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  1. Most days the pain is under good control. But it is a balancing act. After recovering from the gallbladder surgery, she tried to reduce the MS-contin back to 60mg, but had to be happy with 60mg in morning and 90mg at night. It is imperative to get the pancreatic cancer pain under control
  2. Pain can be worse when lying down and can often be relieved by leaning forward. Pancreatic cancer pain can differ from person to person, so be sure to discuss any new pain-related symptoms with your doctor
  3. Pain from pancreatic cancer may come from different areas. Early pancreatic cancer rarely causes any symptoms. By the time it does cause symptoms, it's often already spread outside the pancreas

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Any type of pain, not just cancer pain, can affect all parts of a person's life. Some days it may be better or worse than others. If you have pain, you might not be able to do your job well or take part in other day-to-day activities. You may have trouble sleeping and eating. You might be irritable with the people you love Pancreatic cancer can cause a dull ache in the upper abdomen radiating to the back. The pain may come and go The pain from bone cancer often begins as a dull pain that comes and goes and is typically worse at night. Eventually, the pain can become constant. Because bone tissue has become weak, it's.

Mid-back pain can be a sign of pancreatic cancer. The pain can be caused by a tumour invading nerves or organs that lie near the pancreas. Some people also report that they feel pain in their shoulder or under their shoulder blade. Other people feel pain in their back and abdomen (tummy) at the same time Abdominal pain is a common symptom of pancreatic cancer. It often radiates to the middle or upper back and worsens after eating or when lying down. Upper abdominal pain commonly occurs with advanced pancreatic cancer Pain Control for Pancreatic Cancer. Pain can be a major problem for people with pancreatic cancer. These cancers can invade and press on nerves near the pancreas, which can cause pain in the abdomen (belly) or back. Treatment is available to help relieve this pain. If you are having any pain, please be sure to tell your doctor or nurse

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Tell your doctor or nurse about any pain as soon as you can. The sooner you get treatment, the better the chance of getting the pain under control. Treatments you might have for pancreatic cancer pain are: painkillers, other medicines that help with pain, nerve blocks, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy Objective This article explores how people with pancreatic cancer interpreted prediagnostic signs and symptoms, and what triggered them to seek medical help for symptoms that occurred intermittently. Design Thematic analysis of prediagnostic symptom descriptions drawn from a qualitative interview study of people with experiences of pancreatic cancer. Participants 40 people affected by.

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The late MD, Emmanuel Revici may have found the answer. His cancer patients often would show a cycling pain response over a 24 hour period. Some would exhibit pain in the early mornings while others in the late afternoon/evening. Revici reasoned t.. Pain in the upper abdominal area, usually under the ribs, is the most common symptom of both acute and chronic pancreatitis. Nausea and vomiting are also common. Learn about other symptoms and. The majority of patients with pancreatic cancer experience pain, Dr. Erdek agreed, adding, I would say more than 50% of patients have pain as their first symptom of pancreatic cancer. In addition, some individuals who have been cured of their cancer or are living with cancer as a chronic disease will develop a chronic pain syndrome as a. Pain is often described as getting worse after meals or by lying down. Some patients have pain at night and disturbed sleep. Sometimes they report pain as a pulled muscle or as joint or bone pain. The most common sign of this type of pancreatic cancer is jaundice Pancreatic cancer symptoms: Pain in the back or stomach that worsens when lying down is a sign (Image: Getty Images ) In addition to lying down, the pain may feel worse after eating, notes the.

