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Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D and Sour Deez, is a popular sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk. Sour Diesel effects are dreamy, cerebral, fast-acting and.. The Sour Diesel strain has a name for being one of the most pungent strains of all time, and for good reason. It emanates an extremely strong odor of skunk, gasoline, and lemon. So it may not be one of the most tastiest (unless you love those dank strains, of course), but it really does pack a punch in terms of effects One of the more potent (and as of 2018, politically volatile) strains out there, Russian Assassin is an indica-leaning hybrid. This bud's genetic background includes Headband, Skywalker, and Lemon OG Kush, all of which blend to yield an herbal flavor profile and a thoroughly relaxing high Russian Snow cannabis strain by Vision Seeds is an Indica dominant hybrid with a 17.5% THC average. It grows to medium height with a compact structure, and highly resinous tops. It simply looks like a winter wonderland and has a pleasently sweet aroma. It can treat stress and anxiety Sour Diesel displays an extremely pungent blend of fuel, skunk, citrus, and spice that will leak through many jars and bags when the strain is well-grown. The sharpness gets stronger after breaking it up, adding a stronger kick of citrus as well as a cutting fuel aroma that tickles the nose

An Indica dominant hybrid that is very easy to grow, with a short height and large yields. Russian Auto is superb for growers looking for a low maintenance, rapid flowering, resilient hybrid with wonderful sweet, candy, fruity, and skunky aromas 18+ LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENTFor my 40th Canadian Cannabis review, we have a strain called Sour Diesel.During my reviews I will mention the look, smell,.. XJ-13 is a potent hybrid strain with flowers that smell sour, earthy and slightly sweet like citrus fruit with subtle hints of pine. The smoke is thick and menthol-like on the inhale with more of a spiciness experienced on the exhale. This strain will leave users.. Sour Diesel, a name revered in toking circles, is one of the most ubiquitous,. The news is so full of Russian spy drama and election tampering I felt it time to offer up a White Russian Marijuana Strain Review. This is a great strain. It's as powerful as Putin, as beautiful as Tchaikovsky and as mysterious as the KGB. 25% THC levels make this easily a world power

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Sour Tangie Strain Review. Durban Poison Strain Review. Weed Reviews Russian Creme Strain Review Russian Creme is a beautiful hybrid. I enjoyed this as a wake and bake strain today. I did not have much to do except some computer work after working out.. Black Russian came about through genetic cross-breeding of the strains White Russian (which is a hybrid) and Black Domina (which is an indica). Hence the odd name, Black Russian. Experts classify the Black Russian strain as an indica (with some hybrid genetics, as expected). It ranks in at an 80% indica and 20% sativa makeup

Strain Flavor When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Russian Assassin strain is best described as Earthy, Mint, and Flowery. Russian Assassin Strain Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects Relaxed 60.51% of users reported feeling relaxed The indica-dominant Sour Pink Lemonade strain is said to have the same effect.Created by Relentless Genetics, it is a cross of Sour Dubb and Purple Bomb Our russian rocket fuel strain is the result of crossing a heavy indica strain with very dense resinous buds with automatic NYC diesel which adds an exotic high and deeply fruity smell to the mix. This strain gives off a wonderful fuel-like aroma and really packs a punch. Type: Auto flowering indica/sativa hybrid. Height: 11 - 18 inches Power Russian is a fusion of an African sativa strain and the Dutch hybrid White Russian. Huge yields and a strong effect make this a brilliant outdoor strain which also does well when cultivated indoors. Giant buds drip with resin. Power Russian is 70% sativa whose buds become so heavy that some form of support will be needed

