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Ook op zondag en in de avonduren geleverd! Coolblue: gratis bezorging & retour. Specialistisch advies nodig? Bekijk onze adviespagina's The Beauty Sand, Black, 8 pounds from Hearth Products Controls provides a high quality fire media for use with a gas fireplace. The superior quality ensures a long lasting and durable product while the black color creates a traditional appearance for your gas fireplace Mr. Fireglass 10 Pounds Lava Rocks Black Natural Stone Granules for Gas Fire Pit Fireplace & Gas Log Set - Decorative Landscaping Rocks for Indoor and Outdoor Use, 0.8 - 1.2 Sized $22.99 $ 22 . 99 Save 5% on 2 select item(s Black Fireplace / Fire Pit Sand 10 pound bag SKU: Black Fireplace / Fire Pit Sand 10 pound bag This is a Black Very Clean Sparkling sand for use as a filler in Fire Pits and Fireplaces or for landscaping or even in ash trays. This sand is just a beautiful Dark Black Sparkling Color Bring a natural look to your gas logs or fireplace with this bag of GasLogGuys black sand. The black sand is perfect for allowing ample amounts of gas to pass through easily, yet remain camouflaged on the burner in your fireplace. Ideal for covering a black burner pan, the sand is more difficult to see through lava rock, creating a more realistic look for your gas log set

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Enhancing the look of your fireplace is easy with the addition of lava rocks, vermiculite, or sand. These products help disperse flames, hide burner pans, and make your gas log set look more realistic. Use one or mix and match to transform the look of your fireplace and discover other ways to complete your gas log fireplace Fire Pit Essentials 10 lbs. of Premium Silica Sand for Gas Fireplace and Fire Pits (27) Model# 01-0346. 20 lbs. Baha Play Sand Onyx Black (2) Model# OBBAHA020. 20 lbs. Baha Play Sand Flamingo Pink (3) Model# FPBAHA020. Pavestone 0.5 cu. ft. Desert Sand (64 Bags / 32 cu. ft. / Pallet) (14 If your connection to the gas line is higher than 2-3 inches from the floor of the fireplace or in an odd location please call us (909) 989-6129 Place your burner, holes facing down, atop the bed of sand. Then pour your 1 inch layer of Black Magic over the burner Shop Gas Log Guys' selection of gas fireplace sand and vermiculite. Our selection of silica sand and vermiculite can help spread gas around the burner pan for more fuller, realistic flames Take a clean, white cloth and rub it on the ceramic gas logs in the fireplace and on fireplace doors, if you have them. If you see thick black marks on the cloth, you have a soot issue. Another..

Silica sand is used in the bottom of the burn pan of VENTED NATURAL GAS log sets. The gas is dispursed though the sand spreading it around before it is ignited. This gives you more flame action in your gas logs. Replace the sand every few years to keep your flames dancing The flames in a gas fireplace come out of a series of burner ports, each of which allows a small stream of gas to flow up into the combustion area. The burner ports have relatively small diameters, which makes them susceptible to becoming clogged up with debris. Dirt, dust, insects, and even broken-down bits of ceramic logs can interrupt the. The ratio of gas and oxygen may need to be adjusted. A rich gas mixture makes the flame more orange and flickering, which is appealing to most fireplace owners, but too much gas will cause the black powdery build up on the logs, and even on the fireplace insert. Propane fireplaces usually create more soot than natural gas burning units

Jun 21, 2021 - Black fireplaces make a statement, whether they are black marble, stained wood, painted wood, special tiles, etc. Black is back!. See more ideas about black fireplace, black fireplaces, interior design Are Gas Fireplace Glowing Embers Worth Getting, Well It DependsThanks for watching8milefarm@gmail.comhttps://www.facebook.com/8-Mile-Farm-... Created with.