The location of a tumor directly responsible for the pain is felt at night. For example, in case of a spine tumor, the patient may feel intense pain while lying down because the spine is not in its original shape (with proper curves) The classic Virchow Triad of pancreatic cancer is typically found in masses in the head of the pancreas. The triad comprises abdominal pain, anorexia, and weight loss. Abdominal pain is typically epigastric, constant, dull, and may radiate to the back. Pain is often worse at night and when the patient is supine The pain may be worse at night and may increase over time to become severe and unremitting. It may be slightly relieved by bending forward. In the UK, about half of new cases of pancreatic cancer are diagnosed following a visit to a hospital emergency department for pain or jaundice

Pancreatic cancer (ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas) in the early stages typically causes vague nonspecific symptoms. These symptoms and signs may include poor appetite, weight loss, abdominal or back pain, jaundice (yellowing of the eyes or skin, dark colored urine and/or light colored bowel movements) with or without itching, fatigue, nausea, and sometimes even depression Tummy pain or back pain are common symptoms of pancreatic cancer. The pain may start as general discomfort or tenderness in the tummy area and spread to the back. Some people have no pain at all, and pain can vary from person to person. For example, it may come and go at first but become more constant over time feeling or being sick. unexplained weight loss. tummy (abdominal) pain. yellowing of eyes and skin (jaundice) a build-up of fluid in your abdomen - ascites. The most common place for pancreatic cancer to spread to is the liver. It can also spread to the lungs, within the abdomen or to nearby lymph nodes. Rarely, it can spread to the bone

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Comments Off on pancreatic cancer pain worse at night Author: Posted On: January 22nd, 2021 In:UncategorizedJanuary 22nd, 2021 In:Uncategorize Pancreatic cancer may cause only vague unexplained symptoms. Pain (usually in the abdomen or back), weight loss, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and/or eyes) with or without itching, loss of appetite, nausea, change in stool, pancreatitis and recent-onset diabetes are symptoms that may indicate pancreatic cancer Pain continued for the rest of the week, on and off usually worse after I eat. Abdomen kept swelling up at times too and waking in the night with the pain. Then on Friday I woke up and (sorry for being grim) went to the loo and had bright orange liquid diarrhea, very mucus like too. This continued most of the day

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  1. Body Pain: Back Pain Could Mean Pancreatic Cancer. Over 44,000 new cases of pancreatic cancer will be diagnosed this year, a disease that's regarded as a silent killer since it's usually quite advanced by the time it's discovered. A gland that makes acid to help you digest food, the pancreas is located deep in the abdomen, directly behind the stomach, which is why tumors are often hard.
  2. Pancreatic cancer is responsible for approximately 7% of all cancer deaths. Chronic pancreatitis is one of the major risk factors for developing pancreatic cancer. Even if it does not lead to pancreatic cancer, it nevertheless affects normal pancreatic functioning which can lead to serious and even deadly complications
  3. Feeling short of breath is common and may get worse during the final days or weeks of life. The use of opioids and other methods can help the patient breathe more easily. Pain. Pain medicines can be given in several ways. Pain during the final hours of life can usually be controlled. Cough. Cough at the end of life can be treated in several ways
  4. Cancer tends to cause Clues include severe pain getting worse over weeks or months with no let-up and no improvement with painkillers. The pain may repeatedly wake you at night and you might.
  5. al cancer may worsen or become harder to control near the end of life. It is distressing to see a loved one suffer, but pain can usually be effectively relieved with medication and simple measures like changing position, massage and music

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Pain from bone cancer may be worse at night or when you move the bone. With primary bone cancer, the pain most often occurs in the long bones of the body, like those of the arms and legs. With metastatic bone cancer, the spine is the most common area affected, and back pain is the most common symptom I survived the Holocaust. Then, I survived a brain tumor. And, then, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when I was 72-years old. In December 2009, I was traveling to visit my son in California when I began experiencing awful back pain that was accompanied by digestive issues and stomach pains COVID-19 update: If you have the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and are referred for scans or other diagnostic tests, you may find that your waiting time increases. Doctors will be working to prioritise testing for people who are most at risk, but some procedures to diagnose pancreatic cancer such as endoscopies may be cancelled in the short term Pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive forms of the disease - in fact, the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research says that it's the 3rd leading cancer-related cause of death in the U.S.; 91-percent of patients with this form of cancer will die within 5-years of a diagnosis Pain management and other palliative care. People with advanced pancreatic cancer often have various symptoms that may require special expertise. The GP may be able to deal with some of them. Specialists from different disciplines may be involved in patient care, for example, from gastroenterology, dietetics, radiology, surgery, oncology and.

