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Date of Birth - Death October 17, 1821 - December 10, 1882 Alexander Gardner's work as a Civil War photographer has often been attributed to his better known contemporary, Mathew Brady. It is only in recent years that the true extent of Gardner's work has been recognized, and he has been given the credit he deserves Antietam was the first battle to depict the grim and bloody truth of civil war through the lens of photographer Alexander Gardner and his assistant James Gibson. Gardner made two trips to Antietam. The first was just two days after the battle, the second, two weeks later when President Abraham Lincoln visited the battlefield Alexander Gardner (October 17, 1821 - December 10, 1882) was a Scottish photographer who immigrated to the United States in 1856, where he began to work full-time in that profession. He is best known for his photographs of the American Civil War, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, and the execution of the conspirators to Lincoln's assassinatio

Alexander Gardner was an immigrant Scottish photographer who captured the battles in the American Civil War Gardner, 41 years old at the time of the battle, was employed by Mathew Brady who owned of a photography gallery in Washington, D.C. during the Civil War. Below is an image gallery of Gardner's Antietam images. Each image has been digitally enhanced and cropped. You can go to the Library of Congress web site and download the originals

Alexander Gardner, while running Matthew Brady's Washington studio in early 1861, had the foresight to prepare for the Civil War. The great numbers of soldiers flooding into the city of Washington created a market for souvenir portraits, and Gardner was ready to shoot portraits of men in their new uniforms Alexander Gardner was born in Paisley, Renfew, Scotland on 17th October, 1821. The family moved to Glasgow and at the age of fourteen Gardner left school and became an apprentice jeweler. As a young man Gardner became interested in the socialist ideas being advocated by Robert Owen Before Alexander Gardner made the most memorable photographs of the American Civil War, he had a hard time making up his mind. As a young man in Scotland, he had been an apprentice jeweler. Then he..

Alexander Gardner printed the albumen photograph, titled it, and provided an accompanying text. With several other photographers, Gardner led an effort to create visually and historically significant photographs and albums. He worked with O'Sullivan in his own business Facts Mr Harrell Alexander, Sr., an employee at the Gardner-Denver Co filed a grievance claiming he had been wrongfully terminated for race discrimination under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The arbitrator held that he was terminated for poor work performance The examples in this special presentation have been drawn from Alexander Gardner's 1865 Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the War. They reveal that in order to achieve a more striking effect or to cater to the interest of the public, Gardner sometimes rearranged the elements in his photographs or departed from the facts in his writing On July 5, 1863, photographer Alexander Gardner and his assistant, Timothy O'Sullivan, arrived at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg. The battle had ended two days earlier. On parts of the battlefield, bodies were still unburied. Over the next three days, Gardner did not hesitate to photograph the carnage

Alexander Gardner, Mathew B. Brady's former gallery manager, then his rival, made numerous photographs of the Burnt District as well as this dramatic panorama from two glass negatives. The charred remains have become over time an iconic image of the fall of the Confederacy and the utter devastation of war Alexander Gardner's famous photo of Confederate dead before the Dunker Church on the Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Md., 1862. A lthough the history of photography begins in antiquity with the projection of images via camera obscura, the first, unsuccessful attempts to permanently fix those images didn't occur until the 18th century At first, Union soldiers were able to repel the invaders for most of the day. It was only after massive assaults by Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell and Maj. Gen. Robert E. Rodes that the Union lines collapsed and were forced to retreat to Cemetery Hill just south of Gettysburg I. In May 1966, petitioner Harrell Alexander, Sr., a black, was hired by respondent Gardner-Denver Co. (the company) to perform maintenance work at the company's plant in Denver, Colorado. In June 1968, petitioner was awarded a trainee position as a drill operator. He remained at that job until his discharge from employment on September 29, 1969 Alexander Gardner (American, born Scotland, 1821 - 1882

