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Keep Your Home Organised With Our Collection Of Boxes, Hangers & Racks. Click & Collect From Hundreds Of Locations Including Your Nearest Waitros Check Out Hunt The Egg On eBay. Find It On eBay. Great Prices On Hunt The Egg. Find It On eBay The Easter Pack is on SALE for only $1.99 and you get SO much in it: ALL 24 Easter Coupons -- with age-specific ideas for both Kids & Teens. 2 Coupon Book Covers. 9 pre-printed Egg Clues. 9 blank ones you can tailor to your house AND. the done-for-you Egg Hunt so you can easily & quickly get those eggs hidden : Our famous, free printable Easter egg hunt clues are back for another year. Break out the plastic Easter eggs and print off these free egg hunt clues to make Easter morning extra special for kids! For more Easter ideas look here. Use these Easter Egg Hunt Printables FREE clues This fun Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues includes printable Easter Egg Hunt Ideas, clues as well as blank eggs for you to write your own clues on. This activity is appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and even elementary age kids. You can write in your own clues or if you want you can use the Easter Egg Hunt clues for.

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  1. Traditionally, plastic eggs are filled with eggs and trinkets. However, it can also be fun to have your hunt end with the kiddos in your life discovering fun-filled Easter baskets.. Personal Creations created some absolutely adorable printable easter egg hunt ideas and clues that will help you take your Easter egg hunt up a notch, and we're sharing them today on our blog
  2. GET THE FREE PRINTABLE EASTER HUNT CLUES. Colour Coded Easter Hunt. This is a great option if you have children of different ages and you want to ensure they get Easter egg gifts that are age appropriate, especially if you are doing the non-candy Easter egg fillers
  3. This fun free printable Easter Hunt is a great way to add a little extra excitement to your Easter celebrations.. Whether you want to add something extra to your regular egg hunt, or you want a new and fun way to hide Easter eggs, these printable Easter hunt cards are perfect for both options
  4. If you're looking for a fun way to do an Easter egg hunt - this Easter Day scavenger hunt is perfect for kids! We have both an indoor and an outdoor scavenger hunt to choose from! So even if the weather is not favorable, you can do a scavenger hunt on Easter morning! Grab the free printable scavenger hunt clue cards at the bottom of the post
  5. Prepare the Easter eggs (about 10 eggs per player): Download, print and cut up the egg-shaped Silly Easter Egg Hunt Cards. Each set contains 10 cards, enough for 1 player. Print as many copies as you need. Place one card in each plastic Easter egg, in addition to the usual candy and/or small toy

Once you have finished your Easter Egg hunt there are plenty of other Easter activities to try. You could make these yummy Mini Egg Rocky Roads or have a go at some of these 20 Easy Easter Art Ideas & Crafts To Make At Home.However, you decide to spend the Easter weekend I have plenty of ideas for the bakers among you with 15 Cute Easy Cupcakes for Easter Mar 22, 2016 - Plan an easy holiday activity with these free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues available on Mom on the Side. These clues work for any home This Easter egg hunt idea is another great way to ensure that kids only end up with the correct amount-and of course prolongs the hunt a little bit!) Easter egg hunt printable #6 Fill in the Blank. This is pretty similar to the above oneexcept it's BLANK! You can fill in what kinds and colors your eggs are FREE printable Easter egg hunts. passing the time creating Easter egg hunts . Forty four days may seem like alot but they tend to go by quickly. Baskets goodies still have to be purchased, eggs filled and letters to the Easter bunny written. As well as the yearly trip to the Greenhouse and pictures with the Easter Bunny Easter Egg Hunt Free Printable. Post by sara albers. I don' know about you, but we love a fun and interactive activity for Easter. We started a new tradition last year filling some of the eggs with hilarious and action packed ideas for the kids. The kids had a ball when they opened an egg that said, Quack like a duck, or Sing the ABC's.