It is seldom detected in its early stages. But for people with pancreatic cysts or a family history of pancreatic cancer, some screening steps might help detect a problem early. One sign of pancreatic cancer is diabetes, especially when it occurs with weight loss, jaundice or pain in the upper abdomen that spreads to the back The main symptom of pancreatitis is pain in your upper abdomen that may spread to your back. Chronic pancreatitis. Most people with chronic pancreatitis. feel pain in the upper abdomen, although some people have no pain at all. The pain may. spread to your back; become constant and severe; become worse after eating; go away as your condition. Pancreatic Cancer Story: John William Street. By. Karl Hamer. -. August 26, 2020. Pancreatic cancer is the 10th most common cancer in the UK, with around 10,000 people diagnosed each year. The disease has the lowest survival rate of all the 21 most common cancers, with just 7.9% of people in the UK living for five years or more after diagnosis American Cancer Society further studied and found that nearly two-third patients of pancreatic cancer are no less than 65 years and an average age on diagnosis time is about 71. The NCI (National Cancer Institute) examined that about just 8.2 percent of total pancreatic cancer patients can survive for about five years

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Pancreatic Cancer Story: James Dadge. By. Emma Hedges. -. November 15, 2018. James, 44, lives in Manchester with his partner Andrea and sons Ben and Daniel. He was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumour, with the primary in the pancreas, in 2015. This is his story of fighting pancreatic cancer Many people suffering from pancreatic cancer also report that they suffered from the severe pain more at night and they blended forward to get a slight relief from this condition. A study in 2021 found that pancreatic cancer patients may have abdominal pain because the tumor size increases, invasion of the lymph node metastasis, anterior. The pain is usually worse when someone moves and at night. If cancer is in the spine, the vertebrae (the individual bones that make up the spine) can collapse, which is known as a compression fracture. In advanced multiple myeloma, a person may lose inches from their height due to compressed vertebrae over the course of their illness.. Pain in pancreatic cancer is more common in the night or when patients are lying down in the bed, or any flat surface, and many patients describe an aggravation of pain after eating. However, pancreatic cancer does not display a single type of abdominal pain, and each patient should be assessed according to his symptoms dull ache left ovary lasting a week. not constant, worse at night. should i be concerned about ovarian cancer? pain is 4/10 and radiates to lower back Answered by Dr. John Berryman: Left abdominal pain: Ovarian cysts are common if one is not on oral bi..

Bone pain: Pain is the most common sign of bone cancer, and may become more noticeable as the tumor grows. Bone pain can cause a dull or deep ache in a bone or bone region (e.g., back, pelvis, legs, ribs, arms). Early on, the pain may only occur at night, or when you are active. As the cancer develops, though, the pain may become more. As it explains, one of the first noticeable symptoms of pancreatic cancer is pain in the back or stomach area - which may come and go at first and is often worse when you lie down or after you. The pain may spread to other parts of the body and get worse at night. Although rare, back pain may be an indication of colon cancer, and lower back pain of kidney cancer. ALSO READ: 25 Health. If your doctor suspects that your pain is being caused by a pancreatic cancer tumor, he or she can use the epicenter of the pain as a clue to where to look for the tumor. Many patients report that the pain worsens at night, during sleep, causing additional sleep disturbances. As a result, chronic daytime fatigue and exhaustion may accompany the.