Alexander Gardner and Timothy H. O'Sullivan were both in the field for Brady. Both of them eventually quit because Brady didn't give individual credit. Brady likely did take photos himself on.. Alexander Gardner/Library of Congress Life span: Born: February 12, 1809, in a log cabin near Hodgenville, Kentucky. Died: April 15, 1865, in Washington, D.C., the victim of an assassin. Presidential term: March 4, 1861 - April 15, 1865 Alexander Gardner's original caption for this image was A Lone Grave, on Battle-field of Antietam. Between two farm fields in Sharpsburg there was a sunken road, which Confederates used as a.. On November 21, 2009, Alexander Gardner and his brother drove to Mississippi Veter ans Memoria l Stad ium for th e annual fo otball g ame between Jackson State University. 2 and A lcor n St ate U niver sity. Gardner got into an ar gum ent over par king f ees with a par kin

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  2. The man John Richter identified as Abraham Lincoln in the same Nov. 19, 1863 photo taken by Alexander Gardner. Library of Congress/Alexander Gardner. Bob Zeller, Richter's colleague at the Center.
  3. Six Facts About Gettysburg You Didn't Know. It was revealed later that Alexander Gardner, the photographer responsible for the picture, moved the soldier's corpse, propped his face over.
  4. Harrell Alexander, a Negro, was employed by Gardner-Denver for over three years. He had advanced to a trainee's position in the drill department. He had been awarded this position on June 11, 1968, after having been employed for over two years by appellee, and had held this same position until he was discharged on September 29, 1969
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John Gardner 1720 - 1791. Thomas Gardiner 1717 - 1760. Alexander Gardiner 1715 - 1786. Top record matches for Alexander? Gardiner. Ruth Gardiner. found in Australia, Births and Baptisms, 1792-1981. Ruth Gardiner. found in New South Wales, Australia, Certificates of Freedom, 1810-1814, 1827-1867 Photographed by Alexander Gardner, July 1863. Library of Congress. Photograph of the field at Antietam, American Civil War. Confederate dead by a fence at the Hagerstown Turnpike, looking north; the Turnpike is to the right of the fence, the dirt lane on the left leads to the farm of David Miller. Photographed by Alexander Gardner, September 1862 Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) seated and holding his spectacles and a pencil on Feb. 5, 1865 in portrait by Alexander Gardner. 39. Interestingly, Abraham Lincoln is the only U.S. president to own a patent and a saloon. [13] 40. Did you know that before 1776, the United States was not a single country

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This picture of Abraham Lincoln, taken by Alexander Gardner on Feb. 5, 1865, was once thought to be the president's last photo. The image shows a crack in the original negative, which was broken. A famous photograph of Abraham Lincoln by Alexander Gardner shows damage from a crack in the glass negative, and other photographs of the same period show similar flaws. By the 1880s a dry negative method began to be available to photographers. Those negatives could be purchased ready to be used, and did not require the complicated process of. Alexander Gardner/Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons 4 of 44 Lincoln stands on the battlefield at Antietam, Maryland with Allan Pinkerton (the famed military intelligence operative who essentially invented the Secret Service, left) and Major General John A. McClernand (right) on October 3, 1862 The many loves of Ava Gardner. Ava was a 'knockout', possibly the sexiest woman ever to grace a movie screen. She married Mickey Rooney when he was the number one box-office draw in movies (she refused to sleep with him unless he married her first). Within three weeks or so of the marriage he was cheating on her and she caught him out

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The employer moved to compel arbitration under the FAA, and was denied. The district court, relying on Alexander v. Gardner-Denver, concluded Congress intended to protect ADEA claimants from waiver of the judicial forum. The Court of Appeals reversed Family: His mother, Clare Gardner-Medwin, was a journalist and his father, Michael Woolley, was a photographer. Callum Alexander father's name is under review and mother unknown at this time. We will continue to update details on Callum Alexander's family Alexander Gardner/Library Of Congress Kee Facts: A Few Things You Didn't Know. Antietam 'Death Studies' Changed How We Saw War. September 15, 2012 •.

Alexander Gardner and James F. Gibson at different times managed Brady's Washington studio. Timothy O'Sullivan, James Gardner, and Egbert Guy Fox were also employed by Brady during the conflict. The pictures listed in this select list of photographs are in the Still Picture Branch of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Most. Lincoln is seen in Washington in this photo taken by Alexander Gardner on November 8, 1863. Lincoln is considered to be the first President photographed while in office. Because the art form was.