The Oldest National Distributor of Fireplace, Wood and Gas Heating Products. Fireplace, hearth, and wood stove accessories, chimney sweep products, chimney flue parts, black stove pipe, maintenance products, catalytic combustors, and chimney caps are just some of the products in our extensive line. At Sand Hill Wholesale we are proud to be. White Sand - Click Here to Purchase. Our White Sand like our Black Magic Sand creates a Blue Flame effect. You will only need a 1 inch layer to go over the burner. Have your dimensions or diameter ready and give us a call us to find out how much you need (909) 989-6129. Green Sand - Click Here to Purchase

Fireplace paint (aka high-temperature paint, wood stove paint, heat resistant paint) can withstand temperatures ranging from 600 °F to 2000 °F. Which is, to put it mildly, very hot. The point of making it so heat-resistant is to allow you to use it on fire appliances without worrying about safety hazards 24 Charred American Oak Gas Log Set with G31 Burner - 3 Tiered Electronic Variable Remote with GunMetal Reflective Glass. 24 Mountain White Birch Logs with G46 Burner and Black Lava Rock. Completed with a Stoll Columbia Door. 24 Charred Majestic Oak Vented Gas Logs with 24 G45 Triple T Burner System 20,000 BTU 36 in. Compact Convertible Ventless Natural Gas Fireplace in Heritage With up to 20,000 BTU's, this state-of-the-art With up to 20,000 BTU's, this state-of-the-art vent free technology does not require a flue or chimney. This vent free fireplace system functions on Natural Gas only AMERICAN GAS LOG 11 lbs. Bag of Sand for Natural Gas Fireplace. AMERICAN GAS LOG 5 oz. Bag of Glowing Embers for Gas Fireplace. Are the logs supposed to turn black? Asked by Melbel81 December 19, 2020. 1. Answer. Thank you for your interest in our gas logs. It is natural for the logs to get 'soot' on them, especially where the flame is. Fireplaces with Style & Quality . Fireplaces come in different fuel types, functionality, and styles - all available to meet your personal preference. Take a look around and determine what fireplace model is best for your home. For a more rustic fireplace, try a stained wooden fireplace style. Modern fireplaces are sleek and neutral in color

Nothing beats the cozy ambiance an outdoor fireplace can bring to your outdoor patio or deck. Shop our top selection of wood burning & gas outdoor fireplaces today Kingsman Slim Clean View Front and Universal Surround - Black Front and Surround - For IDV26 Series Fireplace Inserts. Kingsman Clean View Slim Picture Frame Front - For IDV26 Series Fireplace Inserts. Kingsman Louver Kit with Grills and 3 Piece Surround - 40 Inches x 28 Inches - For IDV33 series fireplace inserts Shop our top selection of ventless fireplaces & inserts today! Ventless gas fireplaces are a versatile way to bring fire to any room in your home

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  1. The 845 Beauty Sand, Black, 8 pounds by Hearth Products Controls provides a high quality fire media for use with a gas fireplace. The superior quality ensures a long lasting and durable product while the black color creates a traditional appearance for your gas fireplace. Be sure to adhere to the..
  2. Exotic Glass Exotic Fire Glass- Tumbled Black Lava Rocks 3/4 In.- 1-1/2 In.- 10 Lb. Bag. Black Lava Rocks are uniquely formed when hot lava emitted from an active volcano meets the ocean and hardens on contact. The rocks are gathered from the lava fields in Indonesia and tumbled to create a consistent and more uniform shape and size
  3. Lay a bed of filler down (typically playground sand from your local home-store works fine) normally anywhere from 1-3 inches high. If your connection to the gas line is higher than 2-3 inches from the floor of the fireplace or in a odd location please call us (909) 989-6129 ; Place your burner, holes facing down
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Step 3. Vermiculite helps cover the burner and distribute gas. Sprinkle a handful of vermiculite, about 1/2 cup, over the rock wool. Be sure to concentrate it directly over the burner. If you took the grate and logs out, set the grate back into the burner pan on top of the silica sand, rock wool and vermiculite Since gas fireplaces don't have to contend with the mess of wood, ash, and general messiness of wood-burning fireplaces, they are much easier to maintain and keep clean. However, things like dirt and dust buildup can clog up ports of your gas fireplace Hi-we have been in our house about a year and we are finally going to get rid of our 5 different floorings and get new laminate. My dilemma is our see through gas fireplace-I don't like the brass trim nor the hearth, etc. and it will need to be updated before the new floor goes in. So I need some id..