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  1. The earlier pancreatic cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better the prognosis. Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer usually shows little or no symptoms until it has advanced and spread. Therefore, most cases (up to 80 percent) are diagnosed at later, more difficult-to-treat stages. Read more about pancreatic cancer staging. Five-Year Survival Rat
  2. al pain, a bloated or full feeling, and thin, ribbon-like stool. other common gastrointestinal cancer symptoms include gas pain, changes in bowel/bladder habits, anemia and/or jaundice
  3. Pancreatic cancer can cause a dull pain in your upper tummy (abdomen), which may spread to your back. To begin with, the pain may come and go, but as the tumour becomes larger and more advanced, the pain may be more constant and last longer. The pain is often worse when you lie down or after you've eaten. You may also have pain or tenderness in.
  4. The intensity of your pain. Different pain scales can help you rate your pain: The simplest scale goes from 0 to 10, with 0 equaling no pain and 10 equaling the worst possible pain. A verbal scale uses mild, moderate and severe as key words to describe pain levels. A series of cartoon-like faces shows differing degrees of discomfort from 0 to 10
  5. This allows much more accurate pictures and helps to separate chronic pancreatitis from pancreatic cancer which can be difficult. controls the pain. Since the pain is often worse at night and.

Pain is the most common sign of pancreatic cancer. When you have pancreatic cancer, you will feel pain at the upper abdomen area that seems to radiate towards the back. The pain tends to get worse at night and the intensity will gradually increase until it becomes so severe A. Management of right-lower quadrant abdominal pain. Check patient's vital signs to ensure hemodynamic stability and then closely monitor. Assess patient's level of alertness, orientation and.

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With leukemia, cancer patients often experience pain in the hips, the legs, and the breastbone. 1,3. Leukemia Bone Pain Symptoms When the bone marrow becomes overcrowded with cancer cells, the joint and bone pain kicks in. Sometimes, the leukemia cells may form a mass near the nerves of the spinal cord or the joints My Abdominal Pain Turned out to Be Colon Cancer Jen Babakhan Updated: Mar. 29, 2021 Amy Driben-Salcedo dismissed the burning in her abdomen as an ulcer—until a colonoscopy revealed she had.

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In addition to lung cancer, other tumors involving the chest such as lymphomas, or abdominal cancers such as esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, or pancreatic cancer may lead to shoulder blade pain. Bone metastases to the shoulder blades may occur with cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and colon cancer. Symptoms of liver cancer can include: your skin or the whites of your eyes turn yellow ( jaundice ), you may also have itchy skin, darker pee and paler poo than usual. loss of appetite or losing weight without trying to. feeling tired or having no energy. feeling generally unwell or having symptoms like flu. a lump in the right side of your tummy

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The main symptom of pancreatitis is pain in the upper left abdomen or middle of the abdomen, which often radiates through to the back. The pain may become worse after eating or drinking, particularly if the food has a high fat content. It can also be worse when lying down flat on your back and can become more severe, lasting for a few days Ans: 3. A client with progressive pancreatic cancer Cancer pain generally worsens with disease progression, and the use of opioids is more generous. Fibromyalgia is more likely to be treated with nonopioid and adjuvant medications. I twisted my back last night, and now the pain is a lot worse. 2. I'm so sick of this pain. I think I'm. Pancreatic Cancer. Asymptomatic. Nausea and vomiting. Chills and fevers. Weight loss, anorexia, cachexia. Loss of appetite. Eating a small amount but feeling full. Alterations in bowel habits, including diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and gas. Epigastric or flank pain: most common for body and tail tumors. Steatorrhea: excessive amounts of. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths, being responsible for 7% of all cancer-related deaths in both men and women. Approximately 75% of all pancreatic carcinomas occur within the head or neck of the pancreas, 15-20% occur in the body of the pancreas, and 5-10% occur in the tail Email. Dogs with cancer often pant because of excessive pain. All types of canine cancer can cause episodes of severe pain and discomfort. Pain of the abdomen, in particular, tends to produce heavy panting and labored breathing symptoms in your pet. If your pet has cancer and is frequently panting or breathing heavily, do not be alarmed

Some cancer treatments, such as those listed below, may cause urinary and bladder problems:. Radiation therapy to the pelvis (including reproductive organs, the bladder, colon and rectum) can irritate the bladder and urinary tract.These problems often start several weeks after radiation therapy begins and go away several weeks after treatment has been completed With pets living longer than ever, cancer has become a diagnosis that we see more commonly in older dogs. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports that one in four dogs will develop cancer at some time in their life and that 50% of pets over the age of 10 will develop cancer.. While there are treatments and methods for achieving remission or even curing cancer in dogs, each.

