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I have a SP site that loads the css/javascript in Google Chrome/Safari correctly but not in IE version 11(it works fine in Edge). I have to manually change the emulation mode to version IE 9 or 10, then it loads fine. I tried adding these meta tags: Here is what the View Sources looks like in IE On Microsoft EDGE the apply button display's on a different row compared to all the other browsers? CSS Issue Microsoft EDGE vs Chrome. HTML & CSS. css3. claudfs. June 6, 2016, 1:22pm #1. IE11 went to compatibility mode IE7, which caused the site not to work.. If put a meta tag in the master page forcing IE11 to open it as IE11 and all works. Yes, we could use Meta Tag to force a webpage to be rendered in a specific mode Thank you, this worked! Make sure the it is type=text/css and not type=css/text. clenk. 387 Points. clenk. clenk. 387 Points. on Sep 29, 2016. In Chrome if you go to the DevTools settings, you can disable the cache as long as DevTools is open

To my knowledge, the only feature that was supported everywhere except Chrome is SVG color fonts, which will no longer work in the Edge browser. Other color font formats (COLR, SBIX, CBDT/CBLC) will continue to work though. Uh, @GoogleChrome Are you planning to support #OpenTypeSVG soon Only some versions of the Chrome is not applying the styles defined in the external .css file. We've found the cause of the problem to be one of the following two scenarios: 1. You are browsing a https page, and the external link is http. Chrome blocks the external link if its protocol is less secure than the page being viewed Hi guys I'm doing a customized version of the portfolio page for myself and apparently when I open the HTML file in Chrome, the images won't show up under my project list, only the names. It seems like when I put height attr as auto for the img, they do show up, but anything like calc(100% - 6.8rem) or simply put 100% won't cut it. Any static number would work but that's not what we. The first step is to use clean, modern code. Using outdated CSS rules or incorrectly formatted CSS rules will almost always cause display issues. Chrome tends to 'interpret' bad code better than a browser like Explorer does. Each browser also has.

The table below lists all CSS properties and how each property is supported in the different browsers: The number to the right of the browser icon indicates in which browser version the property was first supported. Property. Edge. Firefox. Chrome. Safari CSS not working in Chrome. CSS not working in Chrome, Make sure that your CSS and HTM/HTML files use the same encoding ! If your HTM/HTML files are encoded as UNICODE, your stylesheet has to be as well. IE and Edge are not fussy : stylesheets are rendered regardless of the encodings There could be a number of reasons why the CSS position: sticky property might not be working for you. You can check the following list of things to fix some common / potential issues with using it: You can check the following list of things to fix some common / potential issues with using it

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  1. CSS3 Media Query to target only Internet Explorer (from IE6 to IE11+), Firefox, Chrome, Safari and/or Edge. IE 11 (and above..) If you're a HTML developer you most likely know that there are times when you need to selectively apply some styles to a specific browser, or to a specific version/build of a browser
  2. When I render the columns look just fine when I open the page in IE or Edge. However when I open in Chrome or Firefox, it does not change the column widths from the default no CSS view. I have tried many different CSS commands trying items like wrap or justification with no change in those two browsers
  3. Sounds like something is messed up with the browser settings if edge works fine. Go into control panel > programs and features > find google chrome and uninstall. Now, use edge to to navigate to www.google.com/chrome and download and install. See if it's any better
  4. Handling common HTML and CSS problems. With the scene set, we'll now look specifically at the common cross-browser problems you will come across in HTML and CSS code, and what tools can be used to prevent problems from happening, or fix problems that occur. This includes linting code, handling CSS prefixes, using browser dev tools to track down.