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  1. Can't wait for the Easter egg hunt? Our printable board games page has the solution ! : ) A lovely simple board game that will excite children towards Easter, perfect during the Easter holidays if you can't get enough of egg hunting fun, or really at any time of the year
  2. Mar 24, 2016 - A FREE printable set of Easter Egg Hunt clues for an easy indoor Scavenger Hunt - great for preschoolers, kids, teenagers and even adults
  3. Easter Egg Hunts for Teenagers is a paid collaboration in conjunction with Cadbury.My boys are in the tween and teen years now and I really want to keep things fun and try and keep the magic of childhood alive for as long as possible so when Cadbury sent us a massive selection of Easter Eggs I decided to look into Easter Egg hunts for teenagers
  4. Celebrate Easter with a Kids Outdoor Easter Scavenger Hunt! Your kids and teens will love running around the neighborhood solving clues and collecting a basket of awesome prizes. All of the instructions and free printable clues are included to make it simple for you
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  6. Free printable for Easter egg stuffing. Just so your Easter egg slips are properly festive, I'm supplying you a free printable. Of course, plain white paper works just as well, but if you really want to look like you went to tons of effort, I'm here for you! Download the Easter free printable here. Leave a comment with a crazy idea

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  1. Digital PRINTABLE Vintage Celebrate EASTER Bunny Egg Hunt Birthday Tea Party Boy Girl Children Baby Shower Invitation Cards Sheet IN16. $10.00, via Etsy. Tea Party Invitations Baby Shower Invitation Cards Invitations Kids Easter Hunt Easter Eggs Easter Birthday Party Birthday Ideas Bunny Party Easter Printables
  2. Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas: To start with, you'll need the free printable Easter Scavenger Hunt clue cards found below. Just cut out the clues, place them in plastic eggs, and hide them in the other clue locations around the house. You can leave the first clue somewhere for your child to stumble across in the morning
  3. Easter Egg Hunt for Babies (and toddlers!) Easter is almost here and kids everywhere are getting excited to hunt for colorful eggs! Do you have a baby or toddler who isn't quite ready for candy, stickers, or coins inside of their Easter eggs? Then this DIY Easter Egg Hunt for Babies idea is just for you
  4. Get these adorable (and free!) Easter egg printables for your Easter egg hunts at home. Includes Easter egg fillers with scavenger hunt clues, bunny money coupons, activity cards, and fill-in-the-blank cards. Awesome alternative to candy Easter eggs
  5. If you're planning an Easter Egg Hunt this Easter, then you are in luck! We've got the sweetest set of FREE Easter Egg Hunt printables, designed by my friend Ana from Love Party Printables. They are just perfect to use over Easter and are a beautiful Easter party decoration. The Easter Egg Hunt collection includes: Easter Egg Hunt invitations, party circles, Easter cake toppers, straw flags.

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This fun and free printable Easter Scavenger Hunt is great for the whole family. A fun spin on your Easter Egg hunt ideas. Turned into a treasure hunt. This Easter morning Easter Scavenger hunt is perfect for the kids and they will absolutely love it. We love the idea of keeping the kids busy around the house after church on Easter The Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues come in a PDF file that you can download and print over and over. Fill in the form below to get access to your copy of the Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues or CLICK HERE. Not only will you get access to the printable, you'll also get access to the entire library of printables I've created

Today I am thrilled to present you with a FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt for you to use on Easter morning that will lead your Happy Buddies to their baskets. Simply print the cards, cut them out, and put one in each of 8 different eggs. Place the eggs in the designated spots. Here's an easy guide to help you hide the eggs when it is super late. Setting up your own scavenger hunt Sunday morning is an activity your children will cherish for years to come! These easy-to-make Easter scavenger hunt clues help make the whole process a cinch. We've come up with eight clues on this free printable that lead to generic places around the house. If you don't have a printer, no fear This Easter egg hunt idea is actually six ideas in one, including scavenger hunts, puzzles, jokes, scrambled messages, trivia, and even balloon popping. You could use all of them or some of them to create a fun Easter celebration that the kids are going to love. Easter Hidden Message from Moms & Munchkins. Read More My Guide to a Christ-Centered Easter Egg Hunt. Every year we have our traditional Easter Egg hunt. We dye hard-boiled eggs every year. Plastic Easter eggs are filled with goodies. Eggs, candies, and coins are hidden all over the house. All of these typical Easter traditions are most definitely included at our house Here are a few tips on planning a stress-free neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. 1) Choose a date, time, and location. 2) Invitations. I've created this colorful invitation to make your job a little easier. CLICK HERE to download this FREE printable Easter Egg Hunt party invitation. There are two 5″ x 7″ invitations per sheet