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  1. Symptoms of pancreatic cancer can include: the whites of your eyes or your skin turn yellow ( jaundice ), you may also have itchy skin, darker pee and paler poo than usual. loss of appetite or losing weight without trying to. feeling tired or having no energy. a high temperature, or feeling hot or shivery
  2. g more constant. • bone pain • swelling and tenderness near the affected area • broken bone • fatigue.
  3. Bone pain. Pain is the most common symptom of bone metastasis. It's often the first symptom you notice. At first, the pain may come and go. It's usually worse at night or with rest. Over time, the pain may become severe. Still, not all pain means metastasis
  4. al. Is this pancreatic cancer? Does not sound like pancreatic cancer. Typically people turn yello without pain, family history or smoking history and typically in 40s or 50s with weight loss. Christopher Palmer
  5. I feel the pain at times in my back, especially at night and NSAID don't help. I also feel that the food I eat stays undigested for a very long time. Above all, I lost 5kg (12lbs) in 3 months and I am extremely worried that I might have pancreatic cancer. I read that this cancer is somtimes quite difficult to diagnose and is often missed on CT

City of Hope Neurosurgeon Mike Chen, M.D., on the need for cancer patients to pay attention to back pain because cancer doesn't always limits itself to one location; it can spread to the spine and other parts of the body Pancreatic cancer is usually particularly aggressive. In the U.S., there will be approximately 45,000 pancreatic cancer diagnoses in 2013 and nearly 40,000 deaths. Fewer than 10 percent of people are diagnosed before the disease spreads to lymph nodes or elsewhere, and even in that most favorable category, fewer than 1 in 4 will survive 5 years

The radiologist failed to recognize a pancreatic cystic lesion on a CT scan causing a 15-month delay in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer resulting in death. Case Details. Paul LaRosa, a 66-year old retired coal miner, went to the Frick Hospital ER with severe pain in his back. He was given medication to help relieve the pain The worst possible causes of back pain; what is it? major features; cancer: a tumor in or near the spine: Many kinds of cancer can cause many kinds of back pain, but some strong themes are: the pain grows steadily and is mostly unaffected by position and activity, worse with weight bearing and at night, and comes with other signs of being unwell.: cauda equina syndrom

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  1. al disease. Although abdo
  2. al pain is often made worse by eating and lying supine in clients diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. 3. The client would not know these terms, and the HCP would be the one to check these laboratory values. 4. Clients diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas lose weight, not gain weight
  3. al pain is one of the most common symptoms of both pancreatic cancer and acute pancreatitis, which is a type of deadly inflammation, Hendifar says. But that pain manifests in different ways.

I was diagnosed with locally advanced pancreatic cancer 3 months ago and was told it was inoperable and the type of tumour was not suitable for chemo. I was given the prognosis of 9 to 15 months. I am on morphine and cyclizine. I also take metformin and creon. I have been ok with the exception of extreme pain in my left shoulder Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer is often caught late and spreads quickly, SELF explained previously, which makes it difficult to treat effectively.But some of the more noticeable symptoms include. This occurs especially when the patient is lying down or bending over. GERD may also produce pain in the chest that awakens the patient at night. Other symptoms can be very similar to those of a heart attack. Hepatitis may cause pain in the upper right abdomen, nausea and vomiting. Pancreatic cancer may produce the same symptoms as pancreatitis