A certain component is not having its css style applied when using Google Chrome. I tested the same exact code in Microsoft Edge and Opera on Windows 10 and they work just fine. So, I went inside the Microsoft Edge Browser tools window and looked at the elements The connection the page will be used on is quite slow so I pop up a full screen table with 50% transparency to dim the main page, and the table has a box in the middle informing the user that the page is doing some work in the background. This works great in IE and FF, but in Chrome and Safari the overlay seems to be preventing any interaction. Hi Ryan. It was a perfect catch. YES it was due to missing viewport tag. Another question i want to ask is. My phone has a resolution of 480x800. If i write the css as below and rotate my device. Be sure to check the specifity. Sometimes you might have set a:visited for whole Body, or just a general redefine, so it has more weight. I often just use a parent id (IDs have more weight than classes) like #container whateverClasss a:visited {color:#000;}.Adding a !important; might also work, but imo is worse

Created on October 1, 2016. Chrome not working. Pages will load on Edge. Why can I only load webpages on Microsoft edge and not my preferred browser Google Chrome? Original title: microsoft edge. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (146 Use display: inline-block for the transform: scale to work on chrome, firefox and opera and not to break the styling. With inline-block you can use scale straight on text-links and have them work nicely with all modern browsers except IE That obviously won't work, so I needed to find something more specific. Enter the CSS @supports at-rule. I much prefer feature queries, so I use @supports in conjunction with a Chrome-specific browser hack. This by itself will target Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera, so I combine it with the WordPress-powered user agent OS class Using the latest 6.4.0 js and css the autoplay doesn't work only on chrome, tested on firefox / edge and it work. Also videojs 5 autoplay does work, so it seems to be a problem related to version 6 Thank you for your suggestions Jacob. Nothing seems to be getting crossed out, and everything works fine in the browser window at all widths. The problem is occurring when I toggle the device mode in the Chrome Dev tools. Only then does my mobile.css not work, but the rest of my stylesheets work fine

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  1. The CSS Text Module Level 3 defines a hyphens property to control when hyphens are shown to users and how they behave when shown. Starting with version 55, Chrome implements the hyphens property. Per the specification, the hyphens property has three values: none, manual , and auto. To illustrate this we need to use a soft hyphen ( ­) as in the.
  2. Do not use it on production sites facing the Web: it will not work for every user. There may also be large incompatibilities between implementations and the behavior may change in the future. The ::-webkit-scrollbar CSS pseudo-element affects the style of an element's scrollbar when it has overflow:scroll; set
  3. Hi all, The situations: - Custom Bootstrap Barrio Theme - Drupal 8.x latest stable version - Installed Animations module with requested libraries On Firefox animations starts and play good. Chrome Version 80..3987.87 Edge Version 79..309.71 No animation start! I read on the official (documentation that could concern the OS settings, but verifying it is not so
  4. Is there a way with CSS or HTML to not show content if the user is using MS Edge and / or IE. I have an animation that just wont work in MS or IE and to be honest this really sucks! The animations do work in Chrome and FireFox - Not texted Safari or Opera . Thanks in advance. PS
  5. I can't make this CSS appear in firefox when it works perfectly in chrome or safari .site-branding a{content: url (XX);} have been trying to fix it with some informations that i got as .site-branding a:before { content: url();} But nothing work out. If anyone has an idea
  6. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera use the current version of the Grid specification. The problem in your code is that you are using properties that don't exist in the older spec. Adding prefixes to them makes no difference. I haven't read the entire old spec, so I'm not even sure your layout will work in Edge / IE11
  7. Problem is that it works only on Google chrome, but on other browsers (I tried IE, Edge and Safari on MAC) it seems like the font doesn't load and Arial is displayed instead. I also added these lines to the Quick CSS part in the theme settings

A good web developer makes sure that a site renders correctly in EVERY browser and on EVERY device. If you paid for this site, insist that the developer fix the problems. If you purchased a template, contact the vendor and insist that they fix it... This situation was on Chrome but when i tried in Firefox it worked correctly.Can anyone help me to know why it didn't work on chromeThank you. Basic CSS: Change the Color of Text -Not Working On Chrome. HTML-CSS. Joshi October 29, 2018, 1:14pm #1. image 1359×725 286 KB