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  1. Dr. Alexander Gardner-Mctaggart. Lecturer in Education. Affiliations: Manchester Institute of Education. , School of Environment, Education and Development. ORCID: 0000-0003-3150-0561. View graph of relations
  2. Alexander Gardner's photograph of straw huts on Smith's farm that were erected and used as a hospital - following the battle, a Hagerstown newspaper referred to the area around the battlefield as one vast hospital. The photograph was taken in September or October 1862 after the Battle of Antietam. Image from the Library of Congress
  3. Born Hardin County, Kentucky. In February of 1865, just two months before Abraham Lincoln's assassination, Alexander Gardner created this cracked-plate portrait, now considered one of the most important and evocative photographs in American history. Aside from the detail in the center of Lincoln's face, much of the picture appears.

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Oct 21, 2016 - Explore Richard Peabody's board Alexander Gardner, followed by 228 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about american civil war, civil war, civil war photos Alexander Gardner also snapped a photograph at the occasion that might show Lincoln, too, but people disagree about exactly where Lincoln appears. John Richter, director of the Center for Civil. Gardner also placed a prop rifle on the wall next to the dead soldier. Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, photographed by Alexander Gardner, circa 1863. In another famous photograph taken by Gardner at the Battle of Antietam, Gardner moved the bodies of dead soldiers so he could get the nearby Dunker church in the background of the photo In the 1850s Brady's eyesight began to deteriorate and began to rely heavily on Alexander Gardner to run the business. In February, 1858, Gardner was put in charge of Brady's gallery in Washington. He quickly developed a reputation as an outstanding portrait photographer. He also trained the young apprentice photographer, Timothy O'Sullivan The computer specialist Alexander was born in the year 1976. He was born to Parents Elizabeth Warren (mother) and Jim Warren (father). Information regarding Alexander's birthdate and early life is kept under wrap. Further, his mother married his father Jim in 1967. However, his father and mother divorced after 10 years of living together in.

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Redcap. A specter believed to haunt old castles or ruins. He is depicted as a short, thickset old man, with long prominent teeth, skinny fingers armed with eagle-like talons, large eyes of a fiery-red color, grisly hair streaming down his shoulders, iron boots, a pikestaff in his left hand, and a red cap on his head O'Sullivan began his photography career as an apprentice in Mathew Brady's Fulton Street gallery in New York City and then moved on to the Washington, D.C., branch managed by Alexander Gardner. In 1861, at the age of twenty-one, O'Sullivan joined Brady's team of Civil War photographers 10 Intriguing Facts About The Manhunt For John Wilkes Booth. There are few names more notorious in US history than that of John Wilkes Booth. Booth, as most Americans know, is the assassin who shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln at the tail end of the American Civil War. It occurred on the night of April 14, 1865, as Lincoln, his wife. Alexander Varshavsky, 75 years old famous Biochemist born on November 8. he was born on November 8, 1946 in Moscow, United States. Alexander Varshavsky is a successful Biochemist from United States. Age, Birthday & Zodiac. Alexander Varshavsky's current age 75 years old (as of 2020). Alexander's horoscope is Scorpio according to his birth date The National Archives and Records Administration makes available on-line over 6,000 digitized images from the Civil War. Mathew Brady and his associates, most notably Alexander Gardner, George Barnard, and Timothy O'Sullivan, photographed many battlefields, camps, towns, and people touched by the war. Their images depict the multiple aspects of.

