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The good news is that some of the major lawn and garden manufacturers have stepped up their games. Nowadays, several expandable hoses are a good quality choice for the money. You can easily find 50- to 100-foot hoses in the $25-$50 range—not much different from old-fashioned hoses Expandable garden hose review update. 02:46. There's a new breed of as-seen-on-TV expandable garden hoses that promise to be lighter, easier to use and will never kink. Consumer Reports checked.

An expandable hose expands three times in length when in use and is 5 times lighter then traditional garden hose. So you don't have to worry about storage problems any more, just take it out, turn the water on and see the hose expands to it working length in seconds Category: travel camping. 4.2/5 (350 Views . 42 Votes) Expandable hoses are very light, very compact and are easy to use. most expandable hoses work best if you have good (high) water pressure. If you have low water pressure, you may not get the hose to extend to its full length. Click to see full answer The length listed in any expandable garden hose product page is the fully expanded length of the hose when water in on. That means, when not in use it is usually 1/3 the size of its expanded length. So, 50ft expandable hose is only 16ft-17ft long when in storage. Here is a general idea, - 50 ft expanded hose, will be typically 17 ft long in. Cheap expandable hoses aren't going to last very long no matter what the marketing copy promises. A higher price will get you a hose of better quality. In most cases, the longer the hose, the more it will cost. Expect to pay at least $30 for a good-quality 25-foot expandable hose to at least $50 for a durable 100-foot expandable hose. Tip

It's never a good idea to leave an expandable garden hose outdoors over winter in harsh weather conditions. But, some gardeners may still want a hose for outdoor chores in colder weather The Good. Flexzilla expanding hose is 50 feet long with strong water pressure, and returns in seconds to 17 Feet after water is shut off; A newly designed expandable water hose will Never tangle, twist, or kink, flexible and easy to handle and to store; Zero-memory hose - does not fight you when coiling Most of the expandable hoses on the market come with solid, leak-proof, brass fittings simply because of their excellent durability and resistance to rust. Some of the best expandable hoses can go years without any leaks, which is fantastic. Moreover, brass fittings are resistant to marks and scratches

Herein, are expandable hoses any good? A good, dependable hose is always appreciated, but you don't have to look to heavy rubberized materials, or awkward coiled hoses anymore to get your jobs done. The best expandable hose materials have improved over the years to include durable, quality, long lasting products for all your outdoors needs.. Beside above, what is an expandable garden hose The appeal of an expandable hose is that it's lighter, easier to handle, and doesn't take up as much storage space as a conventional hose because when there's no water in it the hose shrinks. Expandable hoses offer a number of benefits, including that they're lightweight and more compact than standard rubber hoses. In particular, the J&B Lawn XpandaHose is an excellent choice for anyone on the hunt for a new garden hose, as it's reliable and easy to use Are expandable hoses any good? Short answer, yes. These long hoses for gardens can be beneficial to not just homeowners but to anyone who is in need of the length and flexibility that they offer. If you are in doubt about the effectiveness of these hoses, then push those doubts aside because listed below are five ways how an expandable hose for.

1) TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose, Updated. Details: The first expandable garden hose on our lists come from TBI Pro. The 2019 update to their popular expandable garden hose line is still a class favorite. The hose comes in 50-foot and 100-foot variants at 3.50lbs and 5.50lbs, respectively In the process of changing out old-style hoses, the Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose might be what you need to try. It prevents leakage efficiently thanks to the double-latex pipe and solid 3/4-inch brass connectors. It can withstand water pressure of 12 bars, up to 113 degrees F in working temperature - equivalent to 45 degrees C

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All three of these expandable hoses are excellent products that make watering the lawn, garden, flower beds or even to use commercially much easier. There is no worry about the hose cracking, kinking, splitting or twisting because these expandable hoses will not do any of these things I would say any expandable garden hose can be called the best if you compare it to the conventional garden hoses that most people use. The expandable garden hoses are kink-free, corrosion-free, tangle-free, and basically just free from all the issues that are known to cause headaches among gardeners Hi everyone, Has anyone had the fortune or not to try the apparently amazing expandable Xhose from the US? I feel a bit disillusioned with the hoses and casings I see at garden centres/on-line, they seem so thin and I can see that they will kink and leave permanent kink dents. We've already binned one for being so awful. I have seen mixed reviews for the Xhose on Amazon. Any advice would be. The Anteko 50' Expandable Hose is a great, lightweight space saver that's perfect for any home. With a 30-day money back guarantee and an 12-month warranty, it's a safe investment. Plus, it comes with a high-quality spray nozzle and a hook for easy storage