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After Windows 10 automatically installed Edge as the default browser, no version of Chrome I install will work. Some sites only work with Chrome so I'd like to use both. Can't seem to make Chrome function like it has for years, and I've tried the Beta and latest versions with the latest Windows 10 with no success Shared Web Workers,CSS overflow-anchor, Web Authentication API, if used will not work at all in safari browsers. However, safari partially supports some of the features like HTML5 form features, CSS Masks. So these features if used may also lead your website to not work properly in Safari browsers

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jquery - Scroll child div edge to parent div edge javascript - Problem in getting a return value from an ajax script Combining two form values in a loop using jquer Works for what I needed to fix styling issues. However I believe the sharing feature is no loner active. When I went to their site looks like it's full of ads now. But in terms of applying CSS when I need it works. Not sure if it's stealing data though to feed to those ad sites, have to check later Expected behaviorAnimations work as expected (like modal animations and transitions)Actual behaviorAnimations not workingResources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)I recently upgraded to MDB 7.5.2. My Chrome browser is 74..3729.157.I noticed that many of my animations and transitions no longer work.They also do not w - Here is the sample,Text Shadowhere is the code,for chrome:text-shadow: -3px 3px 2px rgba(0,0,0,1);Fo text-shadow not working in chrome, css tricks A little something about everythin I thought it was that but that but that extension is only in Chrome plus I turned it off and still has same issues and Onenote is whitelisted. this does not explain why Edge & Firefox have the same issue it is every page I try. See HERE. dal

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  1. The latest versions of Chrome and Edge, which are both installed on one of my Windows 10 laptops, are unable to access the sites using the FQDN, but will happily open my landing page if I use the IP address. Another Windows 10 laptop with the same version of Chrome and Edge works ok
  2. g Chrome was right and IE was wrong. In CSS, you typically choose to use
  3. Some CSS styling does not work in Google Chrome, even though they seem fine in IE or Firefox. The problem: Each browser has its own private CSS selectors and JavaScript objects. Use of these types of markup is, by definition, not compatible with other browsers. These should only be used for non-critical tasks (e.g. adding text shadows)
  4. I am testing the new chromium Edge for our organization. From our intranet site, Edge & Chrome will not open file:// links. Clicking on them does nothing. But if I right-click on the link and select Copy link and paste into a new tab, it will download/open the file. Is there a way to get this to work? A setting or policy that can be applied
  5. WebKit CSS extensions. Applications based on WebKit or Blink, such as Safari and Chrome, support a number of special WebKit extensions to CSS. These extensions are generally prefixed with -webkit-. Most -webkit- prefixed properties also work with an -apple- prefix. A few are prefixed with -epub-

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I am trying to create a menu that will work on a touch screen as well as on a hover event. From what I can tell this works on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. However only hover works on edge and not focus To get your web content working well on all of the huge, diverse number of different web browsers and web-enabled devices that exist (or even a good proportion of them), you're going to have to do some work, optimizing the layouts and content delivered to each browser, and sometimes even directing certain devices to completely separate web sites If you are using iOS Chrome (say in version 7) and the hacks seem to be off, BEFORE you complain that these do not work, there is nothing wrong with the hacks -- it is not like other versions of Chrome. iOS Chrome uses the Safari hacks INSTEAD of the ones for Chrome. Chrome for iOS is NOT using the Chrome engine but opted to use the Safari. But users with Chrome get SSL issues . When I use Chrome to visit the api url https://api.example.com, I noticed that the address bar gave an exclamation mark instead of the usual lock icon. Clicking on the exclamation mark gave the typical Your site connection is not secure message. Again, this is not a problem in FireFox or Edge First, open an Incognito window in Chrome (three-dotted menu icon at top right -> New incognito window), then try scrolling to see if the problem persists. If it does, then skip down to the next tip. If the scrolling works, then the issue is probably related to one of your extensions. In that scenario, click the Chrome menu icon -> More.