Description. Lemon Diesel, also called Lemon Sour Diesel, roared to life when Northern California's Emerald Triangle crossed an OG (Pakistani x Lemon Thai x Chemdawg #4, aka Lost Coast OG) with its own California Sour. The genetics combined to create a flavor-laden strain with about 15-20% THC, according to Amsterdam Seeds Type of Strain. The sour diesel marijuana strain is one that is known for it's high content of THC and recreational uses. Since the THC in this strain is high, the CBD is much lower and some effects normally seen due to CBD are minimal. The levels of THC in this strain have been reported to be as high as 25%, but it varys Dawggone Sour is a 5-way hybrid strain that was bred by crossing Stardawg ( ChemDawg #4 x Tres Dawg) with Jack the Ripper (Jack's Cleaner F1 x Romulan x Cinderella 99). It is 65% sativa, growing into a large plant with great yields, high potency and medicinal applications.. Dawggone Sour is the result of a collaborative effort by Kyle Kushman, Subcool and Badger

Original reporting and compelling writing on local news, restaurants, arts and culture have made Phoenix New Times a vital resource for readers who want to understand and engage with their community The Russian Assassin Boyz is a Southern California based next-level cannabis breeder and cultivator. They have a large portfolio of both top-shelf flowers and some very impressive concentrates. Also worth noting the majority of their strains are breed, selected, and grown inhouse. Being the flower head that I am, they have many unique strains. Russian Crème. Russian Crème is an Indica Dominant Hybrid that inherits genetic traits from Hardcore OG x Acai Gelato. These two strains combine to give off a heavy dose of that Acai Gelato terp smell as well as hints of the OG

White Russian from Serious Seeds is available as regular and feminized seeds. In 11 seedbanks, we found 29 offers between EUR 15.00 for 1 feminized seed and EUR 405.54 for 36 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy White Russian Cannabis Seeds from Serious Seeds somewhere - have a look to our White Russian Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and. Cannabis ruderalis, or C. sativa sativa var. spontanea, is a low-THC variety or subspecies of Cannabis which is native to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.Many scholars accept Cannabis ruderalis as its own species due to its unique traits and phenotypes which distinguish it from Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa; however, it is widely debated by many other scholars as to whether or not. White Widow is a widely popular and potent hybrid strain that has been used to breed many other popular strains like Blue Widow, White Rhino and White Russian. White Widow is said to have originated in the Netherlands. The flowers of this powerhouse strain smell.. Ultra Sour Strain Review (Wildlife Cannabis) April 13, 2021 No Comments Ice Cream Cake Strain Review (7ACRES) April White Russian Strain Review April 5, 2020 No Comments Quadra Strain Review March 23, 2020 No Comments Two Tone Ban Strain Review (Sour Kush) March.

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  1. Blueberry Kush is a strong indica strain that slowly brings on a heavy body sensation, helping patients forget their pain and relax. Originally from Oregon, this strain is a hybrid of Blueberry and OG Kush, which is evident in its fresh berry aroma with notes of earthy herbalness.This indica is best for evenings or before bed. Sour Diesel. While it definitely has a pungent skunk smell, Sour.
  2. Russian Rocket Fuel Sage Sapphire Star Sasquatch Sap Satori Saturn OG Scooby Snack Secret Recipe SFV OG SFV OG Kush Shangri-La Sharks Breath Shiatsu Kush Super Sour Diesel Supernatural Swazi Gold Sweet Cheese Sweet Diesel Sweet Jane Swiss Gold Swiss Sativa Swiss Tsunami Tangie Tangilope Thai Thai Haze Thai Stic
  3. White Russian has a pungent odour that also feels very sweet and sour in places with a berry and citrus flavoured aroma. WR is a relatively safe strain to use, but has a few side-effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth

Plum pox virus (PPV) exists as a complex of nine strains adapted to different Prunus hosts. Unusual PPV isolates that do not belong to the known cherry-adapted strains were discovered on sour cherry in Russia. Here, two complete genomes of isolates Tat-2 and Tat-4 were determined by sequencing on the Illumina HiSeq 2500 platform menu blue dream, og kush, sour diesel, green crack, grand daddy purple, white widow, jack herer, ak 47 northern light, headband, blue cheese, pineapple express, chem dawg, blue berry, sky walker, mango kush, purple urkle. girls scout cookies. contact us for full strain menu and prices. marijuana should be legalize Hy. Hybrid. THC - 20 -22. NYC Diesel is a very popular strain of weed. It is a cross of the Sour Diesel marijuana strain and an Afghan indica marijuana strain. To date, NYC Diesel has won 9 different Cannabis Cup awards. It is a quite potent strain that constantly tests above 20% THC