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  1. Gas Log Lava Rock No fireplace would be complete without the rough texture of a coal bed as the wood burns. You can have this look in your gas log fireplace by adding Lava Rocks to the floor of the fireplace. Not just for decoration, lava rocks hold and radiate heat longer and save energy
  2. Weird stuff in the bottom of my gas fireplace. Active since 1995, Hearth.com is THE place on the internet for free information and advice about wood stoves, pellet stoves and other energy saving equipment. We strive to provide opinions, articles, discussions and history related to Hearth Products and in a more general sense, energy issues
  3. Brick Style Tile. Hunted Interiors. The star of this living room remodel by Kristin at Hunted Interiors is the big brick tile in a magnificent shade of taupe. The herringbone pattern hearth contrasts beautifully with the white mantel while picking up the colors of the decorative accessories. Continue to 21 of 24 below
  4. g, timeworn look. Warm wood tones and colorful accessories make for an ultra-cozy space. Gray paint makes the brick fireplace coordinate seamlessly with the midcentury furniture in this seating area. Candles are always a great option for nonfunctioning fireplaces
  5. Choosing the Right Stone. Eldorado Stone's extensive line of products - from individually manufactured stone veneers to brick veneers to panelized stacked stone veneer - are designed to complement a variety of architectural styles. The Right Stone
  6. g at optimum efficiency. This 6 pack of 4-1/2 in. x 9 in. x 1-1/4 in. Ceramic bricks is the perfect package to keep your stove operating perfectly
  7. Spruce up your gas fireplace with these gas fireplace accessories from Gas Log Guys. Shop a selection of lava rocks, embers, fire glass, sand, vermiculite and more

Vent Free Freestanding 40H x 40W Propane/Natural Gas Fireplace with Remote Add a touch of opulence to small homes, apartments, or condos with this vent free 40'' x 40'' x 14.5'' D gas-operated hearth that is available in antique white or auburn cherry. A natural gas line or propane tank is needed to operate this beautiful solid wood fireplace Whether your gas fireplace uses propane or natural gas, ceramic logs or fire glass, is free standing, built-in, double-sided or a slip-in insert, it requires a gas burner to create the flames

Features of the WS54. Widescreen, louver-free, clean-face design. Heat-proof, non-reflective ceramic glass. Electronic ignition with the push of a button. Compatible with natural gas or propane. All-Season Comfort™ for year-round temperature control. Battery back-up to operate during power outages. Versatile installation up to 110 feet from. These 36-inch peninsula and see-through fireplaces are available in Tahoe direct-vent fireplace systems (35,000 Btu), Vail vent-free fireplace systems (38,000 Btu), and Breckenridge vent-free fireboxes. Our Tahoe and Vail fireplace systems include a 24-inch Slope Glaze Vista Burner installed (and slightly recessed into the floor) ready for the.