On the other end, expandable hoses are designed to be easily plugged into a water source and can also be easily expanded, among other features. In a nutshell, an expandable hose is a modernized standard hose with more to offer. Q: Do I Need An Expandable Hose Pipe? A: There is more that one can do with an expandable garden hose. If you need. Following the three main pointers to a good investment in expandable hoses, it is the GardenDADY Expanding 50ft Hose which sails high above the rest. The manufacturer has provided exceptional choice and an economical purchase all in one by providing a product that comes complete with the functions fit for 9 variant purposes. There are no hidden. GrowGreen Expandable Hose. Courtesy. Expandable Hose. GrowGreen. $58.99. $23.99 (59% off) 7.2 pounds, on a concrete sidewalk. The Premium Hybrid Rubber hose is a very good all-around hose for. Are expandable garden hoses any good? Yes. First, they are very lightweight compared to normal hoses. Second, they do not kink or twist. Third, they are self-shrinking, which means the water pressure will expand the hose up to 3 times, and when the water pressure is off, the hose restores to its normal length - easy for storage. And the last.

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Check for water hoses with good warranties and guarantees that protect you against any quality issues. Conclusion. Expandable water hoses are one of the best gardening tools to buy this year for watering your gardens and lawns. They are also a versatile product that helps in several other home chores like washing cars and homes On Amazon, the Pocket Hose Silver Bullet gets between 3.7-to-4 out of 5 stars. Many reviews complain about parts breaking or leaking. Another complained about the hose not expanding or retracting. Flexzilla Garden Hose. This Amazon bestseller has an average 4.6-star rating from more than 33,000 reviews on the site. Like its name suggests, this hose is made with a flexible hybrid polymer.

The answer is simple- consider buying any of these best no kink garden hoses reviewed below. The seven kink-free garden hoses review is all set to erase your kink related problems forever. All of these hoses have premium construction, superior performance, and above all, a user-friendly interface This time the hose decided to do something different, the connector worked and water started flowing through (yes!) but after a few seconds, the hose started expanding strangely. Next thing you know, theres this bulge appearing from the hose length about two thirds of the way down and it pops and water starts shooting out The hose is expandable up to 100 feet, but it is not bulky and heavy weighted. Rather, it is lightweight and compact. And that is why you will don't have any problem with storing and move the hose. The most advantageous feature of the kink free water hose; it comes with some essential accessories There are three major garden hoses on the market today, the old fashion green rubber hose, expandable hose, and metal garden hose. I have used both the expandable and metal hoses for years, and personally, I prefer metal hose simply because it leaks less often. However, a good hose washer should stop leakages..

There's a new breed of as-seen-on-TV expandable garden hoses that promise to be lighter, easier to use and will never kink. Consumer Reports checked out the. A good, dependable hose is always appreciated, but you don't have to look to heavy rubberized materials, or awkward coiled hoses anymore to get your jobs done. The best expandable hose materials have improved over the years to include durable, quality, long lasting products for all your outdoors needs A good garden hose is essential to maintain a perfect garden and having an expandable one will make your watering task easier. It won't let you drag any heavy hose all around the area to water your garden. These are lightweight, self-draining, and contract to compact size for its storage. It comes with two sections [

The Cost. The Flex-Able Hose comes in three different sizes, each understandably with their own price point. You can get the 25 footer for the advertised $20 with $8 shipping. You can get the 50 foot size for $30 plus $9 shipping, and the 75 foot size goes for $40 plus $10 shipping. They include a spray gun attachment with each hose you buy In my experience, owning 2 of these hoses, they are not. The reason is that the inside of the hose, where the water flows through, is made of a very thin membrane and it springs leaks after so many uses because the membrane stretches when the hose..

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Are expandable hoses any good? Expandable hoses are a relatively new type of hose that expand to 3 times their normal length when water pressure is turned on, and contract to their original length when off. This makes them self-draining, and highly resistant to kinks, twists, and tangles It is made from a tough multi-layered expandable inner hose and a folded outer covering made of super strong webbing. Xhose is simply built strong to last for many years. Compared with regular hoses, Xhose is designed to be lightweight saving on storage space. A 50-feet hose weighs only 1 pound and it will fit nicely in a flower pot Basic retractable water hoses, such as expandable models, start at around $20 to $40. If you want a retractable reel hose, you'll need to spend at least $60 to $100 for a mid-range option. High-end retractable hoses can cost as much as $150 to $250, depending on the hose length. and material and the overall quality of the unit

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A hose made from vinyl, for example, is perfectly appropriate for watering plants in a temperate climate. These are the most inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to work with. You may also wish to consider an ultra-light, easy-to-store expandable hoses are also a worth option, particularly when storage space is at a premium Suplong 100FT Expandable Garden Hose is probably the overall best expandable hose on the list. You can use it for lawns, plants, shrubs, washing cars, pets, or just about any other stubborn job. The model is easy to expand and just as easy to put away

