what filters (if any) would you recommend? Also, can a Circular Polarizing filter be used on top of a protective Clear (neutral color) filter? Hi samurai7595. I use CP filters often for my wildlife (butterflies, birds, etc.)

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If you have stumbled across our list of 101 Instagram Photography Feature Accounts for street, travel, urban, nature and cityscape shots you probably understand the value of getting your photos in front of a larger audience - skip straight to the list. If you are still a little confused, Instagram Feature Accounts are large curated accounts that typically have a higher amount of followers. 1 Atif Saeed - Pakistan. Atif Saeed is one of the best and most professional photographers in the whole world. He specializes in capturing nature and landscape photographs. He is known for his stunning photos that feature different amazing colors. Atif Saeed tries to choose the fabulous landscapes and waits for the right and most natural. The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards highlight hilarious photos of animals in the wild. The 2021 competition, which supports wildlife conservation, is open for submissions until June 30. People have already submitted funny photos of lions, fish, and hippos. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories And the best way to take a look back at the past 365 days is through photography. Luckily, we live in an age of technology and just about everyone has a camera on hand. There are countless photographers (professionals and amateurs) who have documented all corners of the world to account for every single day Get to grips with landscape photography with one of the best photography books around. A beautifully illustrated workshop-in-a-book, this photography handbook acts as a training session in the art of landscape photography, mixing detailed written explanations with easy-to-follow creative assignments to help you hone your skills The best part is the Behind the scenes section of professional photographers that helps readers see how the professionals work. The magazine covers every genre from macro to landscapes to astrophotography, architecture, etc.. This is one of UK's best photography magazines and more about this magazine is discussed here in the Best photography magazines of the UK section