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  1. Ascent™ Linear Series : Multiple designer options make Napoleon's Ascent ™ Series Linear Gas Fireplaces the ideal finishing touch for your home. Customizable with the Beach Fire, Shore Fire, or Mineral Rock kit, which can also be mixed and matched. The eFire app allows you to easily control the fireplace from your favorite mobile device
  2. Do you have dirt or film building up in your fireplace? We'll show you how to clean a gas fireplace so that it burns brighter and looks cleaner again. We kno..
  3. The best color for the paint may be a simple flat-black to help augment the appearance of the flames. 2- Metal. Many newer fireplaces are crafted from metal. Unlike brick, metal surfaces are more difficult for paint to properly stick. You will need a heat-resistant paint that can attach itself to a metal surface
  4. Style Selections 48-in Black Powder Coated Steel 3-panel Arched Fireplace Screen. Keep your home safe and warm with this three panel arched fireplace screen with bar. This versatile, lightweight fireplace screen from the open hearth collection features three powder-coated, black matte finished panels
  5. Fireplace hearths are made out of a non-combustible material such as granite, stone, marble, ceramic, cement or slate. These non-combustible materials help to keep the heat of the fire away from your house, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing platform for your fireplace that can be designed to suit the décor of your home
  6. Under the General Shale umbrella, customers are offered a wide-range of products from well-known brands in the industry. Beginning with black and dark gray, Coal KT and Slate from our Watsontown Brick line are extremely popular and on the rise in residential and commercial designs. General Shale Brick's Mistyhallow and thin brick counterpart, Blacksmith, are also both exceptional choices for.
  7. A striking architectural statement, our WS54 See-Thru Indoor-Outdoor fireplace takes outdoor living to a luxurious new level. The see-through face extends your living space, inviting the outdoors in and allowing for all-season enjoyment. The generous, full flames are protected by disappearing ceramic glass, unaffected by the elements

Ascent™ Series Gas Fireplaces add ambiance to any room. They are perfect for builders and homeowners alike. The shallow depth allows for versatile installations where space is at a premium. The clean face design maximizes the viewing area so the realistic flames and hand painted PHAZER® log set are enjoyed to their fullest Outdoor Fire Pits, Fireplaces, and Accessories. Outdoor Fire Kits includes a wide selection of outdoor fire pits, fire bowls, fireplaces, and the needed accessories to create beautiful fire feature focal points for your yard. The majority of these professional grade product kits are easy-to-install by the average DIY homeowner

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Sterling Silver Fireplaces-Ribbon Burners for Fireplaces: FIRE AND WATER TABLES WITH A SPIN! Pans Burners and Baskets: Black Magic Sand Page! Tubes: Rounds: VortexED'55' How not to do it! Drops: Logos! Fire Tables and Pits: Fire Pits and Fire Tables.. HGTV Fireplace: Consumer Awareness and Press Release: Propane Burners: Even More Fireplace. Whether you're looking for a more premium option, or are looking for some of the cheapest electric fire suites on the market, you can find them online right here at Direct Fireplaces. With leading brands available, including Axon, Be Modern, Dimplex and more, you can be confident in the quality of electric fire suites you purchase from us Napoleon's Luxuria Series Gas Linear Fireplace offers a stylish & versatile fireplace solution to fit your space. No screen thanks to the Premium Glass Guard system, making for a perfect view

NA burner includes: sand, connector kit, deluxe black glowing embers, damper clamp and volcanic granules. LP burner includes: black embers, connector kit, deluxe black glowing embers, damper clamp and volcanic granules. 21 Logs: Required Fireplace Opening: 30Front Width 18 Back With 14 3/4 Depth AMS Fireplace, a Southern California company specializes in providing elegant, modern fireplace designs by top brands such as Kozy, Regency, Flare, and others. We work with licensed fireplace installers, architects, and designers all over the nation. Upgrade your existing fireplace or have a brand new look installed custom to your desire The electronic ignition system ensures safe operation, even in the event of a power failure. Customize the Ascent™ X 42 gas fireplace with multitudinous designer accessories including fronts, trims, and decorative backer panels. Set the mood perfectly by using the optional natural-looking beach fire, shore fire, and mineral rocks enhancement.