3 From the Movies Easter Egg Hunt. In this game, each Easter egg contains a famous line from a movie. Players hunt for Easter eggs and try to identify which movies these lines came from. Prepare the Easter eggs (about 10 eggs per player): Download, print and cut up the From the Movies Cards. Each set contains 60 cards and is enough for 6 players Checklist Egg Hunt. Create a checklist of what each child should find - 1 pink egg, 2 blue, 3 yellow, 2 green, etc! Then each kid has to go around and find all the items on their list! You could make it fun by buying patterned easter eggs like Camo, Printed, Sports, or Crazy Faced! Each child is assigned a different pattern of Easter Eggs Free Printable Easter Egg Coupons. There are six different Easter egg coupons on the PDF for you to download and print at home, and each one features an adorable, colorful Easter bunny print. Fold or roll them to fit in some plastic eggs, and you'll be all set for your Easter egg hunt! These Easter Bunny coupons are a cheap, non-candy egg. This Easter Egg Art Scavenger Hunt is a simple stay at home game you can play a few ways. Here are ideas below: 1. Play with a Group of Friends or Your Neighborhood. Share the free printable coloring sheets with friends, family and neighbors. Everyone should pick a few coloring pages to print and color, then place on a door or window by a.

Whether you opt for a scavenger hunt, a preschooler-friendly counting game, or a hunt protected with coded clues, when paired with some fun Easter games, these egg hunt ideas will be a hit with kids of all ages. There are also some great ideas for candy-free hunts, whether you choose to swap treats for trinkets or coupons that kids can redeem. Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues. Show your sweetheart that some-bunny loves them by sending them off on an epic scavenger hunt! First, take a look below to see the exact wording that appears on clue #1 so you can see what your one-of-a-kind Easter hunt ideas entail. These adorable egg-shaped printables will simply tell you where to place each clue Easter Egg Hunt Ideas. Color Coded Egg Hunt from Sew Many Ways. A Different Kind of Egg Hunt from Life as Mom. (Free printable tokens that kids can spend on prizes!) Smart Phone Egg Hunt for Older Kids from Bits of Everything. Printable Egg Hunt Checklist from A Mom's Take. The Flashlight Egg Hunt from Let's Get Together 3. Easter Scavenger Hunt - Free Printable - by Happiness is Homemade. A super adorable set of 8 clues that will entertain children of all ages. The bright colors and cute graphics are written from the perspective of the Easter Bunny, for an extra cute spin. I love this one and think I'll use it for my son this year Download a printable Easter egg hunt sheet. Once you've printed the sheet, cut out the clues and hide the eggs in the places described. Hand out the clues and let school-age kids read them on their own while assisting the youngest family-members. Set a time limit (say 30 minutes) and start the Easter egg hunt

9. 'Easter Bunny Says' Egg Hunt. This game is just like Simon Says, but with a bunny-eared twist. Simply use the free printable to turn the average egg hunt into an even more energetic and interactive experience full of fun suggestions and activities Easter Egg Hunt Free Printable Activity. Turning the basic Easter egg hunt into a more interactive game has been so much fun for our kids. We designed an Easter Egg Hunt Free Printable Activity for you to use this Easter. The printable is filled with funny quick activities for the kids to do, like Roar like a lion or Hop like a bunny. DIY BOOZY EASTER EGG HUNT WITH FREE PRINTABLE CLUES. Admit it, you miss the days of Easter egg hunts, I know I do! When I was younger I used to absolutely LOVE hunting for Easter eggs around the garden and trying to crack the clues

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  1. Download my cute and free printable Easter scavenger hunt for kids with 24 fun riddles. My egg-shaped clues are not too easy for tweens and not too difficult for elementary-age kids and take them all around the house. Make this indoor scavenger hunt for the kids to add some egg-stra fun to Easter Sunday
  2. An egg hunt gives children a chance to run around whether you're doing your hunt indoors or out. How to run an Easter egg hunt with clues. Hide some eggs - hard boiled, plastic, chocolate or pictures of eggs - around the house/garden in locations to match the clues. (See printables for locations) Give your children the first clue to solve
  3. 9. 'Easter Bunny Says' Egg Hunt. This game is just like Simon Says, but with a bunny-eared twist. Simply use the free printable to turn the average egg hunt into an even more energetic and.

