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  2. Again, it is unknown whether those would have any effect on Dupuytren's or Ledderhose Disease. These diets seem to be helpful mainly for diabetes and Morbus Chron. - Some patients report successful reduction of Dupuytren nodules after 6 months of a vegetarian, no alcohol, no coffee diet
  3. Are you aware of a diet that can improve the quality of life of people with Ledderhoses Disease / Plantar Fibromatosis? Is there a diet that is suggested to avoid when having Ledderhoses Disease / Plantar Fibromatosis? See if there is a diet that can improve the quality of life of people with Ledderhoses Disease / Plantar Fibromatosis, recommended and to avoid food when having Ledderhoses.
  4. After my recent post on my thoughts on diets and their potential impact on the pathways that impact Dupuytren's and Ledderhose I had a few questions about what diet I am on exactly. The answer is a low-carb high fat diet. We do not follow any particular rules or book but have made up our own way of doing things that work for us and even I differ from what my wife has

Hey I have both Ledderhose Syndrome and beginning Dupuytrens. Diet is important but this disease is genetic. There is a new treatment for it that I am on and so far it stops the pain almost immediately. Jury is still out on shrinking nodules ( only 1 month of use so far) Its something your foot doc can prescribe. .a gel you rub into your feet It is now fairly well established that a low carbohydrate diet can be used to control type II diabetes and actually, in some cases, can keep it under control without the need for insulin (should be monitored by a doctor). Low carb diets are also low GI as all high GI food would defeat the point of the life-style

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Ledderhose disease is a type of plantar fibromatosis characterized by the growth of hard and round or flattened nodules (lumps) on the soles of the feet. It is generally seen in middle-aged and elderly people, and occurs in men about 10 times more often than in women. It typically affects both feet and progresses slowly, but not indefinitely. The nodules are often painless at first, but may. USP Grade Potassium Iodide (SSKI). Now with Ledderhose disease... the potassium iodide will help with this condition tremendously but you also need to pay particular attention to your diet. The fact is, most people who have this disease usually have a myriad of other health problems as well

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  1. Morbus ledderhose disease icd 10 list printable 1Morbus ledderhose disease icd 10 list printable 1. People may report pain, aching, and morbus ledderhose disease icd 10 list printable 1 with the contractions. Currently in the process of FDA approval is the injection of collagenase. Injectable
  2. Well, you are wrong. There is no connection between taking a dietary collagen or a collagen precursor and developing Dupuytren's contracture, or other fibrosis conditions like Peyronie's disease or Ledderhose disease. None of these conditions are caused by having an excess of collagen components in the diet
  3. If the disease progresses slowly, causes no pain and has little impact on your ability to use your hands for everyday tasks, you might not need treatment. Instead, you can wait and see if Dupuytren's contracture progresses. You may wish to follow the progression with a tabletop test, which you can do on your own
  4. Ledderhose Disease which is also known by the name of plantar fibromatosis is a rare pathological condition where the base or the bottom of the feet gets affected. The condition causes gradual buildup of connective tissue in the feet. This buildup results in formation of nodules at the base of the feet at the fascia at the connective tissue that joins the heel bone to the toes

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Treatment for Dupuytren's contracture depends on the severity of your condition. Over the course of Dupuytren's disease, fibrous tissue in the palm thickens and tightens. This causes one or more. I will say that I consider myself a near-expert in Ledderhose, since I have needed 3 surgeries in the past 17 years to live a semi-normal life. I have had Hashimoto's disease (thyroid-auto-immune) since I was 19 years old, but it was not treated until I was 38 years old, when I finally got very very sick Dupuytren's contracture. Dupuytren's contracture is a painless deformity of the hand in which one or more fingers (in this case, the two fingers farthest from the thumb) are bent toward the palm and can't be fully straightened. It results from a thickening and scarring of connective tissue under the skin in the palm of the hand and in the fingers

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