A granite-like surface appearance makes Umbriano a popular choice for sleek, modern projects. Sample colors. Midnight Sky. Winter Marvel. Summer Wheat. French Grey. ENDURACOLOR. PAVER. Learn more A double-sided landscape of vibrant flames, our WS54 See-Thru fireplace is massive, sleek and ultra-modern. The ultimate statement piece, the WS54 See-Thru's stunning flame is the focal point of two rooms at once, giving the look of luxury from every possible vantage point. DESIGN-A-FIRE. See Burner Options See Firebox Panel Options

Pavers (31) Permeable pavers (8) Natural stone (3) Porcelain (1) Fireplaces & grills (10) Walls (11) Coping (14) Pillar cap (5) Steps (5) Style Modern (24) Rustic (28) Traditional (43 A gas fireplace can also have a heat-zone system that delivers heat from the fireplace into the adjoining room via the only floor supply register in the house, which is positioned under a window. So one fireplace (gas) is heating two rooms at one time. A direct vent fireplace pulls all the air for combustion from outside the house and takes all.

Check out our Buyer's Guide for Gas Fireplaces - written by our NFI Certified specialists. Read our articles related to Gas Fireplaces - written by the top authors in the industry. Read customer questions about Gas Fireplaces - answered by our fireplace specialists Fireplaces. Showing 1-2 of 2 . List View. Grid View. Filter . Sort by: Grid View. List View. Showing 1-2 of 2 Sign In For Price $599.99 Tresanti Mayson TV Console with ClassicFlame CoolGlow 2-in-1 Electric Fireplace and Fan Supports most flat screen TVs up to 80 in. and 90 lbs.. Kozy Heat's See-Thru Fireplace. Standard Features. Viewing Area: 13 3/8 x 49 7/8 35,500 High/18,500 Low BTU/hr Input - N Empire 28 Inch Loft Vent Free Gas Fireplace Insert/Fireplace with Millivolt Pilot - 10,000 BTUs Napoleon Riverside Series 42 Clean Face Outdoor Stainless Steel Gas Fireplace - GSS42CFN Mason Lite 39 Inch Vent Free Gas Firebox Ki

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An efficient gas fireplace can lower a home's overall energy consumption and heating bills when located in a major living area where the heat has access to other parts of the house. At the bottom is sand and little black chunks that look like coal. Should I sweep it out or leave it in? Reply. admin. 9:44 am on January 1, 2018 Callaway 40 is the smallest Callaway linear gas fireplace that provides many different home styling heat distribution options, visit our website or call us at 800-253-4904 Gas fireplaces are another popular heating option. There are both built-in and freestanding gas fireplaces — some require a flue or chimney, but there are ventless models available. If you're looking for a gas fireplace, we have several options that can heat a small room between 500 and 1,000 square feet and others that can heat larger rooms accent cabinet with geometric pattern doors. enterprise tv stand for tvs up to 80 high gloss white. classicflame 42 panoglow wall mounted electric fireplace. sideboard diagonal. Casually Coastal. Sun-kissed style can be yours. Whether you live steps from the water or thousands of miles away, our casual, natural looks for indoors and out can. 61 Ambella Home Floral Electric Fireplace - 01129-400-061. This cast stone electric fireplace features intense carvings and a black fossil stone top. The firebox is 30 inches and features an on / off remote control with a thermostat and timer. Original Price $5659.00

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  1. Wall Mounted Fireplaces. Wall Mounted Fireplaces. Screen Size. For TV's 30 - 40 For TV's 30 - 40 For TV's 40 - 50 For TV's 40 - 50 For TV's 50 - 60 black fireplace tv stand. white fireplace tv stand. 55 tv stand. 58 inch tv stand *See offer details. Restrictions apply. Pricing, promotions and availability may vary by.
  2. Product Title Black Vasari Corner Flat Panel Plasma/LCD TV Console Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 96 reviews 96 ratings Current Price $138.99 $ 138 . 9
  3. DIRECT VENT GAS FIREPLACES QUALITY FIREPLACES FOR LIFE. Callaway 72 shown with a Komfort Zone Kit, no surround, Birch Log set, Black Glass panels, Reflective Midnight Crushed Glass burner media, and Black Sand perimeter
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  5. Glowing embers are placed in dime-sized pieces atop a vented gas log burner while cinders, lava rock, and volcanic rock, etc., are placed around a vented or ventless burner on the hearth floor for decoration. If you have a vented burner installed in a wood burning (masonry or prefabricated) fireplace, the ember material is somewhat universal
  6. If your gas fireplace is venting black smoke into the room, you need to check the position of the logs and the screen and have your fireplace serviced. In most cases, black smoke is a sign of a ventilation problem. When gas logs are not aligned properly, they can produce smoke and soot. Black smoke is also a sign of problems with your damper.
  7. GAS FIREPLACE INSERTS. Realism is further boosted not only by an authentic-looking flame but also by a coal bed of sand and bits of lava rock and rock wool that add to the fireplace glow.