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  1. Review for the best expandable flexable hose on the market, the pocket hose. I like this expanding hose the best of all the new flexable hoses on the market,..
  2. ating tangles and being easy to pack away
  3. Most expandable hoses have the covering set up in such a way that it expands along with the latex core under pressure. 2. Length. The length of the hose is a very important matter to consider while purchasing a hose. Depending on the extent of the garden, you can choose a hose from 3 feet to 100 feet long

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Are expandable hoses any good? An expandable hose is a great alternative to a traditional garden rubber hose. They're lightweight and easy to carry. They expand up to 3x's their original length, allowing a short hose to cover a large area. And they're self-draining and easy to store away DIY and gardening retailers are being given an opportunity to benefit from the launch of a new kind of expanding hosepipe, the Hercul-Easy Hose, which is seen as a true game-changer for all hosepipe users—whether they're watering the garden or washing their car. Since expandable hoses first appeared five years ago, they have faced plenty of criticism—chiefly because of problems with.

Ask any gardener what their most important gardening equipment is, and there is a high chance that most would love a good hose. But one of the things that lack in most garden hoses is poor convenience and inefficiency. For most gardeners having such a hose is useless and one would better rethink other alternatives to water your garden Editor's Notes. October 03, 2020: Expandable garden hoses offer a lot of benefits over traditional ones, namely the ability to expand and retract during and after use, which allows for more compact storage.This also helps give outdoor spaces a tidier look, since there will be less hose coiled or lying around, and can also minimize tripping hazards

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Length: Hose manufacturers produce hoses of different lengths. Common hose lengths include 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet. Some of these hoses are even expandable hoses, making them versatile regarding length. You should also know that, the shorter the hose, the better the water pressure that it supplies, hence you should have this in. 10 Best RV Water Hose Reviews 2021. 1. Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose. If you wish to invest in a Camco drinking water hose then the 50-feet Camco premium water hose will never cause any disappointment. One benefit of this water hose is that it is built to be extra tough Its inner diameter is ½ inches and weighs only 2 lbs. Therefore, you can carry the hose to ay corner of the home without any trouble or pain. The manufacturer has added an indoor aerator adapter for a male-to-female faucet connection. Highlighted Features. The hose expands up to 50 ft and has a brilliantly constructed 24 wand

There are plenty of reputable expandable hose pipes on the market (note that X Hose has one of the worst ratings (enough said about X Hose)), but after trying many out and having a good feel and play with them, I don't think any expandable hose pipe compares to the quality of the Hozelock Superhoze Zero-G 5/8-in x 100-ft Premium-Duty Kink Free Woven Gray Hose. Take the work out of yard work. Teknor Apex has the solution. The Zero-G® hose is up to 50% lighter in weight than standard garden hoses, which provides for easy coiling, maneuverability and compact storage Hydrotech Expandable Garden Hose: This expandable hose has features like a strain relief guard and latex liner that prevent it from bursting, so you'll never have to worry while using your hose.

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Find the right hose for any project. Whether you're gardening, caring for you lawn, or cleaning the patio, Gilmour hoses will get the job done Hozelock 30m Superhoze Expanding Hose (1424X) 150 of 177 ( 85%) reviewers would recommend this product. Expands up to 3 times its original length for easy reach and then shrinks in size after use for convenient storage. Does not kink or tangle to ensure continuous water flow Expandable hoses are a revolution in their industry, but there are some issues with these hoses when used as part of a sprinkler-based irrigation system. If setting up sprinklers is the primary use of the hose, a traditional water hose is probably a better option

A good garden hose is essential to maintain a perfect garden and having an expandable one will make your watering task easier. It won't let you drag any heavy hose all around the area to water your garden. These are lightweight, self-draining, and contract to compact size for its storage. It comes with two sections [ This hose is tightly coiled into a spring when it's not in use. A coiled hose is great for watering small areas. It tends to be a light-duty hose. Expandable Garden Hose: For a lightweight option, this scrunchy-looking hose expands up to three times its length when filled with water. Expandable hoses are good for small yards and gardens The fittings on any expandable hose will play a huge role in whether or not the hose is able to maintain the water pressure that it needs to fully expand and then keep its expanded length. Unfortunately, low-quality fittings will greatly affect the ability of the hose to expand all of the way Pocket hoses - The pocket hose (also known as the expandable garden hose) expands to about 3 times its empty size when you turn on the tap. Several of the hoses on our list are expandable garden hoses for good reason. They're good for around the yard like long hoses but they pack away neater than even a short garden hose Trying to connect a 20mm female with 13mm bayonet to a 20mm male with 15mm bore. My pressure washer has a 20mm male with a 15mm bore. I'm trying to buy a new 15m hose but they are all 20mm with a 13mm bayonet fitting. I can't find a way to get around this as a 20mm male to 20mm female with a 14mm bore adapter doesn't seem to exist