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Find legal marijuana dispensaries and medical marijuana patient information. THCFinder.com is the place were patients can locate the safest and highest quality legal medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis clubs closet to their area. Legal marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacremento, Orange County, Anaheim, Ann Arbor and EVERYWHERE legal patients have access to medical. Sour Diesel Haze is an ultra-compact strain with an invigorating Sativa high. Yields for this strain are slightly lower, again due to a much smaller height. However the size makes it another strain that is ideal for indoor grows where space is tight. Despite having 90% Sativa genetics, Sour Diesel Haze is known to have a calming effect

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This sweet and sour beef stew is one of the brightest examples of Russian peasant food. The origin of its name is unclear, it's either derived from the word sol meaning salt or selo meaning village. Whatever the source is, one thing is not disputed. It's a meat lover's heaven This 90% indica and 10% sativa plant leans more to the chill-out on the couch side. If one wishes to unwind and explore the possibilities of the universe, this strain could be considered in one's preparations. Russian Snow, as the name suggests, generates an abundance of resin, covering the buds with milky crystals Sour Diesel, a sativa-dominant strain has the fastest and most exhilarating effect which makes it a legendary drug. It originated in the 19th century. Ch.. Russian Assassin, also referred to as Russian Assassin OG, is a indica-dominant hybrid that mixes Skywalker, Lemon OG Kush, and Headband. The resulting n. Sour Diesel Strain, sometimes called Sour D, is an invigorating sativa-dominant strain named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma.This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to its legendary status. Stress, pain, and depression fade away in long-lasting relief that makes Sour Diesel a top choice among medical patients

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  1. Strains with the effect of Happy. $100 OG. 13 Dawgs. 24k Gold. 3 Kings. 303 OG. 3D CBD. 3X Crazy. 501st OG
  2. Sour Cheese is a pungent and wildly aromatic hybrid that is said to have been created out of the crossing of two distinct strains, Cheese and Sour Diesel.Some claim that this hybrid is a result of an addition of Strawberry Diesel, adding to the mystery of its exact origins.. Here are some amazing seed deals.Buy 10 and get 10 seeds for free
  3. The strain gave its name to two rap alb ums by Doap Nixon, as well as a single by Dame Grease. The Flatbush Zombies single Face-Off, a rap song about recreational drug use, also mentions Sour Diesel at the start of its second verse: Perfect day, 10 bitches, and some sour diesel. It is a favorite strain of rapper Wiz Khalifa
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A nice blend of classic OG Kush and popular Sour Diesel, our Sour Kush Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds give balanced effects with a slight indica edge. You can expect relaxation, good mood, and a touch of pain relief from this 22% THC option, plus the added benefits of an easy grow White Russian has a pungent odor that also feels very sweet and sour in places with a berry and citrus flavored aroma. It has a very powerful taste that is packed with earthy and sweet flavors that last for a long time, including nutty and rose flavors. As it relaxes you, this marijuana strain is perfect for curing stress and anxiety BLACK RUSSIAN STRAIN. $ 10.00 $ 7.00. Black Russian is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain bred by Delicious Seeds, who created this strain by crossing a Black Domina mother with White Russian. Notes of mango and citrus collide with lemon candy to create a medley of sweet tropical aromas that burst from Black Russian's compact buds White Russian has a pungent odour that also feels very sweet and sour in places with a berry and citrus flavoured aroma. It has a very powerful taste that is packed with earthy and sweet flavours that last for a long time, including nutty and rose flavours. As it relaxes you, this marijuana strain is perfect for curing stress and anxiety