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  1. CB40E Designer Gas Fireplace Key Features: Explore what City Series Modern Fireplaces have to offer. Clean uninterrupted view of the fire. Invisible glass safety barrier. Reflective enamel or glass panels to accentuate the flame picture (optional) Place a TV right above the fire. Standard interior lights to accentuate the fire
  2. imalist aesthetic. Their design is simpler, more streamlined, has sharper lines and most of the time, industrial looking. Modern gas fireplaces are typically made of glass, stone, concrete or metal. The color is neutral toned - - usually gray, black, white or brown
  3. A fully enclosed gas fireplace can't handle the heat generated by these logs, and burning such logs could pose a fire threat. Advertisement If you aren't sure whether your fireplace is wood burning or gas only, wood-burning fireplaces normally have a damper and a flue liner or a metal box with a round metal chimney pipe that's at least 8 inches.
  4. dam-images-homes-2010-12-fireplaces-23_fireplaces.jpg An 11th-century deconsecrated church and an adjacent apartment in Italy's Chianti region were fused into a single residence by architect.

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Apr 13, 2013 - Explore Debbi Mjøen's board Coastal Beach Fireplaces & Mantels on Pinterest. See more ideas about beach fireplace, decor, coastal decor Studio DB took advantage of both with this deep shade of turquoise in a high-gloss finish. 13. Heather Hilliard. Though subtle, the black painted fireplace stands out against the navy walls for a. The firebox is the main part of the fireplace where the fire is built. It's usually rectangular or square in shape, and is surround by fireproof materials such as firebricks. The firebox in my living room fireplace is made of brick that is painted black to suit the other parts of the fireplace. At the base of the firebox is the hearth, and at.

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Dimplex also offers modern designs of wall hung fireplaces which have sand medium or glass with fire appearing to dance up through it. Ask us to see some of the options offered by Dimplex. Kozy Heat Osseo Linear 29 and 34 Electric Inserts. Features. • Osseo 29 Viewing Area: 15 x 27-11/6 Mar 10, 2021 - Explore Lori Blanton's board brick fireplace, followed by 125 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about brick fireplace, fireplace, fireplace makeover

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The following showcased Fire Balls and domes (half-sphere) are 6 inch solid black concrete balls. Constructed for long term use, not only are they durable but are ideal for those seeking a modern alternative to fake logs. Please call to inquire about other various sizes, colors, price and availability (909) 989-6129 If you need to paint your fireplace click here. For Round Fire Pits please call us to find out how much you need (909) 989-6129. FireGlass outputs more than twice the heat from Fake logs - glass radiates heat. No direct flame contact with the glass means no soot - which means no emissions - so it's clean burning Shop Fireplace Accessories for your gas, wood, & electric fireplace. Including fireplace doors, screens, grates, firewood holders, ash vacuums, & more Gas fireplace maintenance can be divided into three categories: safety inspection, gas fireplace cleaning, and cleaning gas logs. Safety Inspection. A gas fireplace safety inspection ensures that your fireplace is working properly and safely. A technician will check to make sure there are no gas leaks in the system, as well as inspect the.