Primary bone cancer is rare. Osteosarcoma, primary bone lymphoma, Ewing's sarcoma (in children) and some really rare ones altogether make up maybe 5% of all types of cancer. Secondary involvement of bone, by other types of cancer (breast, prostate.. Cancer occurs when cells in your body start growing and dividing faster than they are supposed to. At first, these cells may form into small clumps or tumors. But they can also spread to other parts of the body. If this occurs, you will be told you have metastases, metastatic cancer, or stage 4 (IV) cancer Pain in relation to sleep Awakens at night No affect Pain in relation to Further away At umbilicus umbilicus gnawing pain worse with empty stomach • Physical findings - epigastric tenderness must be evaluated for pancreatic cancer • Dysfunction between 20 to 40 yrs old R/

That could be a sign of colitis, pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer, Hollander said. Dr. Oz reveals which foods are good for heart disease, chronic pain Sept. 26, 2017 04:5 A. Management of right-upper quadrant abdominal pain. Check patient's vital signs to ensure hemodynamic stability and then closely monitor. Assess patient's level of alertness, orientation and. I had the same thing in February - sudden pain in my upper left quadrant and the same pain on the same side in my back - the back pain was worse - throbbing and like a hot knife , pale floating stools , loosing weight and belching all the time. I went to the Drs numerous times was totally dismissed . They did blood tests and felt my tummy In early Oct of '18, I was having a lot of stomach pain at night. It would start low in my abdomen, and slowly move upward. The only way I could get rid of it was to get up, walk a bit, and then be able to belch (loud and a lot). Things kept getting worse, and I called to set up an appointment with a gastroenterologist, but could not get in to. Pancreatic cancer is a disease whereby cancerous cells form in the tissues of the pancreas - an organ in your abdomen that lies behind the lower part of your stomach. Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer can be difficult to diagnose in the early stages because it doesn't usually cause any symptoms

Chronic pancreatitis is severe inflammation of the pancreas marked by intense pain in the upper abdomen. It is commonly caused by long-term alcohol consumption but also may be caused by a blocked pancreatic duct, trauma to the abdomen, a pseudocyst, cystic fibrosis, medications, high levels of calcium in the blood, or from a hereditary or. Cancer pain is a distressing symptom that tends to worsen as the disease progresses. Hydromorphone may help relieve these symptoms. Cancer-related pain is usually treated with medicines such as morphine, oxycodone, fentanyl or hydromorphone. This review looked at how effective hydromorphone was in relieving symptoms of moderate to severe cancer. Easing pain. Severe pain often makes it hard for a person to feel comfortable and at peace as he or she dies. Cancer causes pain in many different ways, but there are ways to treat the pain. Uncontrolled pain often worsens other symptoms, such as fatigue and confusion. These symptoms make it more difficult to concentrate on time spent with. Pancreatic cancer can cause other symptoms, such as: losing your appetite. having indigestion. feeling bloated after meals. having diarrhoea or changing bowel habits. feeling very tired. being newly diagnosed with diabetes. getting a blood clot in the leg (deep vein thrombosis or DVT) or the lungs (pulmonary embolus)

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My pancreatitis symptom was extreme pain in my upper abdomen that radiated to the back (like a belt about 6 inches wide all around body). The pain in the side and back radiating up into the upper back was worse than the pain in the abdomen, but that was bad Tumor on pancreas tail - Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. In April Ihad a pain in my rib. Dr thought it was costochondritis. It was,but a ct scan of my rib showed a tumor on my pancreas, 4 cm. So, I had a pet scan, then two biopsies. I was sent to Roswell Park Cancer Institute 8. Stomach cancer: While many causes of epigastric pain are innocuous, it can also be a sign of a serious condition like stomach cancer, as well as pancreatic cancer. One of the first signs of cancer is the sudden onset of unexplained pain What is the difference between a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor and a pancreatic tumor? A few high profile celebrities, Aretha Franklin and Steve Jobs, have died from pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.Following their deaths, their cancer was often called pancreatic cancer because it was cancer and it occurred in the pancreas.Why is this wrong