I hope you enjoy these fun Easter Printables. Printable Bunny Bucks. In my post on Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas, one of the ideas was to hide bunny bucks with the eggs. These can be redeemed in the bunny store for various Easter prizes. I found a few printable bunny bucks on Pinterest, but I wanted something more colorful, so I made these Easter is a tricky one in the time of COVID. Most of us still aren't able to visit the Easter Bunny, go to any big community or church egg hunts, or even go to our parents' house for Easter brunch (though I have high hopes for a more normal Easter next year!) We have so many Easter activities that we've decided to dedicate an entire page to it! On this page you'll find links to all of our Easter activities like free printables, Easter party ideas, crafts, recipes and more! So grab some chocolate eggs, take a seat and get cozywe have a lot to go through 3 Easter Basket Ideas and Easter Egg Hunt Free Printables. By Tracy Lane. Spring is officially here! The flowers are blooming, the weather is perfect, and Easter season is upon us. Whether your family celebrates with Easter baskets, a special meal, or crafting the day away, we have almost all experienced the joys of the egg hunt

You will find a few ideas at Easter Gift Ideas For Teenagers or Easter Baskets For Teens. Print the Easter Egg Hunt for Teens free printable - found below. Cut the eggs out. Early Easter morning, hide the paper eggs in designated spots (so easily provided on the included Cheat Sheet) or put the paper eggs in plastic eggs with a treat or two 11. Easter Hunt Box with Free Printables ~ This special Easter gift, an Easter egg hunt in a box, is the perfect present to send to your little loved ones that live far away. 12. Glow-in-the-dark Easter Eggs ~ This fun game is a great alternative to hunting traditional Easter eggs this year

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Free Printable Easter Egg Hunt Banner in Celebrations , DIY , Easter , Holiday , Printables on 04/15/14 I have been wanting to make an egg hunt banner for ever EASTER SCAVENGER HUNT AROUND THE HOUSE . Easter is quickly approaching and with it all the fun and games that kids love. That's why I've created this FREE Easter Scavenger Hunt printable pdf to make planning so much easier. An Easter Scavenger hunt on Easter morning is probably the one thing that all the kids look forward to Free printable Easter egg hunt clues (1) Free printables (6) Free Spring printables (3) Free St.Patrick's day printable (4) Free Summer printables (2) Free Thanksgiving printable (1) Free Thanksgiving printables (2) free Valentine's day printable (5) Frozen Party ideas (1) Gardening tips (11) Halloween (6) How to add a blog button and grab box (1

Use our easter egg alphabet printable along with plastic Easter eggs to help toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten age children practice their ABCs. This is such a fun easter egg letter hunt for kids. Simply download pdf file with easter worksheet for preschoolers and you are ready for this easter activity for preschool These ideas are perfect for kids and adults! Here are some fun twists and unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas! As always, please pin from the original post! To access the original post, click the link below each picture in the gallery. This will lead you to the original blog post with the complete tutorial

Photo Hunt - For teens, create a photo hunt where, in addition to collecting traditional Easter eggs, they look for special eggs that they open up and take a picture of with their phones that tell the Easter story. (Look for DIY resurrection egg ideas online.) When they return to the host of the hunt, they will show their series of pictures and get a small gift card for coffee or to a local store Mar 16, 2020 - Plan an unforgettable Easter egg hunt with our Easter egg hunt ideas and free printable clues!. See more ideas about easter egg hunt, egg hunt, easter. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with.

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Aug 1, 2018 - Print these free printable Easter scavenger hunt clues, simple enough for young kids to solve! A fun way to find their baskets on Easter morning! Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Social Distancing Style: On the Hunt for Autism-Inclusive Easter Ideas (and Eggs) Complete with Sensory-Friendly Egg Fillers! It's springtime, and usually (for many of us), that means prepping for Easter festivities. Every year, kids excitedly anticipate the Easter Bunny's arrival and egg hunt gatherings. This year, with the COVID-19.

Let's get organized!Download these free Easter Egg Hunt Printables at:http://clutterbug.me/2015/04/easter-hunt-riddle-free-printable.htmlLike my Facebook Pag.. Free printable indoor Easter egg hunt clues. Before you start hiding your Easter eggs, download our free Easter egg hunt clues. Print them out and each time you hide a fillable egg, put a clue inside it that'll point the children in the direction of the next egg. Just make sure that the clues correspond with where you've hidden the eggs They'll get some treats of course, but I wanted to cut down on the candy and give them some coupons that would last beyond Easter. I've included 16 different Easter egg coupon printables including. Get an Extra $1 for allowance. Enjoy 1 Hour of Video Games. Dinner of Your Choice