Polyurethane hoses labeled safe for drinking (2 tested) contained no chemicals of concern. What You Can Do. Read the labels: Buy hoses labeled drinking water safe. The label lead-free is a good choice in most cases, but not all: While none of those hoses had bromine or lead in any of their parts, some contained phthalates Briggs and Stratton Foot Premium Heavy-Duty Garden Hose. Briggs & Stratton hoses are heavy-duty, resist kinking, stay flexible in Extreme cold and can be used with hot water. 5/8-inch diameter, withstands hot water up to 200-degree F, coil easily - flexible to -25-degree F. Durable 100-percent rubber cover stays flexible even in temperature extremes As far as radiator hoses go, Gates is one step ahead. Their lower or upper radiator hoses are slightly thicker. Dayco's have thinner wall which might be an uh-oh moment for some applications. Regardless, what matters here the most is the bending angle. You should always pick the radiator hose that bends as close as your OEM hoses as possible Are expandable garden hoses any good? Made to address the kinking, tangling and twisting issues witnessed in the traditional garden hoses, expandable garden hoses are an excellent option. What is the best-rated garden hose? Having been rated close to 13,000 times, Flexi Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose is one of the most bought garden hoses

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Are expandable hoses any good? As a heavy duty hose option, an expandable hose can be a great choice if you really don't like the old 'put-back' at the end of a gardening session. Expandable hoses will allow you to contract your hosepipe from around 50 metres plus down to 10% or less of the size Expandable hoses: Some hoses that are quite expandable also make a good choice. This is owing to the fact that they aren't going to easily get damaged just because of the pressure of the ice. So, some of these hoses have also made it into today's list of the best hoses for winter use Signs of Good Quality. The best expandable hoses are made of double- or triple-layer latex, protected by a woven nylon outer covering. The coating provides good breathability and protection from the elements. You should avoid any products that are not made of these durable materials because cheaper products may split or puncture easily

General water hose can bear water pressure 43.5-87PSI/3-6BAR where the new designed grow green water hose can safely operate with water pressure up to 145PSI/10BAR. This hose is a high standard expandable hose with high-quality spray nozzle with 8 adjustable patterns and all brass connector, excellent corrosion resistance and durable quality This lightweight and expandable garden hose is made with 13 layers of latex that's both flexible and strong. It expands up to three times its length and is leak-proof and kink-resistant. The 25-foot hose weighs less than two pounds, but it also comes in larger sizes

Expandable Hoses. Expandable hoses have gained great popularity, thanks to their design and benefits. They are smaller and compact but can expand up to 3 times when they get a water supply. Expandable hoses are also known as pocket hoses as they can be stored easily when there is no water in them. Though these units are durable, you can use. #5 Fitlife Expandable Garden Hose. This water hose is designed specially to make your life easy. The best material of this shrinking water hose never twists, tangles or kinks. When you finish using it just rewind it in the basket or hang it on hose hanger. This multipurpose water shrinking water hose quickly get shrink and expand with the flow.

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Read our latest guide about the best expandable hoses. Advantages of a Retractable Garden Hose. If you're a keen gardener and want to keep your garden immaculate at all times without any extra hassles, you need a Retractable Garden Hose without a doubt. This hose is super easy to use and to store back in your garden shed, garage, wall, etc Photo 2: Look for cast brass fittings. Buy a hose with heavy-duty crushproof cast-brass fittings. They're a good indication of overall hose quality, and they'll last the life of the hose. Photo 3: Avoid stamped-brass fittings. Forget hoses with crummy stamped-brass fittings. You may save a few bucks up front, but you won't be happy with. 2 of 25. Expandable Deluxe Garden Water Hose. Oct17 walmart.com. $15.99. SHOP NOW. This flexible hose is both durable and reliable and is fit for all garden watering chores. The nozzle has seven built-in settings ranging from a mist all the way up to jet stream. 3 of 25 A quality garden hose is an asset for any home. You should compare the process of shopping for a garden hose to purchasing an extension cord. You always need to think about the length of the hose first. It is a good idea to measure the distance from you actual wall spigot to all of the places that you are going to need to use the hose A: With so much misunderstanding as to what an expandable and an extendable water hose it is necessary to differentiate both. First, it is possible for an expandable hose to be extendable. By being expandable, that means the hose can stretch to hold a certain amount of water. Being extendable means, the water hose can extend to cover a larger area