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  1. C. Moses Alexander, born about 1693, and died before 1 Dec 1762, in New Munster, Maryland. He was buried in the Head of Christiana Church Cemetery, Newark, New Castle County, Delaware. D. Sophia Alexander, born about 1697, and died after 1755, in Cecil County, Maryland. She married John Gardner. E. Mark Alexander, born 1700
  2. Alexander Gardner is one of the most interesting people of all time, it is a must read. Read more. 4 people found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. Spontaneous one. 2.0 out of 5 stars A muddle ! Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2017. Verified Purchase
  3. Alexander Gardner is one of the most interesting people of all time, it is a must read. Read more. 2 people found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. Spontaneous one. 2.0 out of 5 stars A muddle ! Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2017. Verified Purchase

Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results ALEXANDER GARDNER (1849 - 1898) Try FREE for 14 days Try FREE for 14 days. How do we create a person's profile? We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person's profile. We encourage you to research and examine. Alexander Graham Bell installed the first White House telephone during Rutherford B. Hayes' presidency. Its number: One. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through. Posted: May 01, 2020. BOILING SPRINGS, NC - Bay College Forward Christian Alexander (SO, Dorset, UK) signed his National Letter of Intent on Thursday to play for the NCAA Division I Gardner Webb Runnin' Bulldogs. Christian fills an important role for us by adding depth in the post, said Gardner-Webb Head Coach Tim Craft John Gardner entered into wedlock with Margaret Mercer in 1952. They had two children named Simon and Alexis. John also had a daughter named Miranda who was a love child born out of a long-term relationship with Susan Wright. In 1989, during his stay in the USA, John Gardner was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The expensive treatment took a. ALEXANDER GARDNER CIVIL WAR PHOTOGRAPHS Art Book contains 100 Reproductions of portraits, Civil War landscapes and historic scenes with annotations and interesting facts page below. Book includes Table of Contents, Top 50 Museums of the World, and is compatible with all Kindle devices, Kindle for iOS and Android tablets (use rotate and/or zoom.

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The Court overturns Alexander v.Gardner-Denver and rules that employees may be compelled to arbitrate employment discrimination claims brought under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Moreover, the Court opens the door to forcing other employment claims into arbitration, and places the burden of proving Congress' intent to preserve access to a judicial forum on the employee The day that Rulon Gardner beat the great Aleksandr Karelin. Until the 2000 Olympic Games, Rulon Gardner was an an unknown Greco-Roman wrestler. After his win over Aleksandr Karelin, he became a legend. Sydney 2000 Alexander Gardner/Library of Congress Home of a Rebel sharpshooter, 1863. One of the first iconic shots of war, this image, which depicts a rebel sharpshooter lying on the ground behind a wall. Stand up for the facts! Latest Fact-checks of Alexander Strenger. Alexander Strenger stated on October 1, 2018 in response cited in an interactive voter guide: By W. Gardner Selby.

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Eliteprospects.com staff profile of Alexander Gardner, 1955-03-28 Melbourne, AUS Australia Gardner syndrome is a variant of ' familial adenomatous polyposis' (FAP), an inherited disease that is characterised by gastrointestinal polyps, multiple osteomas ( benign bone tumours), and skin and soft tissue tumours. Polyps tend to form at puberty with the average age of diagnosis around 25 years of age Lived 1881 - 1955. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, whose use as an antibiotic has saved untold millions of lives. Less well-known is that before making this world-changing discovery, he had already made significant life-saving contributions to medical science. Beginnings Alexander Fleming was born on August 6, 1881 at his parents' farm located near the small [

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Gardner married Mary Ann Farmer on May 26, 1934 and Adele married Joseph Peter Joyce, Jr. on November 28, 1935. Levi Addison Gardner, President Ford's grandfather, was a son of Alexander Gardner, a Scottish immigrant, and Sarah (or Sally) Miller Lived 1769 - 1859. Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt, more simply called Alexander von Humboldt, was a notable Prussian geographer, explorer, and naturalist. He is widely recognized for his works on botanical geography which laid the foundation for biogeography. His last name is something many animal lovers may already be familiar with, as the [

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Explore the stories behind 100 images that changed the world, selected by TIME and an international team of curators. And watch our new series of original short documentaries that tell the surprising stories behind the pictures Lisa Gardner, City Council Communications Director, 509.625.6226. Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 5:08 p.m. Spokane City Council Members have issued the following statements regarding the resignation of Division Director of Neighborhoods, Housing & Human Services Cupid Alexander Mrs. Katelyn Nash will continue to serve as the assistant principal of West Alexander Middle School (WAMS) for the 2021-2022 school year. Mrs. Nash has been the assistant principal at WAMS since 2019. She has a master's degree in educational leadership from Gardner-Webb University. Mrs. Nash taught math at West Iredell High School Steve Hinden, Chris Gardner, Keith Alexander, and Ned Simpson. For more than 20 years, I've worked with talented elected officials. All four candidates, Steve Hinden, Chris Gardner, Keith Alexander, and Ned Simpson are well educated in finance and have their own unique talents. Steve Hinden is a lawyer and works in finance