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The Napoleon Ascent Linear 36 Gas Fireplace, Complete package including: Napoleon Ascent Linear 36 Gas Fireplace - Electronic Ignition Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels Napoleon f60 Thermostatic Remote Control Standard Crystaline Glass Ember Bed Flex Vent Kit With Terminal Up to 16,000 BTU's Dimensions, 34 1/2h, 35w x 16 1/4d Natural Gas or Propane Clean Face Design President's Limited. Indoor Gas Fireplace, Satin Black by Escea Luxury Fireplaces. $3,157. Only 4 Left. The ESCEA Indoor gas fireplace with the satin black Ferro fascia is a sleek, contemporary style fireplace. Its low energy consumption makes it efficient and flexible. Compared to similar sized open fire it uses just a third of energy A gas fireplace insert will transform your fireplace from unused to unbelievable. Settle into luxury living with a fireside experience you'll never want to leave. Take in the glowing embers, true-to-life logs and accent lighting with touch control

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Napoleon (36) Refine by Brand: Napoleon. Superior Products (22) Refine by Brand: Superior Products. $1000 - $2000 (18) Refine by Price: $1000 - $2000. $3001 - $4000 (30) Refine by Price: $3001 - $4000. $2001 - $3000 (33) Refine by Price: $2001 - $3000. $4000 and up (73) Refine by Price: $4000 and up FireplaceGlass.com is a division of Diamond Fire Glass ®. Our products are featured in some of the finest homes, restaurants and resorts in the world. We are proud to be the trusted source in the fireplace glass industry, providing a higher quality product and unparalleled customer care for almost a decade. FireplaceGlass.com was formed to serve as a factory direct, secure source for builders. Dark grey, blue/green to almost black stone when wet, with a flat smooth surface. This stone is used in ponds, decorative gardens, and general landscape applications Product Details. Add this Bag of Silica Sand to fire place or fire pit. Use as a filler under fire glass. Eligible for a Product Warranty. Read the Details. Warranty. 1 Year Warranty. All components are warranted for a period of 1 year after date of purchase by the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use The Renegade's TruFlame Technology ensures maximum flames and ember glow with minimum emissions. An attractive clean-face design integrates the barrier screen flush with the fireplace front - allowing you to install tile, brick, or other non-combustible materials right up to the fireplace opening for a clean, organic installation

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Cast limestone fireplaces do not have to be crazy ornate. In this home by Cathie Hong, a modernist-inspired fire surround in a soothing shade of dark grey is a stunning architectural detail that exudes timeless style. Continue to 16 of 18 below. 16 of 18. Rustic Stone Fireplace Large Cast Iron Gas Stove. The Large Hampton Gas Stove features the most realistic gas fire available. Complement the classic style with a decorative glass grille to get the look of a real wood fire. Direct vent technology allows you to put your Hampton Gas Stove exactly where you want it without needing a chimney Natural gas or propane. All Outdoor Models Require C Series Burner Kits. Total square inches of viewing area: 750. BTU Input NG/LP: 54,900 high, 46,200 low. Efficiency 26.3% (Based on CPSA P.4.1-15) Customize Your WS54 Outdoor Fireplace. Compatible Burners. Tranquility WS. Metropolitan Black

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Easy Living/Warmth 1.) 125000 a large bamboo-trimmed fireplace 2.) 90000 a bone-edged black sand firepit 3.) 145000 a coral-mantel sandstone fireplace 4.) 65000 a deep stone-set sand firepit 5.) 140000 a fanciful shell-lined fireplace 6.) 110000 a salt-crusted black iron stove 7.) 80000 a shallow brick-lined firepit 8.) 60000 a simple red stone-lined fireplace 9.) 85000 a short seaweed-draped. 10. Pleasant Hearth. 30-in 33000-BTU Triple-Burner Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Logs with Thermostat and Remote. Model #VFL2-RO30DR. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Duluth Forge. 24-in 33000-BTU Dual-Burner Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Logs with Thermostat and Remote. Model #DLS-24R-1