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Easter Bunny coloring pages ¦ Free Printable Pictureskrokotak ¦ I ♥ to read a bookThe Coolest FREE Printable End of School Coloring Page Our Best Easter Egg Decorating Ideas and Designs ¦ Martha May 09, 2019 · The next step is to figure out how many kids will be participating. Plan for 15 to 20 eggs per person for your Easter egg hunt. If. Free Printable Easter Egg Hunt and Colouring In Sheets. 2021-03-25 14:17:00. Nothing says Happy Easter better than a fun Easter Egg Hunt. We also have some of our egg-tastic colouring-in sheets, great for keeping the children amused. Download, print and colour them in, perfect for brightening up the home Easter Egg Hunts are a fun way to keep the little ones entertained on Easter morning (plus the big ones) and gets them running around in the garden before they get to dig in to all their goodies. Our set includes bouncy bunnies, lovely little signs, carrots, arrows and more. That's 6 whole pages of printable fun! What are you waiting for Welcome to an Easter Scavenger Hunt! We guarantee you'll have some fun. A trail of clues will lead you around and in the end, there's a prize to be found. It's time to start your hunt for eggs! The first clue you'll find near a table leg. This egg you'll find in a place that cleans. Sometimes it's noisy because you'll hear a machine. The next. Scavenger Hunt Clues. For this Easter Scavenger Hunt, all you need are a bathtub, table or chair, cupboards with dishes, a TV, and a bed. Simply print Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues and place them around your house. I'm hiding my clues inside plastic eggs, and at the end of the hunt they will find a large egg with candy and money inside

This simple, free printable, easter scavenger hunt ideas is a fun easter activity for kids. You can keep your distance and even participate at different times with our no prep neighborhood easter scavenger hunt. Use these easter egg hunt printables with toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and for family fun Stock Up on Supplies. If an Easter egg hunt is a yearly tradition for your family, stock up on goodies for next year when this year's supplies go on sale. Snag plastic eggs, toys and other trinkets for up to 75 percent off! Avoid any candy or edible items, though—those won't last an entire year Easter Egg Hunt Object Lesson. Most families and even churches have an annual Easter Egg Hunt as part of the festivities of Easter. This year I wanted to share the message of the gospel during our hunt using a different method than the resurrection eggs or gospel egg. Empty to Faith-filled - Found, Forgiven, Filled, Family & Forever What you'll need It's such an adorable family Easter activity, and one our boys used to get so excited about. Thus I have created these super cute Free Printable Easter Egg Hunt Printables to create your very own DIY Easter egg hunt, or indeed use for an arranged hunt. Because you can't have Easter and not have an Easter egg hunt right DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EASTER SCAVENGER HUNT PRINTABLES CLUES. Download your free easter egg hunt clues right here using my Google Drive link. FREE EASTER SCAVENGER HUNT PACK DOWNLOAD LINK. This will open up the printables in a new tab for ease of access. Please note, sometimes the file might take a few seconds to load

Print out the Easter egg hunt clues. If you want to copy my clues for hiding Easter basket supplies for an older child, you can print out the filled in clue sheet that I used here in PDF format. It is a high resolution 8 1/2′ by 1 1″ file. I printed mine on photo paper so the wording stays intact outside Yet again, the web is full of wonderful ideas for fun Easter Printables! With everything from gift bags and tags, to cards and signs, check out these free Easter printables we found just for you! Easter Printables. Check out these clever Bunny and Chick Treat Bags. Print her darling designs on white sacks, and fill with Easter grass, candy, and. An Easter Scavenger Hunt is all about finding specific items related to Easter. Each item on the list is something commonly seen or found around homes during the Easter season. Scavenger hunts are traditionally played outside, but can be played indoors if the weather is bad

Easter Scavenger Hunt For Kids - Free Printable. Because I register that not everyone wants to spend a few hours doing a scavenger hunt with their toddlers, I split out this free printable into two different sections. The top section are items that I felt would be easy to find. I consider these staples for the Easter holiday FREE Printable Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers for Kids. Make your own fun treats as Easter egg fillers for kids (or anyone!). Just print out and write your own treats like extra screen time or a date with mom. Roll up and fill plastic Easter eggs for baskets or an egg hunt Easter Egg Hunt: Hide the stuffed eggs and have the kids find them, just as they would do in an Easter Egg hunt. After all of the eggs are found, everyone gathers together to open their eggs one at a time and preform the Spring actions. All Together: With a group of kids (or you and your child), open one egg together and everyone will do the.