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  1. The Center for Union Facts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that fights for transparency and accountability in America's labor movement. Sign up for email updates: Sign U
  2. The Civil War: Primary and Secondary Sources. In class we are continuing to learn more about Frederick Douglass, slaves, the Civil War, images of the Civil War, and other authors and artists of that time period, including Louisa May Alcott, Alexander Gardner, Walt Whitman, and Emily Dickinson. Douglass's Narrative of the Life of Frederick.
  3. Hamilton , Lin-Manuel Miranda 's musical about the American founding father, based very loosely on historian Ron Chernow's biography, is a smashing success. At this point, pretty much everyone.
  4. Alexander Hamilton Stephens Papers, 1834-1872. Collection Number: 02097-z. Collection Title: Alexander Hamilton Stephens Papers, 1834-1872. This is a finding aid. It is a description of archival material held in the Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Unless otherwise noted, the materials described below are.
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  6. 1 April 30, 2019 . ALEXANDER PHOMMATA . 1034 COTTAGE CREEK CIR . GARDNER KS 66030 . RE: In the Matter of Alexander Phommata Case No. 19-231 . Dear Alexander Phommata: The Kansas State Board of Pharmacy has concluded its audit of continuing education for your recen
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  1. Click picture to see full size version. Abraham Lincoln's hat from the Smithsonian. He wore this hat to Ford's Theatre the night he was killed. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States
  2. Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton was a man of much importance to our country's history. He is considered a Founding Father for his contributions to America as a soldier, lawyer, statesman, member of the Continental Congress, and the first Secretary of the Treasury
  3. Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was a Confederate sympathiser. Just five days before Lincoln's assassination Confederate General Robert E. Lee had surrendered his massive army at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, thus leading to the end of the American Civil War
  4. An Alexander Gunn, Jr. is listed in the Berkshire County census of 1800 and of 1810. Abstracts of Rev. War Pension files, Vol II: F-M, pg 1458: GUNN, Alexander, S33270, MA Line, appl 2 Mar 1820 Berkshire Co MA aged 59, in 1823 sol stated he was a pauper & that his family had been broken up since being supported by the town of Sheffield MA. An.
  5. Mrs. Dixie Caskaddon. I attended school, graduated and reside in Alexander County. I am a graduate of Gardner-Webb University. I am married and have two daughters. I taught at Hiddenite for 15 years, and this will be my third year at East. This year I will be teaching 6th grade ELA and SS. My planning time this year will be 8:30am-9:30am
  6. Alexander Karelin official Sherdog mixed martial arts stats, photos, videos, breaking news, and more for the Super Heavyweight fighter from Russia
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Adam P Alexander is a resident of HI. Lookup the home address and phone 8086691387 and other contact details for this person. Jeannette Crain, Michael G Crain, Sean P Foley, Gregg A Gardner, David Haley, Shuhei Sugano, Thomas Vrbensky, Clayton Womack. 158 Hui Rd F Gardner, Alexander and LeBlanc were named in two complaints in D.C. Superior Court, which alleged that Gardner sexually assaulted and harassed a female student and that the three players took part. Alexander v. Gardner-Denver Co., 415 U.S. 36 (1974) 94 S.Ct. 1011, 7 Fair Empl.Prac.Cas. (BNA) 81, 7 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 9148.. David Gardner official Sherdog mixed martial arts stats, photos, videos, breaking news, and more for the Lightweight fighter from United States Gardner said he has met with Scott Peterson at San Quentin. I think, all things considered, he's doing fine, Gardner said. (source: Modesto Bee) ***** 'Sausage King' Dies in Prison----Stuart Alexander, 44, sentenced to death for murdering 3 meat inspectors in 2000, dies in San Quentin of unknown causes