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The Master Kush strain. MSNL Team / 8th May 2019. View. MSNL Team / 25th April 2019 Sour OG marijuana strain is a hybrid and a cross between OG Kush, Blueberry and Sour Diesel with a 50:50 sativa/indica ratio that creates an impressive 17% THC level. Its buds are not only large, but are dense as well. Additionally, they are covered in trichomes. [1] Select Quantity. Choose an option 1 Ounce 1 Pound 1/2 Pound 1/4 Pound 1/8 Pound Marijuana Strains & Cannabis Genetics. Welcome to the original Marijuana Strain Library, where you will find detailed information on cannabis strains, including strain origins and genetics, strain-specific grow tips, smoke reports and descriptions of the effects, and more. Marijuana strains are either pure breeds or hybrid varieties of Cannabis. The strain will not make you sleepy, so it is okay to take it during the time. If you need to go to work or some social event and you want to stay alert, then use a CBD product with Ringo's Gift Strain. 4) Harle-Tsu Strain. TheHarle-Tsu Strain is a hybrid of the Harlequin strain and Sour Tsunami strain. It has a whopping CBD to THC ratio of 22:1

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Alaskan Thunderf**k. Alaskan Thunderfu** is the name of a strain instead of a wild phrase someone might utter to get a laugh and possibly the funniest American weed strain name. The lineage of ATF is complicated as it is a combination of Russian Ruderalis and an anonymous Californian strain. The impacts can be a sharp mind along with a relaxed. Ryazhenka is one of the numerous varieties of Russian cultured milk. It is prepared by fermenting milk after it was baked at low oven temperature for 6-8 hours. During that time, some of the water evaporates, and Maillard reaction occurs between amino acids and sugar, which gives milk light brown tint and wonderful caramel-like flavor A sour and/or funky version of a base style of beer. Commercial Examples Boulevard Love Child, Cascade Vlad the Imp Aler, Jester King Le Petit Prince, Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca, Russian River Temptation, The Bruery Rueuze, The Bruery Tart of Darknes A new strain of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is spreading in Russia, and researchers say it is significantly more dangerous than standard HIV, the TASS news agency reported on Wednesday Jason B. Sundae Driver×French Toast×Peanut Butter Breath. $25 / ea. T²Manifestations. Morockin Kush×Peanut Butter Breath F1. $25 / ea. T²Manifestations. Ethos early lemon berry rbx. $50 / ea

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Sour Tangie brings together the classic Sour Diesel aroma with Tangie's creative, elevating buzz and strong citrus overtones. More about this strain: Sour Tangie As of several hybrids descended from Tangie, Sour Tangie is a flavorful strain with a striking terpene profile that emulates both of its aromatic parents dabwoods russian cream cartridge has a distinct aroma of sour tangy fruit. And a taste of tangy fruit with a sour pine aftertaste upon exhale. dabwoods russian cream have oversized Christmas tree , shaped light minty green nugs with bright neon green leaves. A moderate strain that tops out at 20% THC, Extreme Cream is ideal for the perfect. Sour Diesel is a very pungent, aromatic strain. Heavy chemical, herbal and sour flavours come from its glistening buds. When grown well, it will give yields of 450-600 grams per square metre. This is both a yield in quantity and quality, producing high-quality, resinous, aromatic buds. Full Diesel power


White Russian is a fairly easy strain to grow, and thus is suitable for cultivators of all experience levels. Her indica-dominant nature keeps things short and sweet, and endows her with enough vigour to resist common cannabis plights. White Russian is an effortless grow, both in a typical indoor setup and outdoors Sour OG Weed Strain UK. Sour OG Weed Strain UK is a 50/50 hybrid strain that is a real favorite among those who love a balanced sativa/indica buzz. As a cross of two of the most popular and widely available strains in the world, Sour OG has been available in clone and seed form for quite some time NYC Sour Diesel Strain. NYC Sour Diesel is a cross between Sour Diesel and Afghani. It is a moderate Sativa dominant strain often used for both medical and recreational purposes. It has light olive-green buds that are covered in ambers hairs, and a lack of any noticeable trichomes. It is a very sweet tasting strain with a smell of pineapple and. Sour Tangie is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created as a cross of the hugely popular East Coast Sour Diesel X Tangie strains. Like its parent strains, this bud is most infamous for its insanely mouthwatering flavor.. Sour Tangie has a smell of pungent sour citrus that has an earthy diesel bouquet as the bud is smoked akin to West Coast Cure