Browser-specific CSS for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. I like to communicate with new people and share my idea and knowledge. If you are working with HTML and CSS then definitely you would have faced lots of browser-specific issues in CSS Open CSS Examples.. Hover on the Add A Class To Me! text, open the contextual menu (right-click), and choose Inspect.. Choose .cls.DevTools reveals a text box where you may add classes to the selected element. Type color_me in the Add new class text box and then select Enter.A checkbox appears below the Add new class text box, where you may toggle the class on and off The border radius is being applied, but the iframe content is showing over the border, without being clipped. It looks like an old bug in WebKit based browsers. The solution, as documented here[], seems to be to wrap the iframe in another element, apply the border and border-radius to the wrapper, and add both overflow:hidden and position:relative to the wrapper styles

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Iäve up till now tested my site in firefox and it worked fine but when i tested it in google chrome it didn't work and i have no idea what the problem Jquery not working for me in chrome - jQuery Foru It's important to note, however, that adding !important will not always work. Let's try this approach for the CSS we discussed in the last example:.wpforms-title { font-size: 40px !important; } In this situation, the browser prefers the specificity of the default CSS over the !important, and so this CSS will not be applied on your site CSS SVG animation @keyframes (not working in Chrome and Safari) Hello everyone, I'm creating a simple animation for a website I'm working on, and I can't get it to work in Safari or Chrome using the webkit vendor prefix If there is not enough space to display the ellipsis, it is clipped. text-overflow: ellipsis only works when the following is true: The element's width must be constrained in px (pixels) - it doesn't work with values specified using % (percent.) The element must have following properties set: overflow: hidden and white-space: nowra December 2019. It ONLY happens in Apples iOS, it's not the browsers, it's something with how iOS and my CSS isn't working well together. Windows works, Android works with all browsers. So, again, looking for an iOS expert to help me figure out why my CSS, that works with everything other than iOS, doesn't work with iOS

CSS Works in FireFox but not in Chrome, Opera and IE. steliodj. Member. @steliodj. 10 years, 1 month ago. Hi there, i'm customizing a wrodpress theme (used bp template pack) to work with buddypress, everything until now was fine but now i came accross some css that works fine in Firefox but in Opera, Chrome and IE don't.. CSS Zoom property, supported in IE 5.5+, Opera, and Safari 4, and Chrome. Firefox is the only major browser that does not support zoom, but you could use -moz-transform since Firefox 3.5

CSS Grid Layout: getting to grips with the Chrome implementation. Published on the 27 June 2014 and tagged css, css grid. I've been following the CSS3 Grid Layout specification since the early days, writing about the IE10 implementation in my book CSS3 Layout Modules and for 24 Ways.When I last wrote an update here everything was theoretical, as there was no browser implementation at the time CSS Scroll Snap feature allows web developers to create well-controlled scroll experiences by declaring scroll snapping positions. Paginated articles and image carousels are two commonly used examples of this. CSS Scroll Snap provides an easy to use and consistent API for building these popular UX patterns and Chrome is shipping a high fidelity.

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If you turn off critical CSS files in Style Editor such as browser.css (there are 2 files called browser.css), you can still minimize/maximize/close Firefox window with the caption buttons on Windows 7/8.x, but not on Windows 10. So yeah, not all behavior can be changed with CSS alone. It would require some modifications to Firefox's source code Automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online! Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-do, weather, and inspiration. Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions! Use Bitmoji anywhere on web! View, edit, and create Office documents in your browser