He dropped some eggs along the way. Follow the clues - you need to be wise. As they will lead you to your prize. Print off the poem to start your Easter egg hunt. 3. Clue hidden in your child's bed. 4 / 31. This clue's snug and cosy. Go and take a peep The only thing little kids love better than Easter egg hunts is Easter egg hunts with hints. And with Poppy & Blush's DIY Easter egg hunt printables, you can create these cheerful clues jackrabbit fast.Print them all (this way, that way, egg hunt, no bunny x-ing, look under here, look up), then position them in appropriate spots around your hunt So grab these free printable Easter coupons and fill your eggs with something extra special this year! You can print my pre-filled coupons, or print them out blank and fill them in yourself! Here's some ideas for additional coupon rewards: A pass to skip one chore. A day at the zoo or aquarium. A weekend hike. A trip to their favorite store.

This is a great way to make the Easter eggs a little differentand avoid having to buy tons of [] 100 Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas - 03/03/2015 [] 70. Coupons (Check out these cute free printables from Bits of Everything!) [] 3 Clever Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Little Kids | Embracing a Simpler Life - 03/08/201 These egg hunt ideas are fun ways to add learning to your class egg hunts! You can choose your favorite of these egg hunts, or try them all during the Spring time. Plastic eggs are inexpensive, but of course, the best time to grab some is during the after Easter sales (and they usually have plenty of eggs) Resurrection Egg Hunt - retell the Easter story with this delightful game Easter Egg Hunt Clues - a creative list of clues for all of our Easter egg hunt games. Church Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - If your group is looking for a hunt idea which incorporates a Christian message then have a look at Hidden Objects of Easter and Resurrection Egg Hunt. Halloween. Bonfire Night. Christmas. Summer. Easter Party Ideas. Plan an eggs-ellent Easter with our Easter party ideas! Discover dozens of Easter egg hunt ideas, free printable clues, Easter bonnet ideas and more. By Jenny Davies Easter, Easter Party Ideas March 13, 2015. 6 Fun Easter Ideas & Activities for Kids

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Disney Easter Egg Decorating Ideas For The Family - Simple Everyday Mom. Flower Bunny Egg DIY - Red Ted Art. Toddler Friends Sensory Whipped Cream Dyed Easter eggs - Lorenay and Lennox. Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs - Frugal Mom Eh. Marker Dyed Easter eggs - Kimspried DIY Copy Link. Last year I wanted to make the Easter egg hunt last a little longer, so I created a fun Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for my kids and their friends to do at our annual get together. You can find the free printable at the end of this post. Each kid had to find a certain number of each color egg and then had to make a dot (or an X) in the.

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Sharing is caring! This Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt has editable clues which would be perfect for a preschool, elementary and even an adult themed Egg Hunt! You can type in your own clues to make the hunt more suitable to the age group Check out these different ideas for making your Easter Sunday Egg Hunt extra fun on Easter Sunday! 1. Confetti Egg Game. Think of other items you can fill them with: Fruity Pebbles and more! Details! 2. Glow in the Dark Eggs. Hide the eggs outside just after dark, and then have the kids go and find them!. Details

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A prize for the team that finds the most eggs. Here is the Printable Teen Easter Scavenger Hunt Printable Checklist. Just right click on that link and print it off. It's only available for a short time, so grab it quick!! And if you want to try another Easter Scavenger Hunt, try this one with free printable clues and FUN prize baskets Here's the break down of each egg: #1-John 13:34-35 Heart. #2-Luke 22: 19-20 Sacrament Cup or Bread. #3-Isaiah 1:18 Snowflake or something white. #4-John 3:16 Cross. #5-Matthew 28:6 Empty Tomb. And here are the links that I used for each one. Because kids are visual, I chose to use either pictures or video for each HOW TO PUT TOGETHER AN INDOOR EASTER EGG HUNT. Download and print the Indoor Easter Egg Clues (you can find the file at the bottom of the page). Download and print the Printable Easter Basket Template Clues (you can find the file at the bottom of the page). Assemble your Printable Easter Baskets (you can find the file at the bottom of the page)

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Another fun egg hunt for older kids, or evening Easter dinners, is a glow in the dark egg hunt. Fill eggs with candy and mini glow sticks, and let the kids run around the yard finding the eggs. Call me cheesy, but I want to save all the MILKY WAY® minis for this hunt! Hopefully these fun ways to mix up your Easter egg hunt gave you some new ideas This Easter egg scavenger hunt from The Merrythought is straightforward and easy to execute, and it basically guarantees your kids will have the best Easter ever. Write the numbers one through 12.

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