Did you know? Next. If a feature you're looking for is not available on the site, you can vote to have it included.Better yet, if you've done the research you can even submit it yourself!. You can import usage data from your Google Analytics account and see exactly how well a feature is supported among your own site's visitors. Look under the Settings panel to get started Pens work perfectly until you open Chrome or Edge and then stop within a few seconds of it loading. If you leave Chrome/Edge open and do the above process ActiveManager will stop responding for a good minute. When it does repsond and the board is recognized by ActivManager it will display V8.04 Build 0 and the pens will not work Evolution, not revolution. Despite Microsoft's marketing, Edge is not a revolutionary browser, at least not as far as web designers are concerned. According to caniuse.com CSS support in Edge is roughly 6% better than IE11, exactly the same rate of progression from IE10 to IE11. The steady pace suggests that under the hood, Edge is very much. @media print - not working Hugo wrote: what's the overall media type declaration for the style sheet ? where does the @media rule sit in the style sheet i.e top/bottom ? ; answer these questions and you may arrive at the answer CSS d isplay: i nline-block: why it rocks, and why it sucks Published on Wednesday, February 24, 2010. Usually when you want a horizontal list, you need to use float in the CSS code to make it work, with all its drawbacks. However, there is an alternative with display: inline-block.. Problems with f loat. The problem when you have float in your CSS code is that you need to take some precaution.

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The CSS class clearfix is applied to any container that has floating children and does not expand to enclose them. But this method does not work in Internet Explorer up to version 7, so an IE-only style needs to be set with one of the following rules:.clearfix { display: inline-block; } .clearfix { zoom: 1; and i until now,i still have no idea to fix the css for IE by not doing the <-- Again, I created my solution to work for Chrome and the IE9. It works perfectly on both. I use Arachnophilia as a web editor. What I did in the meantime was to give you the benefit of the doubt, omit my solution, take your solution and try it out. Following has.

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Links work in Edge, but not in Chrome or Firefox But when I open the same URL in Edge it works - and after that it works in Firefox and Chrome. When it happens, it's invariably at the most inconvenient time - e.g. on a link someone just sent me in an IRC connection Ok, I was unable to reach https sites with either Edge or IE using Build 14342, but now that I've upgraded to Build 14352 I can't even access http sites. I just get the Hmm, we can't reach these page message. Meanwhile, Chrome works fine with both http and https Re: File:// Links not working on Chrome or Edge (Chromium) @AENT_SysAdmin We were having the same issue for SharePoint links to shared drives. Was able to fix by using the 'IE Tab' extension installed on Chrome and Edge. Provided users instructions on how to configure the IE tab to automatically open using the Auto URLs setting in the extension

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A user on the domain just notified me that their computer (Windows 10) was working a little slow so they rebooted their machine and that's when any secure site he tries to go to throws up a message about an SSL and that the site is untrusted. For some reason this happens across both Chrome and Edge, but not in Firefox Solved: Hi Microsoft Edge, CUCM and IE can access CUCM, but after , only Micosoft Edge can work with CUCM, bot IE and Chrome cannot. If using IE and Chrome, clicking each button of tool bar in CUCM gets no any reaction. Any one can give som Since we changed to Windows 10, I've been trying to set our default browser to Windows 10. I'm still seeing a lot of users with Edge or IE as their default. I've fiddled with a few things in the file, but nothing seems to work. I've pasted the contents of the file below Microsoft's Edge browser brings a ton of great features. It's Microsoft's brand new browser that was introduced together with their latest operating system, Windows 10. One of these features is smooth scrolling. This means that when you scroll (with a trackpad, a mouse or by touch), the page will smoothly advance. This gives a very natural Continue reading Other than in Internet Explorer, CSS Grid Layout is unprefixed in Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Edge. Support for all the properties and values detailed in these guides is interoperable across browsers. This means that if you write some Grid Layout code in Firefox, it should work in the same way in Chrome

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user-select. The user-select CSS property controls whether the user can select text. This doesn't have any effect on content loaded as part of a browser's user interface (its chrome ), except in textboxes. Note: user-select is not an inherited property, though the initial auto value makes it behave like it is inherited most of the time This does not seem to be honoured in Edge but is honoured in Chrome. I do not know if it works in IE11 - it used to work in earlier versions of IE. If you are running it through a web server, then I cannot help If the browser does not find a doctype declaration, it will be running in quirks mode for that page. If your page works in quirks mode, but not normally, then it means there's something in it which is not considered standart-compliant in modern browsers (but maybe it was o.k. to do 6 years ago)